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  1. Probably about to be a 3 and out right
  2. if they do this week they need to do all in their power to find a way next week ... giving the Giants a 2nd win would go a long way to getting a good draft pick
  3. it's like people forget this team has 1 win
  4. Opening drive TD ... shocking i tell you
  5. 2,6,7, and 8 all lost. Next week's Top 10 should have some new (and old) faces back in it
  6. Saban kinda has more than a few things in a trophy case that recruits can use to easily over look that "one undefeated season" fact
  7. reading the first page of this thread ... that's why I don't make predictions
  8. Georgia's playoff path with 1 loss would have been to losing to Alabama in the SEC Champ. game ... their playoff path with 1 loss now is beating Alabama in the SEC Champ game (and again, like last year, alabama would also make it) ... all IMO of course
  9. I don't think Georgia has that kind of wiggle room ... the voters don't see Georgia the same way they see Alabama
  10. well the polls are about to kill Georgia
  11. Bring Fields in LSU knows you're going to hand the ball off, bring Fromm in LSU knows you're going to do nothing f off Kirby ...
  12. Dear Kirby ... how does 19-13 sound vs 19-9??? Hmmmm??
  13. Kirby is no Saban that's for sure ... started with the field goal decision and cont. with staying with Fromm
  14. at least if this game gets any more out of hand ... they'll bring Fields in
  15. but not enough to get them into the endzone