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  1. The giants will dominate them. Luck has been on the saints side so far this year, and its about to come to an end. All things in good time, and another team that needs to pay the piper tomorrow is the Vikings.
  2. I voted as well, but to be honest I live in DIE HARD Vikes turf.... Wish ya luck man, and hope it goes in your favor. My best advice is to hit a sports pub with NFL ticket, or break down and buy it for yourself this year. I been putting it off for years now, and finally broke down this year. I was surprised how easy they made it, they broke it down to $89/month no need to pay for the TV service for 6 months(season is over by then anyway) You can downgrade you tv package to a $29.95/month plan after the 6 months. No fees, no box buying. 2 Year agreement lots of bonuses and extras. My deal, 3 recievers, 2 HD/DVR and 1 Normal, Installation, NFL Ticket with superfan remote internet access, insurance, total bill $98 for the first month, $89 for 6 months, then $29.95/month till next season then its back to $89 unless I cancel the NFL ticket 10 days in advance to kickoff. Not that I am promoting NFL Ticket, because I believe its a total rectal rape of NFL fans everywhere! Im just saying I am tired of TVANTS/P2PTV/NFL network recasts, and of course the joys of watching my game in crappy internet quality in chinese/portugese/australian/dutch. Although the commercials were more often than not funny/banned in the USA quality. It still wasnt worth it to me. I do not have the option of having a local sports pub with NFL ticket, so I gave in, and at worst case scenario I watch it a day late in HD on DVR. I love my team, and I support them any way I can. Sure I live no where near atlanta, but when I select my HD channel from the local broadcast.... Its worth it....... I hear it the same way someone in atlanta hears it. the same commentators, the same home team cast, you name it. Not to mention HD is awesome on a wide screen plasma! Just a thought to toss out there.......
  3. No offense but you cant even use this stat...... That assumes turner wasnt stopped man........ We could pitch it to turner all day long, but if he gets stuffed those yards mean NADA. I'm not saying that we shouldn't run the ball, that's a good idea, but there are alot of ways to skin a cat. This game is not gonna be a walk in the park, and we need not fool ourselves into taking the pats lightly. It is a road game, against what once was a very solid team, and I dont think getting to hot and heavy about woulda-shoulda-coulda talk is a good idea. I am siding with peyton on this one, and the AIR is how we win. We know we can run, but the pass isnt what they expect. Heres a good quote......
  4. To original poster: Very nice and well written post! I been watching #88 closely, and I was more than a little taken back by his opening statements as a falcon. I will admit I never really paid attention to the guy before. Then again I am typically close minded to my own team to watch too many others. I am proud with his performance this year not by numbers but by attitude. I personally think the guy is a great athlete with an awesome love for the game, and the players around him. I am glad hes a falcon, and I look forward to watching what he can do to help this team. As an added bonus I hope we get that ring for him. That would be a story book ending, to an otherwise stellar career. Speaking of story book endings isnt that what they used to call us last year?
  5. Falcons and Patriots Falcons Buccs and Giants Giants Saints and Bills Saints Panthers and Cowboys Cowboys
  6. I agree its 12:40 my time, but 1:40 yours........ I am looking forward to todays game, but because it is what it is. Rather I live in vikes territory, and we dont get to see many falcons games, aside from MNF, and facing regional teams. This year I finally convinced my wife to let me order NFL ticket. We got it now, and will be watching the game in HD for the first time as a family. Last weekend I had to work so I had to DVR it. I am so excited its crazy, all of us gathered around the screen, eating munchies, and shouting at the top of our lungs! Its gonna be epic in my mind! Win or lose, it will be an experience my wife, and my children never forget........ Family bonding for the win!
  7. Thats really awesome that your city and team can do that for kids! Its gonna be a memory they cherish their entire lives. I wish I lived even remotely to Atlanta, I would stay after the game to watch.
