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  1. Let me guess GaSt used the ole prevent D and gave up more yardage on the last drive that they had all previous drives
  2. Trade down, if they're picking 1 they've got a lot of needs that will have to be addressed
  3. Smith said he was brought in to win now, not rebuild. Based on his own words we should expect him and his staff to take the product on the field and win with it
  4. when the head coach says: "The expectation is to win now", I can imagine a familiar Arthur Blank stare
  5. so over 70 pts given up in the first 2 games, that's something. I'm sure they're currently on pace to set some dubious record that rarely happens
  6. Pitts ... Pitts ... no, name not ringing any bells. He play for this team or something?
  7. Lol "if he's not able to continue", yeah he's definitely giving a reaction that he'll be back the next play
  8. If Fla had a bit better D they could probably pull out a W, it's not over but they're not making it easy. And unfortunately for Georgia, if they win the East and Ala the West today's Bama team won't be the same one you see at the end of the season. Saban's got something to yell about now so he's probably going to have them going hard the rest of the season
  9. Phillies get to play 2 last place teams back to back and the Braves still have to play the Giants and Padres, if the Phillies don't win this division they let a golden opportunity pass them by
  10. Tampa Tom has to play a team that can't even score a TD. They'll probably be fine even if they look ahead
  11. Based on what people are saying about how bad the eagles are the same would be said if this team was the one winning
  12. They are lights out, lights out shut down and done for the day
  13. This team isn't scoring 6 more FGs in a short amount of time, think we can call this one over
  14. People need to stop being afraid of getting hurt. Team can lose a starter just as easy in the regular season
  15. Hurts should get good field position plus the ball to start the second half
  16. Team needs about a 3 game cushion since starters only played in practice
  17. unfortunately all they need to do is score once on the D and then hope for another JT mistake
  18. well between this game and their pretty easy looking schedule Alabama is def in the playoff
  19. Kobe Jones gets cut, that's good. You'd hate to see a guy competing for a job make the team after a stupid pick 6 fumble
  20. this team continues to suck in extras ....
  21. maybe the announce team will finally wake up to reality now and stop saying "win the next few and get on a run". This team's not capable of going on a run, the team doesn't look capable of getting over .500 and this team is definitely not capable of competing for a division title. I don't know how more more months this team has to keep playing mediocre ball for them to finally see that, you'd think with 4 and a 1/2 months of the same thing they could finally see the writing on the wall
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