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  1. can't be that surprising right? His entire preseason game prep was 28 total passes in 2 games
  2. offense has gottta stop giving them free points on short fields
  3. i knew they'd find some way to give up pts before the half
  4. that's about the only thing we've done consistently inc. during preseason
  5. our first meaningful TD this season
  6. Offensive stalls deep in our own territory keeps getting the Eagles closer and closer, D's not going to be able to keep them off the board all night if they're have to keep coming back out every 5 minutes. Scratch that, these last two drives have barely lasted 5 min total ....
  7. it's becoming easy to see why Ryan will never win a super bowl. Just to many factors against him internally ...
  8. not Flacco's team anymore is 2-0 while Flacco's team is 0-2
  9. This right here should have been your clue on why they wouldn't win
  10. They probably thought this was suppose to be an easy no effort required win
  11. Poor Tevvechio got cut because the FO overreacted from him missing kicks in meaningless games
  12. Alabama gets in because of their name but if Georgia can keep winning they need some of those teams they play to do better otherwise at the end of the season when it comes time to pick the Best 4 you'll be seeing these conversations "yeah Georgia but their strength of schedule compared to ...."
  13. i would hope they understand that, it's a reason why they're 0-2 against Alabama in back to back years
  14. I mean you can understand where he's coming from .. it probably gets old having an unreliable line
  15. Chris Simms is the son of a ***** of just led the team to touchdo....!!! well never mind not there yet