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  1. Local bad team gets beat by out of town good team, news at 10
  2. Even as someone's rental I think Freddie would return a nice deadline haul
  3. Clippers might make a series out of this yet, good for them
  4. if the cops witnessed his actions, he's done for. Only possible thing they could try is self defense depending on what happened prior to the police entering the residence but that's probably a paper thin defense
  5. if Hader doesn't blow a 3-1 lead with 2 outs in the 9th inning that Nats turnaround never happens. But this team doesn't really have the strasburg/scherzer/corbin combo that team had.
  6. Back at the beginning of May I went back 15? Braves seasons to see how they fared when their record was under .500 at the start of May. I think I found 2 instances where they made the playoffs? I'll check again in a few days to see how they fared when they were under .500 at the beginning of June. I'm just guessing but I don't think I'll find to many seasons where they made they playoffs, if any.
  7. Well I doubt we see Ozuna again in a Braves uni https://twitter.com/_jmc21/status/1398794038791311365/photo/1
  8. Miami not as scary as some people were thinking and it took a 50 pt'er just to keep the Celtics from going down 3-0
  9. controversial take: the braves hitting a lot of home runs is not good for them. If they were mixing it up by scoring via base hits AND homers, wouldn't be a bad thing. But most of these guys seem like they want to go up there and hit a homerun, when a base hit would be just as productive. Got to be one of the reasons they keep failing in extra innings
  10. at the rate they're going teams are going to be calling the Braves about Freddie when the trade deadline gets here ... and because of their record they're going to have to listen ...
  11. this might be another comeback loss. I can totally see them getting 1 more and still losing
  12. I guess near comebacks aren't rally builders
  13. 202 runs given up by this pitching staff, my goodness. It's no wonder why this team has yet to taste what it's like to be over .500 this year Next worst: Phillies @ 177, Nationals/Marlins @ 151, and Mets @ 129 And in the entirety of the National League only the DBacks (211) and Rockies (218) have worst pitching
  14. looking at the schedule it's hard to predict when this team might actually make it over .500
  15. I think this is why they suck in regulation to, they're getting so many hrs this year that just about everyone is trying to hit it out of the park now. Homers are nice and all but they need to be back into the mindset of base hits and sac fly and doing the little things
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