  8. Picks for Week 2: Carolina @ Atlanta = Atlanta * I say Atlanta, because we are the better team, I do feel its going to be close, cuz Delhomme will be out for blood or job depending on your view. New Orleans @ Philly= Philly * I say Philly because, sure they lost Mcnabb(Maybe), its still a road game I watched the game 1st week, and they were a solid team I think Philly's D wins this one. Tampa Bay @ Buffalo = Tampa * I chose tampa, I hate the buccs, but I have seen them do some some amazing things if the stars align right. I think the buccs are trying to etch their way into this year, I just think they will play with more dedication than the bills will. Makeup Picks for missing week 1 Minnesota @ Detroit = Detroit * I pick Detroit because I cant think of a single team more hungry for a true win than them. I am sure I will be proven wrong, the vikes are tough this year, but I think they will let thier guard down a little too long on this one. If it doesn't happen this week it will be next week against the Redskins. Sooner or later a team will try to waltz in a free win game, and be embarrassed. I would prefer the vikings, but the redskins works just as well. Cincinnati @ Green Bay = Green Bay * Again not a green bay fan at all, but I think they want it more. Pittsburgh @ Chicago = Pittsburgh *Even without "Palm Olive" as my daughter calls him, I think Cutler needs a reality check, and he is gonna get it in week 2. That is my picks, flame away!
  9. **** skippy! I know I would have loved a SB win, but lets all be honest, this team wasnt supposed to do squat! Just to see it go this far was awesome. After the loss people at work poked jabs at me, because I was to say the least vocal with my excitement for this team this year. One co-worker did offer at least a good point of view. Heres the convo......... "Hey man did the falcons win?" "I dunno had to stop watching in the 3rd quarter to come to work" "Well I wanna be the bearer of good or bad news" *Whips out his cell phone "Sorry man, they won........." "But hey you guys did that, after last year. Thats something man!" While I was a little butt hurt over the loss, it made total sense to me. I was expecting way to much, and who was I to say they didn't play good enough? Yes mistakes were made, and that game was a win in my mind. I was expecting way to much. I was just caught up in the hype of the moment and the idea that we could go all the way. Those expectations where way off base, and to expect something like that was unrealistic. In the end I needed to step back, clear my head, and realize that we were supposed to be losers, we were supposed to be in a rebuilding year. Nothing we did this year was short of amazing, and never once did this team truely let me down. To all those that will dissect the game, and nit pick over every single play. Yes there were chances, but they were just that.........CHANCES! anyone who has ever gambled a dollar in thier day knows that chances are nothing more than a mathmatical phenom. I can throw stats, numbers, records, chances, or any such in your face all day long. In the end it doesnt mean one lick of a difference. After this season I have only a few hopes....... 1- Ryan learns from his appearance in the playoffs, and realizes the mistakes made. 2- The falcons recruit needed talent in the areas lacking 3- That unjust prejudice is not granted to those that are not deserving.*Note Stop the brookings hate! Hes a leader, and would make a fine assistant coach! 11 years, isnt something to disregard, and as a man of the line, I am sure he would have some insights that would prove instrumental. 4- The most important one of all, *puts on flame suit, say what you will, an be angry as you will be. **** I dont care, curse my name on all soil in the south. I am a falcons fan down to the very DNA and RNA if you wanna be technical, a FALCONS fan. In the end! I hope that smitty, demitroff, and ryan have impressed blank enough. That if the infamous #7 does leave lock up, that RYAN has the job! If he doesnt, and that isnt the case I pitty myself, and any self respecting falcons fan. I will never argue 7's athletic ability, but I will argue his role. That is of a mentor, that is of leader, all of which he failed at miserably. You can argue ability day in and day out, but in the end its the leader that wins...... and I pray this is so............
  10. Mike Smith is as the article stated, exactly what these team needed, and I am glad he came in and got it done. It wasnt the 1st game, or even the 2nd game that got me to respect Smith. Maybe it was the honest excitement he held at every play, or maybe it was the way carried a subtle commanding presence over the team. He didnt just march in and say.... " Look i got all these awards, and I have done this and that." Instead he earned the respect of all those that are around him. You can see it in the eyes of the players, they truely understand this man, and are willing to kill for him. Win or lose this team is has a REAL COACH! He doesnt just blurt out foul words, chastize on the fly, or worse throw temper tantrums. I cant actually pin point where Smith became Smitty, or where he went from our coach to our leader. I can however say when it was cemented in stone that this man truely cares for this team. A PICTURE IS WORTH 1000 WORDS.....
