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  1. Not in minnesota, but close enough less than 1 hours drive............ My boss was at the 98 game........ I have been talking smack since I saw the schedule. I think he said it best......... " I will never go to a playoff game ever again, its hurts too much!" Well with much respect to my boss......... 10 years in the making its time to bring the pain once again! GO FALCONS!
  2. I will admit coming into this game I was already on cloud 9! The idea of a winning season, with so many new faces, and of course a rookie QB! Was the furthest thing from my mind! I would have been happy with a few wins, its a rebuilding year after all. Now to see that we have captured a winning season, I am utterly speechless............ This team so far has exceeded any wet dream that could have been concocted less than a year ago! Mistakes aside, because there were many, but then again given the importance of this game its more than understandable for players to make mistakes out of nervousness! I didnt honestly think we could take a W after the blocked kick. To see them turn around and end it is nothing short of amazing! I have 1 request....... Stomp those Purple packin pansies! The vikes must die! and denver must win today! I hate denver but for the better of this team they must! I hate denver and carolina equally, but denver must win!
  3. WHAT NOW???? WHAT???? THATS WHAT I THOUGHT! Next game........... Vikings............. KILL KILL KILL THE PURPLE PANSIES!
  4. How does this really work anyway? I got a few options...... 1- stay here in good old South Dakota, and get no falcons coverage, but get minnesota instead. 2- Drive to moms house in Wyoming (9.5 hours), which is in the strange green zone there........ And watch Atlanta 3- Drive to Dads house(10 hours), divorced along time ago, and miraculously watch the falcons, in that tiny green blip in montana! Prob #1, Mom is driving here as we speak to spend the weekend with her favorite son, and the favorite daughter in law! OR make a miracle last minute 18 hour drive to an aunts house, in Salt Lake City Utah, which will be miraculously be playing the falcons game even tho she is technically 1100 miles away from said team! As i am a mere 785 miles! I dont understand it! It makes no sense what so ever, and I guess it will never make sense. I suppose its one of lifes mysteries that will only be revealed to us upon death......... Either way, I guess I am stuck here, and loading PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL as fast as I can........... Its gonna be along weekend!
  5. I start mine at 12 AM, Just due to the fact of the solar positioning of the sun, and the angular movement of other celestial bodies, and the time space continium, and relative hyper-dimensional physics. Ok I will cut the crap, its just because I love my team, and cant wait to see some action, and in some way wish there was 24 hour highlights channels at that time! LOL Then again given Ryans arm being C, and the momentum of the ball being M, and E being a win, I would safely say that E=MC2! Yep that's How i am going to call it.......
  6. South Dakota HERE! Adding my support, on a side note, my beloved wife surprised me with my christmas present this morning......... She said due to the recent events of this team, and how freaked out I have been about this game, and Do I dare say Play off Chances, she couldnt wait to give me my gift. Also that I work today, and cant watch the game! So sporting my new Leather Atlanta Falcons Coat I will cross into the purple vikings threshold this afternoon! LINK!
  7. It is unfortunate how it all had to go down, the guy has good athletic skills, and I dont blame you for supporting players from Auburn, its just sad that some players cant get past the god mentality and compete.
