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  1. He scored the game tying TD against Tampa in 2015. Week 8. 17 seconds left on the clock.
  2. Trading Julio wouldn’t free up any mega cash either honestly. The bulk of his money is paid already.
  3. What's funny to me is how every Matt Ryan video segment includes video of him getting wrecked by defenders
  4. Cool. I’ll pay thru PayPal if I lose.
  5. It’s the logistics of this that bothers me. This is going to have a ripple affect with the money that was to be used on the defensive pieces ready to be paid as well as Jake Matthews.
  6. He did it one year after signing an extension
  7. So you betting?
  8. I got 100.00 says he'll get at least 10.
  9. Delete this family.
  10. Williams is listed as 6’3 199. We need more of that. Edit: The NFL website has him listed at 6’4 193
  11. Your neck has to be sore from carrying that head full of cement
  12. Yeah, and?
  13. Rofl. He's not posting that as his own statement for you to agree or disagree with weirdo. That's Takk's tweet.
  14. Side Note: Ray Lewis was a freak as a youngster in the league. 7:21.