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  1. Keep drinking your bathwater. You guys are an absolute riot. Ref Pee Wee - I know you are but what am I? I use to respect you.
  2. Don't let the powers that be know you enjoyed Freeman's play today. They will shut you down after putting him down before the game today. Truth is Never Free.
  3. Are you from Russia by any chance? Appreciate the advice, however.
  4. I kindly withdrawlal my intent. Gritz is an honorable and knowledgeable gentleman. We all make mistakes.
  5. Gritz, on 27 Sept 2015 - 7:15 PM, said:
  6. Don't put your very respectable a@@ on the line again, my friend. You know, like perhaps myself, that no one gave Freeman a chance to exceed today. You and your opinions are significant to many on this website. You just happened to let me down wit your comments before the game today. You always strike me as an honest and informed man.
  7. You and KOG - Everything is Plausible Deniability.
  8. You are so quick to comment, without the slighest idea of what I refer to. These two categorized Freeman as a loser, before this game began.
  9. Calling you out on Freeman today, Where are you now self professed know it alls. Make an excuse or have me dis boarded.
  10. Alford needs to go by the wayside. Nothing and never equal to Trufant. Sick of him last year and sick of him this year. Sorry to say.;
  11. Without his effort, we lose today. Period
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