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  1. Jedi, you are a ****1ng idiot. you have over 11k posts, including calling Tandy fat. nice spam for the forums. I dont see anything other than your hampster remotely interesting about them. I am a season ticket holder and have been that way for 8 years. i have been following the falcons since Tommy Nobis was on the team. Get real dip sh1t later, maxx
  2. Good deal, Tim Ryan is calling the game. For those of you that have Sirius you know who he is; he rocks!
  3. I thought that was hilarious too!
  4. Sorry if its already been posted. This is a great article. Link Yahoo Article on Roddy
  5. Well one thing, I am all about you being upset...but please, if your going to gripe. at least know how to spell two of the easiest words in the english dictionary, defense, and offense. If you are going to correct someone's grammar or spelling you should probably double-check yourself first. Enjoy! Dictionary.com The original spelling is Defence and Offence we Americans added the S. If you are going to troll get your ##### together.
  6. That ##### ##### crying finally got my rspect. i hope he has grown up and will be a team player.
  7. DJ sucks. You people only like him because hes from Georgia. I would rather draft a 4 year starter than the one year wonder named DJ.
  8. I thought T.O. was showing true emotion after the game and not trying to be a show boat. I wish the Falcons had him right now, although I must say he would probably be on suicide watch if that were the case. :P Seriousally, I think the man is finally starting to grow up, the T.O. show has been cancelled for this season and the Randy Moss show has now become prime time! I hope the Moss show is cancelled also! I wanna see the Farve show run untill the end and get the Superbowl award! I watched it. I hate to say it but i was proud of his comments.
  9. im skeptical too about him but hes a lot better than who we have been interviewing.
  10. dude s t f u obviously you are a m o r o n Dude u act like people don't make mistakes man get a life and get off of my nuts,and since u like Pete so much go try to f**k the guy.##### my ace dude post some informative news not made up crap. im sick of all the junk on these forums that is why i cant stand to surf them. but i come here for the real fans obviously you are not a fan just a fan boi.
  11. We will not move forward until the Carroll deal is dead. Get it in your head. This is the reason we dont have any news unless you people post it as news. Carroll is who AB wants and i agree.
  12. bump for the less intelligent people out there with Kiffin rumors ............ read the d a m n post please.
  13. you guys trip me out read the D a m n post i put up yesterday. get for real withthe rumors i post the real deal............... http://life.atlantafalcons.com/Forums/Topic3119804-45-1.aspx
  14. dude s t f u obviously you are a m o r o n
  15. Carroll is not the same as Petrino... NFL D coordinator 12 years NFL HC 4 years. Dont even compare the two if you do your a #####.
  16. This year mine is self explanatory i an 38 years old and have been a fan since i was eight. its needless to say that im very disappointed.
  17. I am not insinuating he will come to Atlanta but this article puts Carroll's intentions into perspective. He is coming back to the NFL and he already has a core nucleus of coaches. Carroll is not Petqueerno he was a defensive coordinator for 12 years and a head coach for 4 years in the NFL. Carroll is narcissistic he has something to prove to the world and taking Atlanta from zero to hero would fill his godlike perceptions of himself. This is the only reason why i think he is entertaining this position. Peace! Maxx
  18. For those of you that don t have access to this ill posted it out here for you. Enjoy! Espn Insider By Len Pasquarelli One of the more interesting aspects of the Atlanta Falcons' pursuit of Pete Carroll this week to fill their head-coaching vacancy was that the Southern California sideline boss already had begun plans for assembling a staff, and he had identified some of the candidates to Atlanta officials. Heading the list of potential staffers: Legendary Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, one of Carroll's closest friends. Kiffin's contract with the Bucs has expired an
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