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  1. Last year we fizzled out after a hot start. This year we started the way we finished but seem to have a groove going now. HECK it's even better right now that last year the way the offense is clicking. I'm pretty excited even though the Panthers are clearly a shell of themselves. Usually we would have found a way to lose instead of breaking records...so I'm pumped.
  2. He's going to be on a probationary type deal. I'd give it a shot at the right price
  3. Happy Birthday! Glad I chose to stop in here today lol
  4. Look now. All this making sense stuff is getting out of hand. It would be nice for Shanny to draw up similar stuff for Roddy.
  5. You shouldn't miss it. You saw a version of it this season
  6. Change of venue then a change of unis. I'd still like to see the 1981 red uniforms at home.
  7. I was in the car but just watched the 4th quarter on DVR and it looked like he was talking to or at Collins
  8. Collins got handily beat on the last punt by the Saints and Hester had to fair catch. Looked like he was pissed
  9. terrible decision. The LB had a shot of getting it too
  10. We're out based on the way this game is playing out. Besides that, two Bucs games and San Francisco would have gotten us into the playoffs. Maybe even the colts game. Too late to look back and wish now though.
  11. Eli is from Louisiana and watched his father play for the Saints. He is aware of the Falcons slim chance of making the playoffs. He decides to continuously throw picks so that the Giants lose and end the Falcons playoffs chances....or they just really suck.
  12. Short throws get batted far more often than deeper routes.
  13. Shanny: "I really thought it'd be different this time. DQ: "Yeah Kyle, I know you did. Maybe if you had an o line huh?"
  14. Using that logic, every defense we face is drawn up to create a loss of yards or a turnover. So is ours...our entire team needs upgrading. Also the plays called need to reflect the "ability" and skill level of the players we have.
  15. he was told to seek employment opportunities before Koetter came aboard
  16. That's how you do it right there. Dream big!!!
  17. Stats only tell part of the story here folks. Look at play selection, tendencies, and points scored as well as just watching how the game progresses with your eyes.
  18. Julio does not get to complain when receiving 17 targets in a game
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