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  1. yo Tuggle whats up .... where you been  ??  

  2. where have you been ?? have not seen you on the forum as much .... just checking old friend <_<

  3. As a person who refuses to say it the way is supposedly "supposed" to be said this is the best thing I have seen on the internet in a long time. http://i.imgur.com/0zp0Uin.gifv
  4. Yeah, people can hate him all they want, but he was pretty good when healthy. It is a real shame his body just couldn't handle the stresses of the game. I certainly wish him the very best as I do any and all former Falcons... well except for Vick and Underwear Model boy.
  5. It is funny you posted this. When I posted what I said earlier about things are a chagning I had Space Oddesy in my head. lol (Same thing, with the sound though for dramatic effect lol)
  6. Oh and one more thing. I would like to give a BIG "I TOLD YOU SO!" I said he would never see another IR on the Falcons again.
  7. Holy Moly! Sign of the times Falcon fans! Things are definitely changing in this team we all love!
  8. We certainly don't "need" Julio. I can say that without any hesitation. Now that said, we are certainly a much much much better team with him.
  9. Think it is pretty obvious that Abe's mental state and off the field stuff led to his being cut.
  10. Let the record show that on this day, June the ninth, in the year of our lord 2015 ... meh you get it
  11. Haha! Toker is actin a little sore in the hind quarters. Oh the irony Dilbert cartoon.
  12. Dick from the internet comes here a lot.