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  1. This thread is fun.
  2. Preach! Lots of wisdom in that there.
  3. I mean ... I had an entertaining time. all the dog face crushing not being as bad as eating at KFC from earlier in the thread
  4. Nobody likes any form of animal abuse.... where the hell is this which is worse stuff coming from? There is a difference in putting to slaughter, say a chicken, and stomping a puppies face in. I mean I really don't get it. It really sounds like, "I don't care about dog stomping because those people over there don't care about poor conditions in chicken houses". What the heck kind of logic is that?
  5. Okay so... horses have most certainly not been domesticated and bred for and by humans longer than dogs. Dogs are or were the first animal to be taken in by early man. This happened 15,000-30,000 years ago, they even recently found fossil evidence that jumps that number to 40,000-60,000. Horses on the other hand were first used around 3,000 BC.
  6. This thread has nothing to do with the team anymore. I also guarantee you if you take this topic, add in what these few people are saying about chicken and dog smashing, and the conversation would go on just as far or further on pretty much any public forum on the Internet (dead serious) Don't make this a woe is me Atlanta sucks thing. This is about people with some down right scary life views. Also, I would love to get these guys to do an AMA on Reddit. "We think stomping some dogs skulls in is okay because this other guy eats at KFC, ask me anything".
  7. I can certainly condemn a guilty man of animal abuse. I know where my food comes from. Talk to me in 15,000 - 30,000 years when chickens replace dogs as mans best friend. Cause apparently that might be happening.
  8. I mean I seriously want to know myself. Since stomping in a 7lb yorkie's face pretty much equates to getting a bucket of chicken at KFC.
  9. I agree with this too. If i were the judge I would hospitalize them in a psych ward and test them thoroughly.
  10. I honestly have not seen any one of y'all say that. All I got from you guys was someone stomping in a 7lb Yorkies face is the same thing as slaughtering chickens on a farm.
  11. I mean it even sounds made up saying it. I still think those guys wanted to be contrarian and troll a bit even they know how ridiculous that sounds. I simply do not believe a person is incapable of being upset at the abuse of a "PET DOG" (not a flippin chicken in a meat farm) simply because they eat meat. If they are, all that says by definition is that they themselves are also sociopathic or have sociopathic tendencies.
  12. There is a huge difference in the way a cow looks to man for hay over the way a dog looks to man for food, love, guidance, etc ... I simply do not believe that you guys are this naive. This whole act several of you have put on bringing up livestock and comparing it to a family pet, a 7lb Yorkie that has been selectively bred over millennia going from a wolf to a creature that in a lot of cases depends on us to give injections daily because their hearts are too small due to greedy breeding. It is the ultimate form of one being depending on an another completely. Yeah, I do not believe you guys at all.
  13. Those deer and gators haven't been selectively bred for the passed 20,000 years to be our companion. Those deer and gator don't look up to us with the most purest form of trust and loyalty on the planet. People that betray that simple, but powerful, trust are sociopathic cowards.
  14. You guys are some of the weirdest people I have ever come across. How a thread about a 300lb man beating a 7lb toy Yorkie to death turned into the old antiquated food pyramid, cannibalism, and chicken torture only you guys would understand.
  15. Well considering most of Europe respects women enough to make their own decisions about their own bodies that isn't true. Also America has some pretty weak animal cruelty laws when looking at the rest of the world. So yeah there isn't much truth to this post. Just an oddly timed political rant.
  16. Who said I am fine with prosecuting an innocent man? Show me one flippin time I said anything close to that. What I did say however is I need to hear more before I condemn him. You guys and this putting words in my mouth to troll me or whatever are not gonna be happy.
  17. I have said it a few times in here, but I have zero patience for sociopaths and a person who purposely injures dogs for fun is by definition a sociopath. People that stick up for the behavior are sociopaths. Society most certainly does not have use for these individuals.
  18. Dogs are bred by humans for companionship and many other jobs. They are bred to trust us. When you purposely injure that dog you betray that trust. Stop getting cute and trying to put words in my mouth or misconstrue what I am saying. It isn't a wise move.
  19. Right, but there is a pretty big difference in a farmer taking livestock to slaughter and a giant man kicking a 7lb toy dog to death and then bragging about it to his girlfriend.
  20. He is not a Falcon any more. The man is guilty.
  21. Stop comparing livestock and pets bred for companionship. What a horrible thing to put side by side,