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  1. Stop comparing livestock and pets bred for companionship. What a horrible thing to put side by side,
  2. I agree and we won't have to worry about him any more. I have zero patience for sociopaths.
  3. Wow crazy.... I would lover to hear some context. I guess it doesn't really matter though. If he kicked the dog he kicked the dog. I just can't wrap my head around beating ones pets.
  4. I really shouldn't be advocating this, but follow that link I posted earlier in the thread after the post you quoted. It really is a game changer and makes the STRE** word pretty amazing.
  5. I would do it if I were forced to. I am not though. I am happy with the HD streams I find. I run a few scripts too so it keeps it clean and fast. I am usually around 4 seconds behind. Sometimes it even airs ahead of DTV. Here is one of the things I use. I recommend it anyone does it. http://www.reddit.com/r/cordcutters/comments/2fvbb2/useful_tip_for_firstrowsports_new_adblock_prompt/ It is a game changer.
  6. Well, I watch them from my home in Miami most of the times. I also end up stre the games most of the time because it is always Miami playing here or even Tampa or Jacksonville. Very rare we show Atlanta games. I refuse to get Sunday Ticket again. If they make it so I get Sunday Ticket more specifically Atlanta games without getting DirectTV I would be on it. I just hate DTV that much.
  7. I hear ya, just leave families out of it.
  8. Cheese and rice this thread...
  9. Yeah, a long long time ago. He went after Vick pretty hard, but Ryan not winning the Superbowl his rookie year sent him into a frenzy that hasn't stopped.
  10. He go's through different levels. One time he'll be trying to blend in and the next he's calling a mods mom a donkey. He is kinda all over the place.
  11. I am fairly good at picking him out. Why I asked, because so many are not. They see one negative whiny post and start screaming Swift.
  12. So ... I hear Swift is back? This real and worth my time or boy who cried wolf crap? lol
  13. Don't try and justify any of this with some fallacy that certain people want a Lombardi more than others. In what world can't a person be a fan of a team and its players? In what world does it somehow mean a person doesn't want to win it all if they applaud one of their players for holding a record? A really impressive record too. Can't believe I have to ask questions like that here... It's like some of you really believe that unless a person is miserable with the team they aren't a fan or they don't want a Superbowl. That is just crazy. I watch this game because I enjoy it. If it ever became something that made me miserable I would just walk away and find something else. 35 years of it and I am still here so I don't think that is going to happen.
  14. Some people lack self control.
  15. You just did, you just used something that happened in his rookie year as an argument against his impact on the game now. It was silly. I laughed. So you didn't like the picks spent on him ... neither did I honestly. I got over it because he is in a league of really his own. CJ and JJ are anomalous in the fact that when they're on the field all bets are off and if you don't plan for him he will make you pay. That is worth something. I mean or we could just add him to the long list of great players the Falcons blundered away due to their total ineptness.
  16. Seriously comparing rookie Julio to now Julio? lol wow
  17. Yep when a player like JJ is on the field we are literally a threat to score from anywhere. That changes things dramatically from a defensive standpoint.
  18. "Didn't need", "shouldn't have", whatever ... the thing is we did anyway and we spent those 5 picks on him. Letting him go now would be the absolute stupidest move in Atlanta Franchise history as far as players go and we are flipping famous for our blunders player wise. Drop him now and we would have officially forfeited those precious 5 pics that old people can't seem to get over. I guarantee you we won't be letting him go. I am willing to bet whatever it is anyone wants that Julio WILL BE a Falcon and all this stupid nonsense bitching about drafting him is just that, stupid nonsense bitching.
  19. http://i.imgur.com/kIcyOLc.gifv
  20. The Flash looking like he is about to sell some crack.