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  1. College football doesn't count. If you count college football, why not include college tennis or college swimming? College = amateur NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL = professional One means something, the other is meaningless.
  2. In 2015, the Mets had the 4th best ERA in baseball. In 2016, they were 3rd. They didn't lose any pitchers in trade or via FA (except for Colon), and with a returning Wheeler and Harvey, they were projected to be in the top 3 again in 2017. So, it is quite unbelievable that the Mets currently have the worst ERA in MLB.
  3. Yesterday, Arthur Blank was live in studio on WFAN for a great interview conducted by the one and only Mike Francesa here in New York. We are so darn lucky to have such a great owner http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2017/05/24/arthur-blank-wfan/
  4. So stupid. I know what word he said to get suspended, but c'mon. The word has multiple meanings and it wasn't used to insult the gay community. The world is softer than whipped cream.
  5. Karma. Maybe he shouldn't have beaten his wife.
  6. But that's probably only since the late 90's. If a pitcher went 6IP/3ER in the 60's, he'd likely win 25% of the time. That's why more old school people think that the 6IP quality start is a joke.
  7. Yeah, everyone is pissed at him. And he doesn't really have too many friends on the team. He's a bit of a loner. The Mets did him a favor by making his next start on the road because he would've gotten boo'd out of Citi Field as soon as he took the mound. He played golf Saturday morning. So he either played golf hungover and then went home and crashed out, or he continued to drink while playing (there have been reports that when he plays golf, he's smashed by the 3rd hole). I know you guys aren't too pleased with Bartolo Colon, but he texted Harvey to try and help and support
  8. I don't view Syndergaard in that way. Sure, he dressed up as Thor and went to Times Square, but Syndergaard is more concerned with his pitching than off the field stuff. He had a foolish off season work out plan, and that's why he's hurt, but he understands the was things work better than Harvey. If Noah wasn't hurt, he'd be pitching great, like he always does. Harvey has to prove that he's a decent pitcher, let alone an ace. Plus, he's only 24 years old, where Harvey is 28.
  9. Trust me, you don't want him. I'm sure Harvey would love to stick it to the Mets too, but he'll fail when he gets the chance.
  10. Yes, him not showing up to Saturdays game is the main reason. He "had a migraine" and "tried to get in contact with the Mets", but you know how hard it is to reach people with the lack of technology these days. This guy can't leave NY fast enough. He wants to be Derek Jeter, and probably has the physical talent, but he fails in every other aspect. I mean, I probably know things about him that the Mets are unaware of..like when he got kicked out of a small town local bar near my neck of the woods last summer. Preemptive LOL at whichever MLB franchise is dumb enough to gi
  11. Good. Our current uniform is hideous.
  12. Does anyone remember the pitcher that would talk to himself on the mound after every pitch? Was it Jake Peavy or someone like that? Your new reliever Jason Motte reminds me of him. After every pitch, Motte is talking to himself, taking his hat off, tugging his jersey, walking around, flipping the ball in the air, etc.
  13. April 2017 had more strikeouts than any other month in MLB history. That sounds good for the pitchers, but I think it's more about the hitters flailing away, trying to hit HRs, and failing to make contact.
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