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  1. yeah sadly I still think the Saints are the team to beat in the NFC
  2. our great weapon filled offense has managed meh ... 4 total yards in their first 2 drives.
  3. can you imagine looking back at this season and thinking "losing our last 8 games last year was the best thing that ever happened to us"
  4. "Things I Say in the Locker Room and How They Don't Translate on the Field: A Book by Dan Quinn"
  5. Raiders in a close one against Steelers and then 9ers are easily handling Denver ... Falcons play their cards right they could get a Top 2 pick!
  6. another speech that didn't translate to the field
  7. #Quinjuries
  8. it's not the Falcons fault that people can't be more responsible with their money
  9. So you're labeling the entire fan based the "worst fans in the world" based on some message board posts lol
  10. this pathetic excuse for a "defense" just let the QB pick up a 2nd and 22 ... f all of them!
  11. they really put basketball players who miss free throws to shame. Right in front of the basket, uncontested shot ... miss
  12. This mentality needs to die
  13. score 45 pts in a quarter ... and still manage to lose the game by more than 10 pts
  14. Saban is King of the Mountain at Alabama and basically has a guaranteed spot in the playoff each year. There's no amount of money that would make him vacate his throne
  15. Wow

    he's probably right though, Falcons probably thought the same thing when they played the Browns and look what happened there. All this says is that we've now become the team the good teams think they should win against