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  1. Preperation*** my phone really wanted that to be perpetration even on the error fix. lol Phone loves that word
  2. I would normally be in 1000% agreement with you. There is just something about the Saints and us that demands something more than just go on about your normal week perpetration. Mr Only Focus on this week himself, Mike Smith even finally started to get it. Sean Payton, his fellow coaches, and players all absolutely give it way more than normal amount of energy and emotion. They use the rivalry as a tool. This year wasn't the first time they used our games momentum to get the ship somewhat righted either. They stay fast and high off beating us for a minute. If Quinn wants to tap into that magic too he needs to straight up buy in on the rivalry 10 fold. We have players who hate them just as much as we do. A few it absolutely goes beyond the superficial and there is some real friggin hate. Quinn needs to use that like a weapon just like Payton does.
  3. Don't know what I find more amusing, the strange use of the gif or that someone would take that literally literally. lol
  4. I read crap like this and am immediately scared shipless. I have to remind myself it's only his version of coach speak. That dang sure isn't how Id be treating it. lol
  5. Haha .... Only reason I clicked initially was to laugh at whomever truly believed in SoS. I was bamboozled!! I liked it though. Good thread.
  6. I've spent the whole dang year trying to figure out why the HC and defense were pretty much touted as simple stupid play to strengths and then the offense not so much. I like Shanahan and am fine if he stays or goes. I am just indifferent towards some of his coaching. If we did replace him, an OC more in line with the rest of the team sounds novel.
  7. Smart man. While I foresee many coming and praising what was said, basically because who said it. I guarantee the actual idea represented, the message he was trying to get across will not be understood by many beyond the superficial. I hate to sound like an old man, but the Fantasy generation is incapable (I mean incapable) of truly getting this.
  8. No, it is because you spazz out all the time. lol Anyone who jumps to insults for no reason when defending or just stating their point of view is absolutely being insecure. 1970 absolutely is too IMO. He is also THE most attacked poster on this board. I don't really blame him for it because of that. Either way though, as long as stuff isn't too bad we don't really care. It happens.
  9. Oh man, I would love to see Smitty down here in Miami. Would probably make me become more than passing Phins fan.
  10. This is quite possible. I honestly have no feelings on him staying or leaving in any real way regardless. I only even chimed in when Captain Spazz wanted to start feeling insecure and throwing insults.
  11. The only thing I would have preferred to see would have been a concerted effort to give some familiarity to an obviously struggling QB and offense in general in order to build some confidence. Instead all I saw was the exact opposite.
  12. If someone is incapable of understanding where the source of all the confusion and normally great players out there looking lost is then I have nothing to say. I don't want him fired, I just think those that are incapable of accepting that he and his system were just as much at fault as anyone or anything else are being ridiculously air-headed.
  13. Anyone who can literally absolve Shanahan of all blame is the real "clown" here.
  14. If a mod edits your post for language, do not go back and re-edit it back. That is a sign of idiocy beyond words. Enjoy your holiday.
  15. Never even notice the music honestly. Don't care what they play.
  16. I really don't care enough about the Panthers enough care one way or the other.
  17. What is up with that music? I thought I opened a game up in the background or something. I closed everything out to see If I did. lol
  18. Love me some Jake. Definitely the right choice.
  19. Heck no we don't. If they can play, they better be playing.
  20. I would just like to let everyone know that every single one of us understands this and was never thinking otherwise. Now for the love of all that is beautiful in the world just try and have some fun!
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