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  1. There’s a difference between aggressive and reckless too. We saw the latter in our Super Bowl in the 4th quarter. After the Eagles got the strip sack of Brady they ran three times and made the Pats exhaust their timeouts. Smart situational football. We would’ve been in a better position than the Eagles had we done the same thing after Julio’s catch last year.
  2. After the Eagles got the fumble recovery it was run, run , run, FG. Game over. The Falcons were in the same position to win their Super Bowl in the same fashion after Julio's catch to the NE 22. The OC last night understood how to close. Ours didn't.
  3. Snyder never really wanted Cousins anyway. RG3 was his guy. The Shanahan's wanted Cousins.
  4. I need Julio to actually partake in training camp this upcoming offseason. It showed this past season.
  5. Something I've noticed about Julio's fade routes, he runs them way too closely to the boundary. He leaves himself very little room to land.
  6. I was born into this sht. I’ll be diehard until I’m in my casket....Super Bowl or not.
  7. High ankle sprain will still hinder him
  8. Speaking of Deion Jones
  9. Brandon Graham suffered a high ankle sprain a couple of weeks ago. Those don't heal that quickly. Philly's LB's can be had in coverage too...which will probably be used as an extension of the run game. I'm not going to knock Philly's run defense numbers...but some of that might be due to how they were jumping out on teams and forcing them to abandon the run
  10. Philly’s run defnese stats could be a product of them getting up on teams and the run game having to be abandoned
  11. Wouldn’t be a confidence thread without the same token fans talking up the opposition
  12. Easily one of the best video promo's the Falcons have ever created
  13. He's going to be gone next from Quinn's coaching tree. We might have Marquand one more season at best if the defense keeps ascending
  14. The Falcons had 3 timeouts. I'm sure he was attempting to save clock to get the ball back before half (or maybe try a punt block if the defense was able to force a 3 and out). LA's drive started on their own 26.