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  1. Man this is literally, I mean literally the same conversation as yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago ..... It just keeps going round and round and round and round.
  2. Yes I am sorry the "fact" that when that was done that is where Lucks QBR put him. Sorry to upset the holy balance that is Luck on top! WOOT!
  3. Most of them yeah. Then there are guys like CJ and JJ.
  4. I know every detail involving the Julio trade that a mere fan can possibly know. Most of us here do. Most of us here have had this conversation 10,000 times already. Most of us here are over it and just enjoy having Julio on the team.
  5. Still a made up phrase by people not so different than us. If it simply cannot mean or include RB and others players to0 then I will make up my own word for it, "BoBoKissyPuss". Done.
  6. This is just silly man. The phrase "Shiny Hood Ornament" is just some made up slang. Can mean whatever the heck the user wants it to mean. Calling someone clueless because they don't use your version of a made up slang phrase is ridiculous. lol
  7. http://i.imgur.com/VMs9gIm.gifv
  8. A defense with that is at least capable of making a crucial stop.
  9. You do realize that you can hate TD and disagree with him all you want while still being a fan of Julio and enjoying him as a Falcon. It just seems to me that you're deep in a hole you dug with the TD hate that you're being completely unreasonable about JJ. It is kinda funny though so whatever works for me.
  10. Oh sheesh ... lol
  11. Out of all these dumb lists analysts make regarding QBs this is probably my all time favorite. They get their own dang category. THE SOUTHERNERS! (Also this one is based off of tangible evidence and not some BS opinion)
  12. Yeah, Mike Smith is the only thing needed to respond to his stats.
  13. Roddy's is pretty impressive too. As long as he's been playing to keep his avg that high with the slow start he had is pretty neat.
  14. "Cut him! He cost us 5 picks!"
  15. Oh I agree. Never understood the dislike for cool, calm, and collected.
  16. There is only really two occasions where they played audio. Both times he was saying things like that. I don't think it is that far out of the realm of reality that it is the norm. lol
  17. I know, but being literal with it sounded funny.
  18. I was thinking because of who Ryan is. He doesn't seem like the type to ever strike a women regardless if she's attacking him. So yeah I think a 15yr old little girl would probably woop his butt.
  19. From what I understand he got thrashed on Twitter after this. I don't go there much in the off season so I don't know if he ever responded.
  20. Goes back to the strange childlike notion that one player on a team can carry it. There are 10 other guys on the field who have to do their jobs too or sh** ain't gonna happen.
  21. Yeah, pretty much about 50 times a year for the past 3 years where I thought he wasn't getting back up. Yet he always does and usually gets up and does something pretty spectacular.
  22. There is one thing about Ryan that nobody can deny and if they do I just think they're either ignorant, a hater, or just a complete imbecile. It is that he is hands down one of the toughest players in the NFL.