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  1. Just start Gono. Please don't start the game with Ty.
  2. Clay has looked like the most violent force on the line this preseason with the starters. He stays IMO.
  3. Gotta be honest..the manner in which Duke smacked that lead blocker and made that tackle at the goal line was impressive
  4. Man, his hands are so terrible. If he catches those 4 picks he dropped he'd be held in much higher regard
  5. You have went into great detail about Atlanta's scoring drives, how often they occured, so forth and so on with no Devonta..all for what if him not being the issue with the offense when he plays? I think we all agree that correlation does not always equal causation.
  6. The fact that are run game isn't good and folks think a good running back won't help is puzzling.
  7. He was thought to be a bust. He was going thru what Vic is going thru now with worse numbers at the same juncture in his career.
  8. Not sure how this is a bad thing under any circumstance. Worry about next season next season.
  9. Bruce is only considered name brand with this fanbase because Dan Quinn coached him. We both know this.
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