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  1. like they use to say on Whose Line is it Anyways: the points don't matter .... but it still sucks that every team that has played a preseason game has scored more pts than us
  2. Schaub is elderly on this team as well
  3. people make fun of millennials, but the Falcons have plenty of them on the team
  4. lol man it doesn't matter if the pen pitches for 15 outs or 5 pitches, they still find a way to suck
  5. When they lost 2 out of 3 to the Orioles ... at SunTrust ... that made me believe they were capable of losing to anyone in this league equally
  6. If this thread is moved to it's proper, "Merchandise Forum", it will be the first new thread there in almost a year!
  7. well he signed a 4 year extension last year and just did restructure on his contract
  8. he's aware, he's said so before
  9. just remind yourself: if not for Minn. that could have been the Saints instead ...
  10. here's where Philly thinking to much earlier hurt them, if they had just kicked the extra pt instead of going for 2 ... tie game (if they didn't miss the extra pt, they're still leading)
  11. collinsworth: the patriots pace wears you out ... well that can't be true chris, you've been saying ALL.NIGHT. that Philly won't get tired like the Falcons did last year
  12. 666 = sign of the devil 283 = sign of the belichick
  13. I can just imagine frank caliendo saying, as Madden, "if you catch more passes and score more points than the other team, most of the time you're going to win more games"
  14. "Brotherhood" has been replaced by "if you can't win, whine and complain about it" doesn't Blank have better things to do?