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  1. I wish Baker the best with his future career. He played above average when he was healthy and the falcons record showed that when he played all 16 games. I hate the injury bug got him and would not turn loose.

    Yeah, people can hate him all they want, but he was pretty good when healthy. It is a real shame his body just couldn't handle the stresses of the game. I certainly wish him the very best as I do any and all former Falcons... well except for Vick and Underwear Model boy.

  2. I see. Shame we have so many emotional adolescents here who are so insecure in their masculinity that the slightest mention of compassion or empathy sends them into a carefully constructed display of teen angst.

    Oh, look. Another one just showed up.

    Think I'm gonna pass on this one. Arguing with the socially retarded just isn't very fulfilling.

    I'm not going back to read 50 pages, but am I to understand that there are people in this thread who are arguing that savagely stomping to death a defenseless domesticated dog should not be considered a criminal act?

    Please tell me that's not the case.

    I mean ... I had an entertaining time. all the dog face crushing not being as bad as eating at KFC from earlier in the thread

  3. Nobody likes any form of animal abuse.... where the hell is this which is worse stuff coming from? There is a difference in putting to slaughter, say a chicken, and stomping a puppies face in.

    I mean I really don't get it. It really sounds like, "I don't care about dog stomping because those people over there don't care about poor conditions in chicken houses". What the heck kind of logic is that?