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  1. I think you misread that: the "very bad knee" is from an unnamed source from recent days ... or whenever they talked, either way, "now" happened after he was drafted.
  2. He finished 3rd in '19 voting and the 2 who finished in front of him went pro. So I can see why they're going with him
  3. Jimmy: "the 49ers are a young team they'll be back competing next year" yeah you'd like to think that but fate is rarely so kind. We thought this team could get back but we're still waiting
  4. next reporter: same as the last question
  5. eh, maybe he should have thought about it a little more. Those who don't learn from history and all that ....
  6. good first half ... bad second
  7. conference play has so far ... has been a disaster
  8. Tenn skewed TOP when their second TD drive was almost 10 min long. That was a majority of that 18 min right there
  9. ... i don't think they're feeling it tonight
  10. they're 3 pts better than what the Pats had to start with :P
  11. Dan Quinn: not playing starters does not equal having rust
  12. you know what they say: don't fumble the football on your opponent's 28 yard line if you're trying to make the refs a non-factor! Add in the first half interception and the missed 43 yard field goal and the refs are low on the list of whose to blame
  13. not missed, they just didn't call it
  14. Hate to see it
  15. Difference being one is a rookie and the other is cousins