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  1. I mean no offense man, but your question and thread weren't as as powerful as you seem to be thinking they were. The only reaso. Threads like that get zapped is because very sadly people start arguing like preteens playing XBox. We honestly don't care who you guys like or don't like. We only care about how you go about saying and in most cars like this it's some chumps who ruin it for everyone.
  2. Oh yeah me too, like .... So much so I get mad seeing it in TV. lol I have hated it since it was the WWF. lol
  3. I freaking loved the temp refs. They made mistakes, but I never once got the feeling a call was biased towards one team or the other, one players or the other, etc ...
  4. I spent all of last year trying to convince everyone here that Freeman was the real deal. I told and told everyone that the Miami preseason game and the flashes in the other few and far between were the real Free. People here though saw him get extremely limited snaps at the ends of games where all he was supposed to do is run clock and decided that was who he was. I felt pretty darn vindicated that he was finally given real play time and showed that that Miami game most certainly wasn't just preseason bullsheed.
  5. Hah, that guy feels the need to play macho man cartoon hater on a message board.
  6. I mean, just treat it like pro wrestling. The place sports talk has gotten to lawd knows the new fans don't really want to talk ball. They want drama.
  7. Man, there has been some stuff happen that any rational person would look at and think it's fixed. I've been not so seriously pushing the idea for years now. As big as the NFL has gotten and the amount of money it generates it honestly makes no real sense for the owners to let it run naturally. When all they have to do is create some drama and make 10x as much. They know all to well that the new modern. NFL fan will soak up the nonsense like a fiending crackhead.
  8. Good lawd folks have been getting their hineys hurt easy lately. lol
  9. Alford is the man. He showed a lot of improvement which obviously means he had his eyes on the prize this past off season and regular season. Certainly doesnt deserve to be thrown under a microscope for silly stuff IMO.
  10. Slam is good people and at least has the ability to discuss things in a way that isnt emotionally unstable and batshit crazy.
  11. C'mon bro .... The game is not so drastically different now as it was in say 98 and early 2000s enough to actually give that argument any actual substance whatsoever. We arent talking 70s and 80s compared to 2015. Ryan is an excellent QB and there really isn't much of an argument against it except for a bad year of his own in a new system and a lack of playoff wins a which anyone who really gets football and is being serious about it knows is absolutely a team stat.
  12. Have you not figured out that those, well the great majority of them, that are adamantly against giving Ryan any benefit of the doubt despite 7 straight years of the some of the most consistently good football in the history of the league just do not like Matt Ryan .... Some of these people literally were championing Johnny Manziel, and Kaeperdink of all people over Ryan. They have shown, well exposed themselves rather, as people who just dont like Matt and want a QB who runs no matter how bad of a QB he actually is. It is insane. lol
  13. You should name them "Beautiful Grass Growing in South Dakota" and have the first picture of some farmer with a piece of grass in his mouth. They'd never know! lol
  14. Amazing stuff man. Thank you for doing this and I personally would love to see more. That first one was so bad as far as the angle though I almost want to think he had an assignment. The rest is terribad .... The dumb and dumber one cracked me the hell up.
  15. I have made threads on this subject a few times over the years. It isnt that I ever really had a lot against the guy, I just think new blood would be better for Ryan.
  16. Ya, know .. as much as I love and respect Armstrong I think a change might just be what we need.
  17. Fire Lovie.... Why? My personal opinion is that he is a terrible head coach. As long as they don't hire Smitty all is well.
  18. Especially after years of folks constantly complaining we aren't aggressive.
  19. Man, I have high hopes for lots of moving around this off season. Its going to be fun to watch.
  20. Roddy himself sounds extremely confident in his return to Atlanta.
  21. Sounds like Roddy has been told he isn't going anywhere. This makes me happy.
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