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  1. Of our issues last year, being without Free is very low on that list. I don't even think ray rice would have had much success behind our line
  2. this part right here should have been the end of the thread: "C'mon apologists I know you've got some half-baked excuses stored up just ready to go!" anyone responding is apparently an apologist making "half-baked excuses"
  3. I wouldn't waste to much time wondering about that one, who cares what the rest of the nfl thinks
  4. meh I still hate the Yankees of the mid 90s 8 years 4 titles and 6 WS appearances
  5. Like seriously how does one of his guys not look down the line and say .. hey dude, back it up a little bit
  6. At least the saints lost. Was to much to ask for to have both lose
  7. This is starting to look like the Pats game against SD last week
  8. yeah that sounds about right
  9. apparently, for just falcon home games, every is busy walking around the stadium
  10. 28-17 Saints ... and no that wasn't fun to type
  11. dumb*** just take it to the 2 min warning idiot
  12. Yeah they're done the offence has checked out
  13. Eagles are done
  14. 28-3 says otherwise!
  15. hey, had to jump on Koetter before someone snatched him up ... guy was probably like one of the most demanded coaches out there or something