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  1. Not sure why everyone is so critical over jerseys, but these look pretty sweet to me. The white one in particular is cool.
  2. There is a salary in MLS, and each team is allowed only a certain number of international players. Fyi.
  3. Yes please.........and pair him with Schofield. Defense would be energized.
  4. Why would Mack have voided his current contract with Cleveland if he wanted to stay? Honest question.
  5. I understand your statement but Dimitroff has had his chance. Now it's time to see if someone can truly take this franchise to the next level.
  6. I completely agree. A new GM with experience building successful offensive lines is desperately needed here in Atlanta. We have experienced exactly zero improvement on the offensive line since Dimitroff took over. It all started when Harvey Dahl was not resigned. They used to have grit, they used to be nasty and feared/hated/respected by other teams in the league. Now they are soft, straight up. That is the reason for the Falcons struggles over the past three years. Dimitroff has not addressed the needs of the OL and has drafted poorly, to say the least. It's time for a change.
  7. I like all the color rush uniforms. It's nice to see something different.
  8. "Jake Long will start at LT and move over to RT." Is this a typo? Sorry, I do not understand the statement.
  9. I hate to see a player's career shortened by injuries. Best wishes to Baker. Flip side; glad to see the new staff making moves.
  10. saw the attached image from the Falcaholic website. For some reason I cannot post it in here. If I am reading lines 3, 4 and 5 correctly.......the woman and Shembo "spent time" together. THEN, the lady went to look for the dog. It's hard to get your business on and kill a dog at the same time....but I could be wrong. Also see line 6...it looks like Shembo's dog destroyed hers while both were in the same crate and she's pissed and now blaming it on him. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CGMrQuCWwAAbNW3.png:large
  11. Sounds like the kid really wanted to go to UGA, but got talked out of it. Now he has a reason to be a Dawg.
  12. No...on the simple principle that he is with the Saints.
  13. We can agree to disagree. The topic is certainly debatable.
  14. It is interesting that so many people think Nolan will be let go. A former head coach, turned tv announcer, said this defense has no talent. So the problem is obviously not Nolan. Do you really think another coordinator will come in and turn this defense around? I am not so sure about that. Also, Nolan's past stats proves that he is a competent D coordinator. If anything, fire Smith and let Nolan run the defense however he wants to. I have a feeling the front office and coach Smith are telling Nolan to play certain players based on contract and/or tenure...not performance.
  15. Season tickets are not sold to away fans, so people have already spent their hard earned money on tickets. Why not go to the game or sell the tickets to fellow Falcons fans? Yes, the product is bad right now but true fans stand behind the team. I mean, show up and boo the team if you want. That is way more acceptable than not showing up and letting the visiting team's fans take over the dome.
  16. I totally agree with you. Show up and boo the team if you want, but don't sell your tickets to fans of the other team.
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