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  1. Which has nothing to do with this thread. Not sure what’s moving y’all to mention it.
  2. Alford has nothing to do with Lattimore getting touched up by Julio. The sAints are the enemy. They don’t need your protecting.
  3. You gotta be the biggest other team apologist on this board. What does Trufant or Alford have to do with what’s in the video?
  4. That wasn’t a bad decision to throw it to Julio in the back of the endzone. It was a poor throw.
  5. What’s to be said if drop passes occur on those throws that these “QBs capable of taking over a game” make? A QB can throw 25 perfect passes and if the pass is dropped 25 times the whole “QB taking over a game” fantasy is rendered useless. If the TE doesn’t make that sideline catch are we really talking about A Rod took the game over against Dallas? If the kicker didn’t make the FG, did he still take it over?
  6. Jeffery wasn’t even the intended receiver
  7. So he couldn’t “take the game over”
  8. What happened in NO for Cam then? Can he only take a few over?
  9. 50% passing 1 TD,1 INT, 137 yards passing. He’s fortunate to have his runnng ability. Matt had a poor passing game against Minny and folks here think he’s reached his ceiling or is regressing too
  10. Do you care to refute the numbers? It can be blamed on a multitude of things no doubt, but Duke was struggling big time. That’s the truth.
  11. “Correlation does not equal causation” He stated that rather clearly. It’s about having the best defenders on the field.
  12. The Falcons held the Vikings to 14. Why are y’all acting shocked
  13. I love y’all uber emotional in game post
  14. Man it’s some cats that really need to read this and comprehend