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  1. Patting myself on the back just a wee bit right now. Matt knew, Sark knew.
  2. You have went into great detail about Atlanta's scoring drives, how often they occured, so forth and so on with no Devonta..all for what if him not being the issue with the offense when he plays? I think we all agree that correlation does not always equal causation.
  3. So why is this "Freeman is the issue when plays" narrative being pushed?
  4. A simple question, who is satisfied with the run game at it's current state?
  5. The fact that are run game isn't good and folks think a good running back won't help is puzzling.
  6. Except lead the team in rushing last year lol
  7. Did they do away with Retrievers? I graduated in 2008. It was Retreivers, the little frozen daiquiri bar, the Wooden Nickel and the little club in between the daiquiri bar and the convenience store
  8. He was thought to be a bust. He was going thru what Vic is going thru now with worse numbers at the same juncture in his career.
  9. Not sure how this is a bad thing under any circumstance. Worry about next season next season.
  10. Bruce is only considered name brand with this fanbase because Dan Quinn coached him. We both know this.
  11. McDaniels left once and came back
  12. The Falcons offense needs continuity. Flipping OC's every two years is counterproductive in my opinion. We're usually left waiting on "year 2" for the offense to catch back up. FYI: A friend of mine said he hear Doug Gottlieb mention it as well
  13. He's not coming here to play any LB I'm most sure. Bruce weighs about 260 now (maybe more). He's a full time DE.
  14. Have to wait until 4 pm for him to clear waivers.