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  1. Just start Gono. Please don't start the game with Ty.
  2. Clay has looked like the most violent force on the line this preseason with the starters. He stays IMO.
  3. Gotta be honest..the manner in which Duke smacked that lead blocker and made that tackle at the goal line was impressive
  4. Wesley Matthews wants 15 mil a year according to Jalen Rose. I'll take THJ
  5. Like who at 23 years old?
  6. Which position has (had) more depth? F or G?
  7. I honestly don't care what he did with that side show of an organization in NY. No discipline, no structure, no leadership, nothing. He has all the skills needed in a 2 guard to succeed.
  8. Dude has all the tools. I'd bet money he shines in Atlanta.
  9. Besides having better handles, the ability to get his own shot, the ability to attack the basket, and the ability to finish above the rim, you're right, 100% accurate.
  10. An athletic 2 that can get his own shot. All he needs is structure.
  11. Dude is going to blow up in our system. Dude played for the freakin Knicks. 15+ ppg next season. Book it.
  12. A chronic back problem and two torn patella tendons. What's "play-throughable" about those injuries?
  13. Holmes, Schrader, and the rookie must've had decent showings so far
  14. My bad, don't let me get in the way of your on topic thread participation
  15. He's to Matt Ryan as FFS1970 is to Julio. The thread could be about tailgating and Toker will find a way to take a shot at Matt Ryan. It's quite sad actually.
  16. I'm not even about to entertain this conversation anymore my man. There's no reasoning with people whose minds are made up. Like I said, I'll wait until everything is stated.
  17. Ok, and he still needs to be found guilty correct? Neither you or me know the reason for him doing what he's been charged for. I'll wait. Y'all can go ahead.
  18. One would think after having Brain Banks on the team and knowing his story that we'd let the law (correctly) do their job first before piling on
  19. Can we at least let him be found guilty first? Or can we let the full story surface first?
  20. Cooperbh said Rob was MikeKennHOF as well. That same aggressive, smarmy, over zealous posting style is pretty noticeable and consistent.
  21. There are multiple options on the roster for LG. Might not be any you covet or are fond of, but there are options.
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