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  1. Julio needs to not miss 11 v 11's for a whole summer. I honestly think that's the biggest issue.
  2. xs and os

    Matt has improved greatly on snapping those timing passes right onto the hands of the receiver
  3. We bout to go full 2015 Shanny lol
  4. Duke Riley was a big culprit in those gashes. He was out of control filling his gap
  5. I just wonder what these dudes old names where
  6. Another play the unnerved me; now to Taylor Gabriel's credit he probably wasn't the best option for the route he was assigned, but it is what it is, we all know Sanu is out and we have no size at depth. On that slant route that he jumped and curled up on to avoid the contact and and popped the ball up in the air that was almost picked was terrible
  7. The ol' "put the team on shoulders" catch phrase. The sAints have been 7-9 for 4 of the last 5 seasons. Brees must not have shoulders. Fact is, it takes teams to win. Even Drew and Sean Payton with their offensive prowess can't overcome bad defense and special teams. It all goes together.
  8. The Dolphins first drive after halftime was 9+ minutes. There were 2 3 and outs by the offense in the second half. The Dolphins second touchdown was aided by Grady Jarrett.
  9. I fux with Rico. Even more now. Y'all talk about having too many players towing the company line and being bland...based off Rico's post game interview and this type of exchange, he isn't one of them.
  10. I'm glad you mentioned that because it was one of the first things that came to mind when I looked at the play again. If Hoop extends his arms he probably brings that ball in.
  11. Duke is struggling maintaining his gap integrity too. It's almost like he's too aggressive between the tackles when reading the run.
  12. Yeah that Wake sack kinda represented what the team looked like the entire second half.
  13. So we criticize Matt and the offensive staff for playing TOO timidly and "settling' for field goals, then criticize them when they actually are aggressive in trying to win the game. That was a perfect pass to Hoop. Better defense. That's all.
  14. He didn’t even really take the contact directly to his head. It was a glancing blow