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  1. dude, you guys are hilarious. you ###### about this you ###### that it doeant matter. you guys say why are you ruinning a 180 guy up the middle? but then you say if the run one more swing or stretch play on short yardage you will puke. man does not have what he wants. he has said from the begining, he wants a big oline, he doesnt have it. he wants a bigger back, he doesnt have it. he needs a qb, that will work these 2 are not for him. i dont like losing either. but make up your minds. one day it lose your games so we can get draft picks. lets win these games cause we are actually pretty close to winning the divsion. and even if we could do that which would be remarkable, would probably make him coach of the year, when and if we did lose in the first round it would be his fault for winning just enough to not get a top notch draft pick. give the man time, and shut up!
  2. dont ask for a link cause i dont have one. i was looking for some stats for hmmm betting reasons and came across, that forney is out for the season. i cant ever remember but i thought they said it was a shoulder. at he was put on ir. looks like some fo you will get the clabo wiener, on the right side and the other dude back at left tackle. ill try and find the link again.
  3. bp's offense is good. i like it alot to be honest. i dont think he has the players right now he needs to run it fully yet. he needs a bigger, everydown back. a guy that can consistently get 3-4 yards to keep the defense honest. it doesnt help harrington at all that we havent been able to run. whats the difference between this offense and the patriots offense. they run about the same type of offense, but they have better offenseive linemen and they have a everydown back. hey have faulk which is where we would use norwood alot of time. we need the qb, and rb and some linemen our wr's are fine. this is a 2 year plan. give it some time.
  4. the point about bp not drafting okoye, nobody knew, and we drafted a de cause we really needed a de. if we didnt lose kereny i think we would have drafted okoye. my personal opinion is that you always draft impact players in the first. and what i mean is game changers. de,qb,rb,cb. i toatlly agree that oline is important, and we need,but he is not a game changer! i actually would like a top notch center more than anything for this line. and you can have the top center in the draft in the second, they are never taken in the first.
  5. not being a smart ###### here, how many 1 rounders are on the oline for the colts and patriots they they drafted not someone else picks. i know ryan diem is on the colts i think but they didnt draft him i dont think. and one more thing. is draft the bpa crap i hate. this is why the patriots draft great. you dont go taking some guy just cause he rated higher if you are deep at that position. i have always thought that was the dumbest thing i have ever heard. ytou guys watch patriots draft they draft exactly what they need for that year. case in point in the 4-5-6 rounds if it was the patriots, they would draft a kicker and #5 wr that is a great pr/kr to take jennings spot. case in point 2 areas taken care of.
  6. is offense needs a power rb to be sucessful. i would be willing to bank on he gets one somewhere. or he wont be here in a year. he has got to get someone that can get 3-4 consistently on first. i actually realy llike his offense thought to be honest. and for the record, matt ryan he maybe big tall and can throw the ball far but his velocity is not great.
  7. am i sold 100% on brohm, no not either. but what i can say is that the team he was on last year lost alot in the draft, they cant stop anybody now, in essence he has to do alot more to win games thus making some mistakes. not to mention that his coach is with us now not there. and if he was to come out last year he was going to be a top five pick. all im saying is taht in a perfect world i want mcfadden and dorsey, but to rebuild this team the right way, is oline and qb. and i think you can get oline in the 2nd, actually i know you can. remember this is a 2 year deal, cant think of it likethere going to be great next year. and the biggest thing with the new found money that they will have after getting mv's money plus grady,rossum,dunn, and gandy off the books this year, what will they do in fa, will ultimately determine the draft for us i think.
  8. the decision to draft qb,dt,ot,rb. qb-wethere or not you like matt ryan or not if we do draft a qb i dont think there is a chance in **** we dont draft brohm. bp knows him, recruited him, as successful with him. for a new qb to come in here he is that already knows the system is usually unheard of! dt-2 really good ones in the top ten dorsey, and ellis of usc. its really hard to start something with the signing of abe then to draft last year jamal and not with this guy sitting here not to complete the line. if this guy is drafted our starting line is pretty much set, for a long time. i dont know about you, but trey is playing well, could be a steal from last year. ot-there are alot of good ones this year, obviuosly jake long being the top one. dont know all there names but i know there is like 3-4 that could go first round, and like 5 more in the second. rb- there are 2 names that i can see darren mcfadden, and jon stewert. and the only reason i say that is these are manily the only 2 that match bp description of what he wants in a running back as far as speed and size. it kinda sucks in a way, but also good in a way. sucks to have to make a decision that you can really only have one or maybe 2 depending if you can work a deal. i have no idea wether or not d-hall will be around after the year but if he is traded we possibly could get 2 of those great talents out of 4. but then you are giving up on defense as well. i am in the theory that you dont need top flight corners to have a great d if you have a great d-line, which i think dorsey could help provide. hey talk about this kid like the next warren sapp.. but if you trade hall and one of our seconds to get back up in the top of the first then you have to take dorsey. and everyone wants the sexy pic with mcfadden. but the biggest area of being torn is most likely the correct pick is brohm to be first. and the reason i say brohm is, is because this franchise will never look to the future till the club stands up and says we are moving in a different direction with a new qb. either get on board or get out! i do think we can get a ol in the 2nd though. jimmy johnson always said you draft defense and qb's in the first. everything else is secondary. he also got lucky landing the top rusher of all time in the 2nd.
