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  1. I have had such a busy year so far that I haven't got to dwell on the Falcons anywhere close to normal for me. This time of year is when all my disappointment from the year before disappears and camp turns me into a mega homer though so I'm just gonna go ahead and stick to the script. He is more than capable of winning one and has all the right tools in place to give him an advantage in doing so. I honestly don't know much about moves made this year and or draft picks, but it seems like folks are somewhat happy. I missed the fallout which I am sure happened here, but if it were really bad it would still be loud and clear. I am already stoked for the year. They ended in a great way last year and even IMO had a lot to do with the Panthers eventually losing the big one. I think Quinn has the teams hearts which is huge.
  2. Yeah, there are a few that I have noticed. Always makes me laugh ... I was a member 10 years before I was born beaches!
  3. Seems like a trick question of something. I mean, Matt Ryan improving would be amazing, but the Falcons can improve a very great deal with him just being the same guy we've seen since him becoming a Falcon.
  4. He good. (Mandatory: I told yáll so.)
  5. Only thing that really bugs me about this type of stuff is that the authors rarely if ever take into account that there are two groups of QBs in the league right now. The before group and the after group. Before 100mil QB contracts were the league norm, and after 100mil QB contracts are the league norm. Whether people like or agree with the crazy big numbers is irrelevant to the fact that that is just how things are now and all the boohooing in the world won't change that.
  6. I have no idea and I think she and I are going to try and be corny and have it be a surprise. Doubt we can get all the way there without finding out, but it sounded fun at least. lol
  7. I have been MIA lately due to real life being my priority. I am having a baby! Well, my fiance is. We have been trying for years and nothing has taken, or the ones that did ended sadly in miscarriage. This one is apparently going all the way and I have prettty much devoted all my free time to making sure it all goes as smoothly as possible for her, the baby, and myself. I am a nice mix of excited as can be, and absolutely terrified!! I have missed this place pretty badly. I see all you folks as my extended family. I am stoked just to be saying what up in this little thread. Again, I am so very sorry to all of you for not being around to help with all the shenanigans, especially the other Admins. You guys are my brothers in every sense of the word. So, the baby is going into its 3rd trimester here shortly and I finally have a minute to breathe! I really just wanted to explain my absence a little and say what up to all of you guys. I didn't even get to watch the draft! This is like the first time in over a decade I have missed it. I have to say that I am pretty stoked about it though. So anything new and juicy going on with any and all of you guys?!?!?!
  8. Now you know i am all about open conversation and have always been in the school of thinking that the only dumb question is the one not asked. That said, it is beyond obvious the majority of the time the person made the 'sign so and so' post just to make a thread and get some attention of whatever it is people crave when it comes to that.
  9. i discovered a little app called Plex recently. i am sure most of yáll have already heard of it cause from what i understand it is pretty popular. Well what made it cool IMO is it allows you to set up channels of any kind and access them from where ever. So for instance with me i have a channel set up with all my archived Falcons games i have saved over the years, and things like that i have downloaded and whatnot. It also has preset channels like NFLN, ESPN, PFT, etc ... then you can set it for the Falcons as your team and get tons and tons of news and videos to watch. i have been addicted to this thing for days now. Watching all my old games from my phone everywhere i go, steady watching news and vids. Very cool app! Oh and the other very cool part, just wasn't Falcons related is that you have access to your entire music library from anywhere as well. It is absolutely nice being able to access my 20,000 or so songs and listen to what i want to, when i want to as well. https://plex.tv/
  10. lmao! This place has been like that for as long as i can remember. While i know folks are being serious with their ideas, i have long since seen it as a joke and just laugh at the person who posted it.
  11. When Mike Smith is playing his style of ball it's no joke. The players all respect, like, and listen to him. Everyone executes disciplined, and does their job well. I think the Bucs will give us major fits. This was a good move by them and I think a smart move by Smitty. He'll have less responsibilities and stress, and be able to focus on the actual game now. On another note, one of the first things I thought of was how he and Matt are very close. That first game should be interesting.
  12. Haha, my phones predictive text is special. I am leaving it.
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