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  1. And apparently the team sucks because the fans are mean .... or something like that????
  2. I don't think deserve had anything to do with it, the way they're playing there's nothing they can do to stop it
  3. Lol just take a knee if you're not planning on trying for points
  4. You can always count on this team to join very exclusive lists no one else wants to be on
  5. I mean Brady is in the playoffs and Bill is going to be at home ...
  6. at least they'll have momentum going into next season
  7. ND wouldn't even be in this game had TL not to sit out for the game in ND ... home game for the Irish and they STILL almost got beat, by the backup!
  8. At least you can say the better team is winning right now
  9. 14 straight division titles and only 1 WS. Could have had back to back WS titles if they didn't choke in 96. Multiple NLCS failures, the mass first round exits. I mean Braves Country is built on a burial ground of heart break!
  10. whoever said this was our super bowl, once that happened you knew they'd be blow it lol
  11. Fl looks like georgia when they play bama, good but not good enough
  12. only reason N. Dame is in the playoff discussion is because they beat a Clemson team that wasn't QB'd by Lawrence. Think it's pretty obvious at this point they would have lost that game as well if Trevor had been the starter
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