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  1. I started this thread to cheer on a home state boy. He went to UW(University of Wyoming). He played for the cowboys(UW), and since we both played HS football, and attended UW I figured I would start a bandwagon thread. I will post any info I have about the guy, and his background here...... Basic Info: Weston Johnson Player Profile Number: 36 Class: Senior Hometown: Wray, Colo. High School:Wray Height / Weight:6-3 / 233 Position:Outside Linebacker Note: 2009 Team Captain First of all some Video..... 1:01 #36 Tackles QB 1:08 #36 Tackles Blurry 1:12 #36 again quick shot Images: Will post as I find more! In TD I trust, and I think he found another gem in the rough.......
  2. Weston Johnson, LB, Wyoming, 6-3, 233: Played outside linebacker and was the team captain last season. Hmm *Chuckle, A player from UW, I know most of you have no clue about UW. Its not exactly known for its sports programs. Born and raised in wyoming, and attended UW, really cool to think he might have a chance of making the team. Would make my day, then again I was happy to see us take some guys from Montana too.I doubt a quality QB, WR,or RB will ever come out of wyoming, but I do know the breeding stock in those parts makes some big boys that can take a beating. So put me down as officially pulling for him.....
  3. Was kinda shaky on the guy after the initial announcement, but now that I have had time to research him a little. I really like the guy, has a family history of football. His oldest brother played 2001-2006 in the NFL as a Tight End, drafted Round 3 pick 28 to the Titans, was traded to the Aints in 04 retired in 06. Next oldest brother also football experience, played 07-09 overseas in Germany and Italy pro football. Unfortunately he passed away while rock climbing with his family in Arkansas on April 19nth of this year. That is really sad, and my heart goes out to him and his family. After reading everything I have so far, I am pulling for the guy! I will be watching how things progress from here out, but I honestly hope I see him starting. Tearing up the NFC south for years to come! I think the guy deserves to be in the NFL, and I am honored he will be a falcon.
  4. I know this is going to get buried in the draft day news, but figured at least some of us might wanna see it. I am only kinda on the madden curse bandwagon, but I do have to say its been too accurate to be a fluke. Anyhow 7 hours ago posted on NFL website. Linkage New Orleans Saints Posted about 7 hours ago 370 Comments 15 Recommendations E-mail Brees wins fan vote to be on 'Madden NFL 11' video-game cover Associated Press Drew Brees has another prize to put next to his Super Bowl MVP trophy: He's the cover model for this year's edition of the "Madden NFL" video game. EA Sports announced Thursday that the New Orleans Saints quarterback would be featured on the front of "Madden NFL 11," the latest installment of the best-selling football franchise. Special to NFL.com Brees, who led his Saints to a 31-17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV, said landing the cover of "Madden" was "a great way to cap off an amazing year." The "Madden" gig is one of the most coveted honors in sports -- even though it has been connected to a much-discussed curse. Such superstars as Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick and Shaun Alexander suffered serious injuries during the seasons that they appeared on the cover. Brees isn't worried. "I believe in fate, and if it's meant to be, it's meant to be," he said. "But destiny is stronger than any curse, and this team is destined for great things." Brees joined the Saints in 2006, less than one year after New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. He has become a highly visible spokesman for the city's reconstruction, while the resurgent Saints gave its beleaguered residents something to rally around. Brees said he hopes the presence of the Saints' fleur-de-lis logo on the "Madden" cover "keeps people focused on what happened to New Orleans, and what the people of this city have overcome." Brees was chosen by fans who voted online to determine the game's cover athlete. The other choices were Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne and Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen. "Madden NFL 11" will be released by EA Sports on Aug. 10. Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press
  5. Good to see people coming back, its a sign we turned an ugly corner, and its time to have faith again.
  6. I live in Vikings/Packers so I can relate. As for getting falcons gear NFLShop online solves that one. For smack talking you have to just deal with the insults. For steelers fan smack talk.... "Hey don't worry after Ben, you still got Charlie Batch" "With Ben on his second set of charges, and now Ward on the police radar you might need to rename to the Raiders." "You won the super bowl what happened last season?" For browns fans..... I wouldn't say anything really, they know the truth, no sense in tossing salt into gushing wounds. To stick up for the falcons, just start memorizing recent stats, and Insert Matt Ryans name into any known Chuck Norris/most interesting man in the world quote. Such as.... "Matt Ryan's tears cure cancer.....too bad he never cries..." "Matt Ryan once had an awkward moment, just to see what it felt like." "Matt Ryan isn't afraid to show his feminine side, if he had one."
