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  1. That's fine you feel that way. I think you're about as wrong as wrong can be, but that doesn't change anything regarding how I feel about you.
  2. Just because I disagree and laugh at something someone says online on a football forum doesn't mean it actually effects me. I wholeheartedly believe Matt to be in the top 10 in the league. I think that anyone that doesn't is just plain wrong. I know what we have and am ecstatic to have him. What someone says here or anywhere else about him actually effects me about as much as forgetting to put the trashcan on the street on trash day. "Damn, that was dumb". Then I go about my day.
  3. They can say whatever they want. It doesn't bother me. This is a game we're talking about. Matt Ryan is a quarterback though. Kaepernick is one by name alone.
  4. Yeah, my dislike has nothing to do with him being a Niner. I just think he is, like I have said before, the most overrated QB I have seen in a very very long time. The fact that he is a Niner just makes it more fun to watch him suck, which he does a lot of.
  5. No, I don't think it doesn't take any talent. There are plenty of QBs who are known for their running ability that I absolutely love. Wilson is probably my favorite QB out there next to Matt. He is among many that I like who run the ball very well. Kaepernick on the other hand is just garbage in my personal opinion. He is fast and that is about it.
  6. You guys gotta read this. Urschel is such an impressive fellow on so any fronts. http://www.theplayerstribune.com/nfl-extra-point-moved-back-john-urschel/
  7. If he was a running back and showed "talent" at that I would certainly recognize it and give him props. As a QB though he stinks and is just strong and fast. That doesn't make a good QB, ergo talentless at it.
  8. I think he would be great at that too. He is definitely not a QB.
  9. Exactly. All I see is a guy who can throw a ball far and run fast. That isn't talent that is natural ability. He is talentless, he is just physically strong and fast. Takes a whole lot more than to be strong and fast. I am not in anyway impressed by him. That isn't hating either, that is just my personal perception of the young man. I think he is better suited as a Tight End or something.
  10. Kaepernick is terribad. The most overrated player probably in my lifetime to actually get some play time. The guy is just bad.
  11. Have I told y'all lately that I wear socks with flipflops?
  12. Naw, I'd still be laughing at the clown like I do all the guys I think are craplords.
  13. Naw, I'd still be laughing at the clown like I do all the guys I think are craplords.
  14. Naw, I'd still be laughing at the clown like I do all the guys I think are craplords.
  15. I loved it! I also loved the shot at wrastling.
  16. They think he is boring. They like "dynamic" pretty much usually meaning they only like the new breed of QB who has wheels. To each their own, but I personally have had enough of that crap. Gimme an intelligent boring pocket passer any day of the week and 1000x on Sunday.
  17. Yep, and me personally would rather have stacked, deep defense to the point of redundancy. I will go as far as saying that we're pretty much as close to guaranteed a Lombardi as a team can get if our defense becomes a powerhouse and Ryan stays healthy.
  18. I just can't get over how loyal these guys are to Quinn. Man that gets me even more excited knowing that he is OURS!
  19. I think that pretty much nails it on the head. People just aren't used to it. I am on cloud 9 with all this going on. It has been a long long time since I felt this excited and amazed by what my Atlanta Falcons are doing.
  20. Well he is certainly showing his cards as far as contract negotiations go.
  21. Players can say whatever they want I am pretty sure. I think the only real repercussions of doing that is it will probably piss of their current team and its fan base.
  22. It certainly makes me feel excited knowing that all these guys are that loyal to and love Quinn that much for all of this to be happening. Players absolutely love the guy and are willing to do whatever for him.
  23. Babs would get some sacks. If he had help with actual pressure elsewhere? Babs would kill it, I know he would.
  24. Heck, there are a long list of players I'd send along with a later round pick.