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  1. So QB’s are calling plays on the fly huh?
  2. For what it’s worth, he said he wishes he would’ve ran the ball on 2nd down
  3. Every year Tru gives up less catches, yards, TD’s, and has less penalties than every other CB on the roster and every year before the season starts we get this same post.
  4. Nah, you were trying to give all the credit to Kyle for Matt's good play, and act like he wasn't here in 2015 when Matt was throwing those redzone INT's and people were calling for Kyle to be fired.
  5. Lol, that's exactly what I was getting at
  6. I don't think he can't necessarily run the route tree...just that he has physical limitations that makes running all of the routes counterproductive. He excels in space.
  7. Yeah, 7. He also had a year he threw 9, and another year where he threw 11, and two he threw 12...threw 12 last year.
  8. So which is it? Shanny is the reason Matt was terrible and good? Yes?
  9. 6 TD's and 4 INT's is terrible. Tell me how many redzone turnovers Matt had last season. Because he led the league in 2015 with Shanny. So I'm listening. You working overtime to give Shanny credit for Matt success and ignore 2015 like Shanny wasn't here then. Your arms gotta be sore from reaching.
  10. Dog, we struggled to score in 2015. Redzone turnovers by the boatload WITH Shanny. Matt was turning the ball over in the 5-0 start. Where you sleep or do you not remember? 6 TD's to 4 INT's.
  11. You must've been in a medically induced coma in 2015.
  12. Ummm Takk is a Falcon..and this is the Falcons message you on?
  13. The anti-Matt crowd always gets in a tizzy when someone slights him...then act surprised when Falcons fans come to the aide of wtf y'all thought was gone happen??
  14. Thought it was a good interview myself. I sense the aggravation in his responses...which is a good thing to me. He needs to be uncomfortable with what people are saying about him.