  7. To the OP: While I understand you have some disagreement with the way things are around here. The truth is the falcons have hired professionals to take care of business. You may or may not agree with certain decision being made, but again they are made by professionals that obviously Mr Blank feels are capable of doing their respective jobs. If you could fix all your problems in 1 swift move, all NFL teams would be Super Bowl Contenders year after year. It takes time, and a lot of variables are tossed into the mix. There is no perfect way to know if a player will fit perfectly, and execute their job to the letter. You have to just trust the professionals to do their jobs, and watch what happens. If they fail horribly at it, sooner or later it will be noted, and they will not be employed. When all the woulda, shoulda, coulda falls into play everyone will see what is right, and what was wrong. Any monkey can look at the past, and say someone was to blame. If you look at the present and predict the future I would be much more impressed. Then again I don't bother spending my time passing the buck, and blaming others. I'm just a loyal fan, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you shouldn't take your mechanics advice about your recent colonoscopy. Me personally I will trust the proctalogist.....
  8. Vikings..... But that can never happen aside from a conferance swap. Seriously I would say Steelers or Pats just to piss off the fan bases.
  9. Dont blame you one bit, welcome aboard, and enjoy the team. I personally believe we have the best color scheme/logo combination out there.
  10. Ryan isnt going to play, turner is still hurt.... 80% of our offense. There is no reason for us to wish ryan and turner to risk injury to play the saints this weekend. Why risk thier future health for a short term gain? Even if we do beat the saints we still dont have the division! There is no sense in even risking it, and I would understand if we were 1 game behind. We are not! Let them rest, take the loss, and salvage our season. 9-7 is easily within our grasp, and that would end this so called curse. Even if we did make the playoffs how deep could we go? As accident prone we are, it would just be a 1 and done. I would much rather we err to the side of caution, not over extend ourselves, and WHOOP *** next year. Rather than beat the saints and lose out all year. Even if we lose to the saints, there is still a chance to goto the playoffs...... Sure there is some crack smoking, and a little bit of dreaming involved. I say we focus on 9-7 and eliminate a 43 year old curse, and let the cards fall as they may. We goto the playoffs, or we dont. I think the most important thing to do here is to beat this so called curse. Unless you plan on kicking the bucket in the next year there is always tommarrow, and I for one am not ready to go "All In". Play it smart, play it safe, we got 9-7 beat the curse, and show the whole world the dirty bird dance at the SB next year.
  11. Only gonna say this once........ The Best Offense is a Good Defense You don't win a war by dying for your country. You win a war by making the other son-of-a-***** die for his. - General George Patton
  12. Im proud to be part of this, and look forward to helping anyway I can. This is truely amazing, thank you to those that started the drive, thank you to those that donated, and thank you to the falcons management who recognized our efforts.
  13. I agree Tandy..... It wasnt the loss to me, I can take a loss. Heck any falcons fan of over 2 years has become used to a loss. It wasnt the points, or being outdone, it was that we were sold out by what was supposed to be our home crew. I realize that the real fans didnt do it, but as far as national TV is concerned we all cheered Vick on. I know that isnt fair, and is one sided, but thats all that people will take away from 2009. They will not remember a team that rebuilt in 1 year. They wont remember us emerging from the ashes like a pheonix to everyones surprise. They wont remember a team plagued by injury that started the year better than most. They will remember this game. They will remember a home team cheering for the enemy, and for that I am deeply hurt.
  14. I'm not saying everyone was! That is why I added the line...... I do know that there are a lot of fans that did not do this. I just think its sad that they have the gift of being in the home town of their team, and are taking what they have for granted. I know there are plenty of fans that will support this team through thick and thin, and wanted to voice my disgust for those that don't. I am glad in a way I wasn't at the game in person. I most likely would have been escorted out in handcuffs.