  11. Stats, stats, and more stats....... you know what the prob with stats are? they are just that, a way to guage woulda, shoulda, and coulda! You can compare stats all day long till you are blue in the face. In the the real NFL its any given sunday, and with that there are gonna be upsets, it comes down to 1 thing and 1 thing only......... Who wants to win? Who wants to taste victory, who wants to advance? There isnt a stat for team synergy. There isnt a stat for believing, Every team faces a 50/50 chance to win, the only deciding factor is who wants it more. Set aside the we are blah and blah at home. Those figured will in the end prove nothing. If we believed in stats and only stats, then there was no way we could have beat tampa! I mean cmon the south is virtually undefeated at home right? Take your stats, toss them right out the window, and just have faith that your team will bring it home............ GO FLACONS!, so far against all odds, The so called experts said... 3-loss, showed who is the expert didnt we?
  12. That right there was the best Go* DA*& video I have ever seen! Mad props to the person who put it together! The Video/Audio was perfect the emphasis on the hits, and the receptions was excellent! Hands down, best falcons vid i have yet to see. Awesome work, and thank you Tandy for pointing it out, since I have yet to see a home game in the dome! If they play a vid like that, its no wonder why we can rouse the noise in the dome to create a down right hysteria against the defending team, that vid is a weapon of mass distraction!
  13. who decides these maps? I mean, I knew darn good and well I would be forced to watch the Vikes, I am only 4 hours from Minne dome, but according to the map 80%+ of the nation is forced to watch thier freak show game. Why dont they get a vote going on, or spice it up a little. I have only seen 2 ATL games all year on local TV. The first was a fluke, and the 2nd was against the Vikes. Guess I am going back the bar to fight over the big screen on sunday. *Sigh.......... Never really did understand why people goto a sports bar, to watch the game that is broadcasted live at thier own homes....... and I quote....."Put down the skunky beer, and back away slowly!"
  14. I will add my own feelings of the season thus far. I wont lie, and admit at first reading of all the changes to the team I had my doubts. I would have aligned myself with all the critics, and said yeah seasons over just a rebuilding year. I mean honestly how many teams can take a total gutting and come out ahead? Like a Drastic Staff enema was going to solve all our problems? I think I have heard this rant before! I dont pay any heed to preseasons games because its a "testing of the waters" so to speak. Then came Game 1, I think the broadcasters said it best......... "Ryan gonna throw, 1st professional pass.........CAUGHT JENKINS......30.......20....10....5...He lands in atlanta!" "His 1st professional pass is a 62 Yard strike to Michael Jenkins! They dont Script this stuff in Hollywood!" At that moment I paused, WTF was that? Did my eyes play a cruel joke on me? Did we just do that? Wow one **** of a fluke there! Then again in a moment of clarity I said to myself. Its the Lions for gods sake man! Just because they showed a totally different game style than previous is no reason to get worked up. Then came reality......... Tampa came stomping, and shut us down in my mind just put me back into reality mode. The dudes a rookie, and dont count all your chickens before they hatch......... Then came week 4........ Carolina beat us again.....but I noticed something very different, something I hadnt seen before, there was a storm brewing there, but I couldnt quite put my finger on it. Week 5...... A win at GB home! No way did we just shut down GB in Lambo! Week 6..... Then I started to panic, what about chicago? An old school team that overall plays very well, and often is a force to be reckoned with. And LO and behold we win! I was awestruck! This team behaved like no other falcons team I had ever witnessed. Yes there was some slip ups, but overall it was a polar opposite from what I was used to seeing! Week 7 Gotta Love a Bye week for some rest! Week 8 Eagles.....Gotta love em right? Not me........... I still sting from 2004! POO Week 9 Oakland? the highest paid personel in the NFL? We just down right handed their collective butts? So from this perspective I have this feeling burning deep inside my soul. This team is different, there is something clicking! There has to be some kind of butt whooping that calls for 24-0 W that brings a bitter sweet victory out of it. At this point I am thinking......... Is it just me, or is there a momentum here that keeps stacking. I am looking at the stats like a maniac, and see a total growth for the entire team overall. Not to mention watching them play is nothing short of