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  1. GO FALCONS! I BELIEVE! We going to da 'ship whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Wow...Heath Evans, what a joke. Celebrating like we won the Super Bowl??? How bout taking pictures (and pisses) on top of the Falcons logo on the 50 yard line after beating us the 2nd meeting in the Dome? I really can't say anything but laugh. He has no real facts to back up his statement, yet he has a feeling that we don't have what it takes. Garbage, just garbage. I could be an analyst on NFL network if this dude can.
  3. Packers will roll next Thursday. Go Birds!!!
  4. Bump if you have the original "R. White" jersey from back in the day....when he dropped that wide-open pass against the Saints for a TD. My brother gave me that jersey for my birthday during Roddy's sophomore year when he was struggling with drops and I was soooo pissed. Now, a couple years later, I couldn't be happier rocking the authentic Roddy jersey every home game. Not many people have the "R. White" version and it just goes to show that you have to give rooks the benefit of the doubt in their first couple years. Moral of the story, don't freak out if Julio does not have a monster year. We drafted him for his long term ability, however, he should contribute immediately. Just tired of fake fans bashing under performing rookies that's all.
  5. Best of luck Coy. One of my favorite Falcons! You will get picked up real quick. Still following on Twitter...keep the inspirational quotes coming my man!!
  6. I would love to see Ryan rocking a stache next year. Maybe we should let him know now so he can start growing it out. Doesnt look like he has ever had more than peach fuzz. But with the power of the stache, he would be unstoppable.
  7. I like it! I would love to see him in a Falcons Uni next year Where is he projected to go? Could we snag him in the 4th?
  8. Yeah, I think I am more concerned about the weather. Never gets too cold down here in Charelston, SC. Oh well, that's what the whiskey is for!!
  9. I'll be there too! Can't wait. Going to pick up some cold weather gear this afternoon. I'ts my first trip to the Meadowlands and you better believe I will be rocking my Roddy White jersey all day! Anyone have any advice going to that Stadium? I'm going to expect to get it pretty good from Jets fans all game long. Just hope we come out with the W.
  10. Soooooo you're saying there's a chance!!! Alright! Yes!!!!! -Lloyd Christmas
  11. Thank God. Enough was enough. This season has really made me realize how having a good kicker is so underrated. Never thought I would ever be nervous about extra points, but that is what is has come down to. Bring on Matt Bryant!
  12. Thanks for the link. Didn't realize this was about fantasy football. LAAAMMMEEEEEE
  13. "Losing Matt Ryan not tragic for other Falcons‎" This is the topic of an article on ESPN Insider and I was wondering if someone who has Insider can post it for all of us to read. Thanks!!!
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