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  1. If the defense takes a jump this season similar to the one the offense took last season we MIGHT not lose a game
  2. Delete this sht brodie
  3. I don't think any of the defensive players signed by Quinn and TD that received more than a year on their contracts will get cut.
  4. To be fair, a timeout had already been used due to a headset malfunction. We lost the one on the Edelman catch challenge as well.
  5. Reggie Davis III. Aldrick Robinson replacement.
  6. Grady is about to do damage this season
  7. Matt was still in the pocket when he took that sack on 2nd and 11 two plays after the Julio catch. You can't just "throw it away" with factoring in intentional grounding and things like that. You'd have to know what routes the receivers were running and where the routes put them on the field. Should've been another run play (even with the loss of a yard on the first attempt) but it is what it is.
  8. Apparently Devonta didn't hear the play call in huddle. It's what he said in explanation to a friend of his family. (I can't speak to the realness of the story, but I don't think the dude who told me would blow smoke. He knows Devonta's dad)
  9. That was a great play drawn up by Shanahan on the missed block by Freeman. It was Aldrich Robinson for 6.
  10. Lol. I always hated reading that nonsense.
  11. That's it and that's all folks.
  12. Doesn't look bad at all. Looks like he as decent size too.