amazing. Even in the losses there were parts of the game to take away, and say ****! the momentum just keeps stacking up, and the team as a whole continues to evolve, and seems to become seamless at this game. The O becomes the D, and vice versa, for once they all seem to be on the same page! Week 10 The tipping point! N.O. has posed problems in the past, and yet the falcons flew right past them, with a few in your face plays.......and thus we gain momentum and full steam ahead! Week 11 We lose to Denver, and a part of me wants to start counting chickens again! Then I disect why we lost, and realize that we are getting progressively better week by week. Week 12 Now the chickens have come home to roost! Eat that panties! ROFL Stomped! Tried your old games tricks did ya? Suddenly the falcons can remember and shut you down! Thats right, this team learned your ways, and exploited them! Week 13 Sorry chargers! This isnt the old falcons, and you cant just walk all over us without a fight! Everything seems to start clicking left and right on the home front! week 14 We suffer another loss, chalked up to rookies........... week 15 We beat out TB in a last minute dash to the jugular! Was a close game, but again I saw a team emerge and evolve to win! Week 16 We exploited every weakness the vikes had, and after 7 turnovers, we came out victors! Alot of people would have blamed the win to turnovers, but I dont think so. It came down too........ A team that refuses to be the loser, and a team surrounded by players that believe! They look out for each other, and learn from every mistake. This team has evolved so much, and has overcome so many things that at the start of the season was impossible! So what if, and hey WHY NOT US? Lets ponder that for a minute......... So what if the panthers choke next week? We win, and Take the division? So what if we go all the way? So what if we face the steelers in the SB? Wouldnt that all be a dream? Well so far from what I have seen, MR sandman has been tainting our pillows, and I am loving the results......... Heres to one **** of a season, and if we can do this now, just imagine next year?????????? Or the Year after...... ETC
  15. Grats man!, many happy memories as I share with my wife. I wish you both the best! Many good years to come, and many not so great years, doesn't really matter because you have each other.........
  16. I have followed the vikes from 1991-present, against my own research but rather forced upon me from family....... I do however see a trend..... 1- the vikes will fold if there is even so much as a hint of dominence. 2- They will choke in any game that might involve playoffs 3- They will make any excuse some of which are not known to man, to explain the loss. 4- Rinse and Repeat..........
  17. The cleavage, or lack there of shows all....... We are all now humble......... We shall win as according to the cleavage represented here in. Can I get an witness?
  18. I will say no more to the "Faith" issue, but rather............. I will quote lyrics...... I believe in my team...... I believe we will win......... I believe we will be the cindarella story of 2008........... I believe its been a long time coming...... And in the words of The White Stripes.......... "Im gonna fight em off....... A 7 Nation Army Couldnt Hold Me Back! Gonna Rip it Off!" 7 nation army
  19. So we face these vikings fans, and of course a few nervous dallas fans as well. So lets post the real truth! Something that stats wont reveal, something that most disregard........... The official drink of the Minnesota Vikings........... Choke- A- Cola They been sporting that drink for years now, and posting alot excuses in the meantime! So heres your chance to make us so to speak :"eat Crow".............. I say bring it, and to one **** of a game either way!
  20. Dont do it matt, Run like the flock of seagulls! Dont risk it man! the curse is real, and not in some kind of send this to 20 of your friends, or the haunted spirit of bloody mary will kill you at 12 kinda stuff! Dont do it man! Thats my warning, take it what you will, but I am sure alot will agree, that if you enjoy dominating this league DONT DO IT! Just look at the past......... Just gonna throw MCnabb out there for a name check......... Just how has he done since? The devil may tempt you, but the short term gains comes at an expense from the long term........... Its never good when the devil holds the hand...... * Cue Charlie Daniels, and the devil went to GEORGIA! (Emphasis mine..........)
  21. This is my house, and if you dont like it GET DA F*** OUT!
  22. MIKE! That right there shows your chutzpa! I saw the game, and I gotta say that earned some major KUDOS to the team and fan base in general. Some *** tried for a cheap shot, and you stood up to represent your team! GO MIKE SMITH!
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