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  1. Ovie must just want to blame Kyle, he has no idea what he is talking about.
  2. No matter how bad they would like to, the Panthers are still the Panthers and will never mean crap compared to the Saints.
  3. I mean, that is all I really want. I am just going to take the stance of sitting back and watching things play out and trying my best to enjoy the game and all that comes with it. I stopped all the fantasy nonsense and that was a major plus as far as just enjoying things go.
  4. Anyone have an alternate source? This is apparently one of those pics or whatever that won't show up on my pc.
  5. We do have a serious lack of talent, and a great win doesn't change that. Our Oline is terrible, especially at center. I am not taking anything away from this amazing win, but the phrase "Any given Sunday" came about for a reason.
  6. That's all fine and well, but when people start this crap that they're done with a guy and saying this is who a person is when it is based off a bad stretch when they have an entire career proving otherwise I just laugh. We all know who Matt is.
  7. Sorry folks ... but judging a guy off a bad stretch and not 7 freaking years is just emotional nonsense.
  8. You guys saying that the ball hit Matt in the hands are hilarious. A QB will try and catch the ball no matter where it is snapped. A high and away fast curve ball is not an acceptable snap. Please learn to football ...
  9. Must not have been here all that long. The people in this thread are some of the most notorious for arguing for arguments sake and would rather die than concede a point.
  10. I know right? In what world would telling everyone you slipped in the shower be a cover story for anything? lol
  11. I don't blame Shanahan completely, I blame them all. I do however think a large portion of it falls on Shanahan mainly because he and his scheme are the added variables into the equation that is our offense this year. Before the changes we were one way, after we are are another. I honestly don't know how anyone can look at it and not come away that.
  12. They always remind me of this. Like I wouldn't doubt if they were this kid all grown up.
  13. Well you basically just described how quite a few grown men on this board act all the time. Always good for a laugh.
  14. Not sure I follow what it is you're saying.
  15. I would just like to see some fresh blood. I understand where folks are coming from though.
  16. Wow, some of y'all are just miserable people. Can't even imagine being like that.
  17. I definitely think Roddy was misused. Sucks it happened in what could be his last year. My dad and I were talking and thought we wouldn't be surprised to see him end up on the Pats playing like a man on fire next year on his way to a ring. (To anyone who thinks they're gonna troll here on Christmas Day, you will quickly find yourself no longer existing)
  18. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to each and every one of you.
  19. Love watching Panthers and Bucs fans vie for ours and the Saints attention so desperately. They just wanna be loved.
  20. Coleman is going to be fine, I agree. The patience issue can quite literally be said about 90% of rookies. When the nerves settle, the game does literally slow down.
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