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  1. Arm strength to me is more about getting it across the field and into tight windows with zip.
  2. Agree totally! Overthrow or underthrow it's a miss. Accuracy is what's at the root of a missed completion. However it could be situational as well. Sometimes the route isn't quite where it should be. Sometimes QB's have to throw it before getting completely set because of pressure. It's all about the mechanics of the throwing motion.
  3. You can say that again They didn's have faith in us anyway
  4. Don't forget the upstart Bucs....they might garner some attention and we could face them on national TV. We also get the Jags in the Dome. Not a powerhouse, but Smitty's old team
  5. Will it still be RISE UP? Or should we... RISE HIGHER?
  6. You know they would just say "Wow...imagine how bad THEY would have beat the Falcons" We will never be media darlings...one of the reasons this blowout hurts so much to all the die hard fans. I really wanted the "experts" to have to eat their words...
  7. Yep...hits on the QB get them back inside their mind though. And you guys are making some good points on how to fix that.
  8. Me too...I told the one that said that to me "If Ryan would have hooked up with Douglass on that bomb on the first play of OT...we STILL would have won" lol
  9. Here here...I'll be back in row 18 of section 123 as well...thinking Superbowl again, until I find out otherwise!!! Good stuff!
  10. Not a fan of BVG either, but he can't run out there and tackle for these guys either. I'll tell you what...Mularkey needs to open it up and get a passing game for when Turner gets stuffed or the D can't hold water. It might be that we need new defensive personnel and a new OC (even though Mularkey doesn't throw or block either )
  11. When the chants of "Go Pack Go" became more than I could take...just a few minutes before the last field goal. Headed to the car, sad and dejected.
  12. I think folding in the last two BIG games of the season will inspire better play, coaching, and hopefully drafting and free agent signings. We have obviously moved in the right DIRECTION so far (not there yet). We need more pieces to the puzzle and hopefully TD gets it for the coaching staff, so we can capitalize off opportunities such as the one we just blew.
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