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  1. maybe the team mentally thinks it's preseason. They're so use to losing the first 4 games before actually starting the season it just comes naturally now
  2. eh injuries didn't cause a missed PAT, missed FG, and the offense to only burn 2 min 58 seconds off the clock on their last 3!!! possessions before the int possession ...
  3. I think the franchise hates the fanbase too ... why else do you blow a surefire super bowl win?
  4. "It brings no pleasure to write these words" that's atlanta media for you
  5. Looking at the schedule there's no way this team goes to the playoffs so losing this game is more beneficial in the long run
  6. With a non existent O, a td will probably put this game out of reach
  7. "They were going to win another sec game at some point so of course it would be against georgia"
  8. He doesn't seem to be an improvement. Playing slightly better but not by much
  9. It's a good thing they started the season with ark. Different team and this might be more ugly than this game already is
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