  9. and to note the goal of this d-line was to get younger and bigger across the whole line so that we dont get killed in the fourth quarter. we did that he has the size that we are looking for. he will only get better. look at mario he sucked in the first year but is doing better now that they did get him a good dt. now we need one that, that it. end of topic nobody said we were perfect.
  10. but we didnt so whats the point in ######ing about it. so lets get him a dominating dt to go along side of him. whatever you want to say he is better run suffer than kerney.
  11. i look at this as a 2 year plan. falcons brass is going to have to decide what they really want to fix this year. i mean you have 3 options, draft alot offense, alot of defense or equal. we have 3 picks in first 2 rounds possibly 4-5 depending on what they do with hall and alge. but from the start its 3. i honestly dont think we will really know the true direction till mv sentencing. but if it was me i think they have decided that they are going to move. i honestly think they have got to draft brohm first. not only will he pick this offense the fastest, but i think it will be the fastest way for the falcons to get better quickly. so in the sense, as much as i love defense, the smartest thing to do would is really fix the offense. in no order i think, qb,oline and running back are the best ways to go. im really loving the rb from oregon, to be the everydown back with norwood to back up. and whatever best ot or og they or center they could get would be the way i go. then next year really go after the d.
  12. when are you going to understand. people see that he can be great, but this team needs team members, not us players. you guys say all the time that you want to model the patriots, the patriots dont have any of this. guy getting an int then running to the middle of the field falling to his knees putting his arms up in the air as if he wants everyone to praise him. the patriots are now at a point where they can take a guy like moss guy he knows that he can not come in there and mess up that core. just like a little kid if he thinks he can get away with it he will. in minn, and oakland he knew he could, in boston he cant. now your seeing his greatness. he plays every down hard, he gives great effort and your seeing it. d-hall takes plays off like moss used to and your seeing that too. i would love to keep him he he could keep his mouth sut and play hard and let his play do his talking like like champ does. moss and owens might one day have better numbers than jerry rice, but they will never be the team member that he was. and neither of them will ever have as many rings as he does. so yes i would rather trade him and get guys that want to be apart of a winning tradition.
  13. do i think he could have done alittle better, yes! but the guy is raw, and it takes awhile to develop technique of a superior pass rusher. is he michael strahan, no! but he is a player in the league for 8 games! how many people in the league come in a make a huge impact in there first 8 games? give this guy a dominating guy in the middle, and what i mean is a playmaking threat like kerney had when rod was playing at a probowl level. give him a d at will stuff the run so that the opposing offense thinks hey cant run up the middle all the time, or where they think that they can get the first by running all the time on 3rd and 4 to thwere the offense throws more on those downs where he can get into more pure pass rushing situations where he can make more of a impact, and i believe you will start to see more growth in this kid. cause i do believe he holds the point of attack rather well and only can get better as the font seven as a whole gets younger, faster, and tougher. but i do like him! could we have taken okeye instead of him and drafted a de this year, yes, but would that de be as good as him if we had to draft that de in the 2nd? so as a whole i think if we get a good dt to god along with him, abe rod and trey, and a true mlb i think this front seven could be great. give the guy a break he has played 8 games!
  14. regardless what has happened over the years, cant change that now other than maybe getting some money back from mv to use. biggest problem that has always been with this team in my eyes is up the middle. since the days of jessie tuggle we always get gashed up the middle. people always say that if you have a good pash rush you dont have to have the best corners in the world. true but not totally. i know alot of people bash on brooking, but the man has been trying his hardest and playing out of position for years. try putting a de to play dt for 3 years and see how he does. once again, our middle sucks. when we went to the sb we had a probowl center, probably hof saftety, and a probowl mlb, and probowl dt and 2 other really good dt's to go along with him. safety makes such a difference. if you have a stud safety it makes life so easy for the corner he really only has to cover to the outside, allowing him to take chances for int's. take a look at the sb winners over the last 8 years exp. asante samuel has rodney harrison, corners for pitt have troy, corners for indy has bob sanders, corners for tampa had john lynch, whatever balitmore had, who cares there d was just sick. the middle of this team needs to be re-made untill then we will always suffer. you build a team from the inside out.
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