  8. Anyone who becomes a fan of a team due to just 1 player was never really a fan at all, and since players come and go at regular intervals, it would make alot more sense not to jump teams because you like a specific player. Pick a team and stick with it, it is possible to be a fan, and still respect a player from another team. To be a fan you must love your team, through the ups, downs, losses, and wins. Switching teams, in light of chasing the who's hot at the moment, will not only make you shallow, but it will quickly become obvious to all those around you, that you would stab a friend in the back for the price of an extra value meal. In turn making the so called fan allegiance worthless......... Paris Hilton and her new show to find a new BFF, comes to my mind here........ If such is the case, and the so called #7 moves on, good for him, good for the team, and if they choose to leave, GOOD FOR US, take your false allegiance elsewhere, and let the real fans cheer on....... Not to mention, it boggles my mind that someone paid such an insane amount of money would just throw it all away at the whim of a hat. It doesnt say much to his character, let alone his loyalty to his fan base. You can hate all you want, call me racist, call me noob, say what you will, but his actions speak louder than words. Franchises are built by TEAMS, Super bowls are won by TEAMS, no 1 man stands alone, and that being said if 1 man could do it all, why do we even have a TEAM at all? You can cling to false reality all you want, but in the end its the TEAM that makes it happen. In my eyes it was all a foolish, self centered individual that messed up, broke the law, and now wants forgiveness for his careless and unlawful actions. The TEAM did not have a part in this mess, and had the common sense not to participate in such irresponsible behavior. He has noone to blame but himself, and he is serving his just time for crimes committed. So before you call yourself a fan of such an individual, think to yourself for just 1 minute what would you do with that much money? Chances are you wouldnt make enough in 1 year what he could have made in 1 month. Would you throw it all away? He made his choice, and the rest have moved on, and those that still wanna cling on you might want to step back and re-evaluate your position before placing your allegiance to someone who obviously has no respect for you or common and agreed upon law. Next time you get pulled over for a DUI, try this experiment for me...... Tell them you play for the NFL, and see if you get out of the ticket? I am glad, that this TEAM, its management, owner, and the bulk of the fan base, have realized they made a mistake and have moved on. #7 time is over, and its time to do a reality check, are you a fan or just another dreamer wishing upon a star...... When I get cut I bleed red, and when I look up all I see is black, Being a falcons fan was in the DNA.
  9. Not my 1st post, but has since been erased LOL, Sorry I am not as active as some, but thank you for the encouragement!
  10. Before I get bombarded with Troll remarks, and accused of being a bandwagon fan, I wanna plead my case. I grew up a falcons fan, since the early 90's, thats about the time I started paying alot of attention to NFL in General, partially because I started playing the sport in school. My family were all vikings fans, and they still are, I am the only black sheep. You can imagine the day I came home from practice, and told my father I wanted to be a falcon someday...... My ego, and my chores list were never the same that day forward. Growing up in a viking community I never got any slack, and most often than not I had to shut my mouth, and swallow my pride as they danced around in purple attire. I mean seriously, how can a grown man justify himself in purple, unless of course he is a pimp, and is thus exempt from such scrutiny. Then came the glory days of 1998......... My father was at that game, and let me tell you, it was a very quiet, and somber time between me and the old man, I can assure you. Now 10 years later, they are slated to meet each other once again, at vikings home no less, OH THE IRONY! In the last 10 years I have moved far from home, but due to promotions, I actually ended up closer to the purple monster. A mere 3 hour drive....... So the old man called me up the other day, and asked if I was going to the game. My wife, a former cowgirls.... err uh boys...er uh.. . Drug addicts.... er uh YEAH! The team with the star on their helmets! fan has converted to the dark side, and became a falcons fan, both have tickets to the game. My father due to health issues, could not afford tickets, so my wife graciously stepped down, and said..... " I will let you 2 boys settle it" Heavy bold on the boys part there....... *Women....... * Sigh........ In all reality, this is likely the last time me and the old man get to battle it out. I realize everyone is focused on the saints game, and I too want us to win badly, but for this fan, only one game is on my agenda. The start of this season we had no hope, everyone said no way, and haters flocked in to gobble up the last meal. I was here for the last 10 years, and the team has been at a loss for anything really. They had no real goal, no clear defined agenda, but all that changed with Ryan. I dont typically post, just read alot......... I just gotta say, the kid (Ryan) surprised me in a way I never thought possible, and when the time comes..... I may just be the only Red jersey in a sea of purple, sitting next to the old man in purple, but at least he can look me in the eye, and see the stubborn dedication he has in me, and that my friends is a game that will go down in history. Heres to one **** of a season, win or loss........
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