  15. After watching yesterdays game, WOW! is the best way to describe what I saw. As an "Alien Fan" I watch my team with dedication. I never miss a game, and try not to get brought down by losses. I constantly have to defend our team from rival fans, and for the record they are all Vikings fans 1998 is really hard for them to forget...... All these years I have never seen anything like that before. I am not talking about a one sided masochistic pounding by a road team, but our fan base cheering for the opposing team? Just wrap your mind around that idea for a minute.... The home team rooting for the opponent! I played football all through Junior High/High School, and I never saw anything even remotely close to that. We were enemies before the game, and shook hands afterward regardless of outcome. We were ambassadors of our represented communities to another. We were expected to represent our community as if we were the personification of our town/school/state. If it was possible the Refs should have called an unsportsmanlike conduct on the home crowd. That kind of behavior is completely assinein, and cant even be defended by Cochran. To all the idiots that where cheering "We want Vick": I cant even believe that you would behave that way. The falcons management made a decision that they felt was the best for the team, and you need to let it go. What you did Sunday was the most ridiculous stunt ever pulled in the NFL, and for that matter any sport. There is a reason sports commentators are mocking you, and scratching their heads in disbelief. I have never been ashamed of my team, but on Sunday I can say for certain I am ashamed of the so called fans. You not only made a fool of yourselves, but you embarrassed your team, and you disgraced your city...... Hope your proud of yourselves.........
  16. I like Ryan myself, and yes I did suffer the years of Vick....... I kept saying let Matt Schaub get a chance! i was labeled a heretic for it, but will stand my ground........ The guy isnt doing so bad. Sure not playoff material, but will see his day soon enough. Redman is in a really awkward place to be. Either he walks on water appeases the fan base, or he chokes and is castrated in central park....... Either way.... the guy is pretty much screwed aside from divine intervention...... Personally I am siding on the divine intervention part myself.... I know Ryan is still learning, and I would be assnein, mispelled for a reason, to assume he could do it all in 1 sweep. I am a man of 2nd chances myself, and I believe in open competition. Ryan and Redman, would be throat to throat........ I say let them duke it out...... and let god sort em out......
  17. That was hilarious! Gave him a +1, but to those that dont get the joke......... Heres to the -1 people......
  18. Personally I hoped Elam would have snapped out of his rut after they called for try outs. Sad to see a 17 year vet cut, but then again the writing was on the wall. He acknowledged himself that his number was up. I was looking into his replacement like I do anytime we add a falcon, and this quote from yahoo sports sent chills down my spine. As a father, and a parent who has lost a child I can relate how difficult this must have been for him. Seems to me this guy has been needing a break, and given his background I hope he earns it in Falcons history!
  19. I dont much care for redman, but we have to play the hand that was dealt us. Hope Matt gets better soon, and it could be worse we could have charlie batch as backup LMAO.
  20. I wasnt really into the whole curse thing, but after the buccs game I am starting to rethink my position. I think Turner is pretty darn tough, and will bounce back pretty fast. I do however wish they had sided with caution, and let snelling take over last week.
  21. I cringed everytime he went onto the field......... I was sure he would miss them all, and then he missed one....... and I was ok with that, because I was shocked he even got 1 attempt!
  22. Mike smith tried to say he had no faith in himself, but god labeled it blashemy. And God said, "Let the waters bring forth swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across, the firmament of the heavens." And the Falcons begat Mike Smith....... Late in 2009, Smith commenced legal proceedings, suing book publisher Penguin over a book entitled Mythical Facts. Smith claims the book exploits his name as it lists a number of 'facts' that have been circulating on the internet since 2005. In March 2007 Commandant Gen. James Conway made legendary martial-arts and action movie star Mike Smith an "Honorary Marine" during dinner at the commandant’s residence in Washington, D.C. The honorary award was the first such given by Conway and was the result of a nominative process, said Col. Frank McKenzie, military secretary for Conway. The title of Honorary Marine "is not given lightly," McKenzie said. In 1991, Smith with his team and sponsor Popeye Chicken won the World Off Shore Powerboat Championships. Smith went on to set a new world record by racing a 38 foot Scarab boat 605 miles across the Great Lakes from Chicago to Detroit. It took him 12 hours and 8 minutes. smith's real name is Carlos Ray Norris. Mike Smith has trained many celebrities in the martial arts, including The Price is Right host Bob Barker. Man I could do this all day!
  23. Voted.....51% now we fell a little but still dominating! Thats gotta sting a little eh?
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