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  1. This is last season..*after* the contract extension
  2. All run plays will look "cute" if the offensive lock fails to properly block. We have far too many negative runs on offense. The run game is terrible right now.
  3. Consistency at the top matters too.
  4. Nobody really gives af about Rex Ryan my man
  5. Jake Matthews is the only lineman earning his pay so far this season
  6. Concussion protocol. I don't think he was getting an X-Ray...just that the x-ray room was used to do the test. That helmet to helmet hit he took on one of those sacks looked concussion worthy.
  7. Tevin Coleman: Against PHILLY: 9 carries for 19 yards. 2.1 YPC Against CAR: 16 for 107. 6.7 YPC Against NO: 15 carries for 33 yards. 2.2 YPC. Against CIN: 14 carries for 51 yards. 3.6 YPC Against PITT: 7 carries for 15 yards. 2.1 YPC Maybe just MAYBE the run blocking has been trash and it isn’t indicative of either Devonta or Tevin. We attribute Freeman's play to his why isn't the running game working for the other backs? Edit: And there's really even no need to mention Matt Ryan and the passing they've functioned in spite of
  8. The wildcat resulted in a first down. Not having enough men on the line doomed it.
  9. The tackling was far far better. Still gotta work on the communication on the back end tho
  10. If it was a fumble the clock would've kept running, making them use there last timeout, and it was a loss of yardage.
  11. That was definitely a fumble. He was pulling it back into his body to pat with his left hand.
  12. 300+ for Matt and 3 touchdowns. If the pass rush continues making strides we MIGHT be able to hold them to 28.
  13. Hasn't been much Duke slander recently. I wonder what changed. It's funny reading the breakdown of the defense when it's not centered around one person being the fall guy.
  14. Cool. I was definitely ready to be shocked if that was the case. Ryan never throws anyone under the bus
  15. You sure you're talking about QB1 Matt Ryan?