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  1. I have nothing but respect for Roddy White, I dont have to point out specific things he has done to emphasize my point. In that comment is why Roddy White is so great. Some would argue that his little mishap in this game was as sign of weakness, but I would argue that to it is human nature to make a mistake. He knew he made a mistake, and he came back to fix the problem. Roddy is humble, down to earth, and has an excellent personality. Mad props to the OP for a well written post(+1), and thank you for emphasizing what fans/players/coaches/big talking heads have known subconsciously all along about Roddy White. Its one of those things that kinda flies under the radar of the all the hype,drama,ratings,and smacktalk. Everyone sees it, yet it gets blurred over by all the new Buzz of the day or the latest drama queen festival that's taking place. I have felt Roddy has been an unsung hero for quite a while, but his play this year has forced people to pay attention to his case. He may in fact hold onto his prediction, during his reward acceptance of the hickory stick, "I will continue to hold this hickory stick for the rest of the year, because I plan to be MVP every Quarter."
  2. The name of this thread is misleading.... Tony voiced his gripes, its was a sound byte and nothing more really. AS for the disrespecting his wife comments... As a married man for over 7 years, given amongst fellow men I say the same thing. It isn't because I don't love the woman of my life, but rather women tend to change things that aren't really a problem. They also tend to give up prematurely, when sometimes a little persistence pays off. I can relate to the comment, and there's a little truth in every argument...... In hind sight I think we are making a mountain out of a mole hill here. I for one will say I over reacted on my previous post. It is what it is, and the next game will validate it. Either for or against my argument.
  3. Ok we have seen Ryan go postal on the side lines last 2 games. Now we got gonzo lighting things up? The last game he has nothing to complain about really. He played solid, got to the end zone, and did his job. So why this big angst? Unless of course those players see something that they don't like. I will stay objective for the moment on this one, and disregard Ryans explosions on the side line as a young star venting frustration. Now when you toss in Tony G being upset, we got a whole new aspect to examine. Tony has a very long, and very decorated past. Without argument the man will go into the HOF as a great tight end, if not the greatest tight end in NFL history. Why is he so angry? Why is he so upset? I wish I could be a fly on the wall, to further understand all the hatred lately, but you have to wonder why they are all so upset? Something is smashing stuff down in china town. I dont like it, but if we got a HOF veteran throwing a BS flag, maybe we should pay some notice! We should also be asking our franchise QB why he is so pissed off? I think the FO needs to address this.....
  4. Cant believe I am actually saying this....... I agree with Jim Mora JR.... He does point out that the game is vicious and violent, and it always has been. He also defends the Robinson hit, and I am not taking that from a homers perspective. The hit was a simple case of a strong hit, that used the laws of physics, and resulted in 2 guys going down hard. It clearly started as a shoulder hit that ended in both players being injured. I am sure when Dunta went into that hit, he didnt say "HAHA I am gonna smoke this fool, and myself all at the same time!" The play happened in fractions of a second, and there is no way a human being can react that fast. There is a chapter in the book Freakonomics that covers this scenario very well. There was a study done that shows as the heart beats per minute escalate in a human being there is a "Prime" zone, if the heart beats faster than that then humans instincts take over. This auto-response to stress triggers a chain reaction inside the body to shutdown certain functions to ensure the best possible chance of survival. This is built into the very DNA of our bodies. Without going into a 9 page discussion/explanation the conclusion is thus. When given a fight or flight scenario, the human body will turn off certain areas of perception to include bowel/bladder control, vision, hearing, and logical thinking to ensure what the body determines as the best chance of survival. There is a reason why police officers are required to stand down during certain pursuits of suspects to avoid this basic primal instinct. An outsider looking into the situation can easily say that they could have done things differently after the situation has happened. Review of the cases have shown us all the raw survival instinct of man, and they have interviewed parties involved afterward who describe things such as "Tunnel Vision", "Not hearing a sound", "Watching each bullet Strike the Target", as well as full black outs, and numerous other Super human traits. The fact of the matter is...... No matter how much we regulate the sport, there will be things beyond our control. While I agree they need to do something for repeat offenders they also need to take into account literally unavoidable things. Imagine what kind of game this must have been for the guys in the early years? In closing.... The hit with Dunta would have been ruled differently had it been an isolated incident. It was just bad timing, and got lumped together into a rather unfortunate series of events. That ultimately ended with the current stance from the NFL. It was never made front page news, but a sports writer on Yahoo Sports pointed this very problem out early in the season. How much are we gonna tolerate before we stop watching the NFL? How many people need to get severely hurt before we as fans say enough is enough? This guy wrote the article in the preseason. I never paid any attention to him at the time, and I couldn't give you a name to save my life. It was stated by him, and I took mental note of it. The article was well written, and I can agree with certain points. At the same time Football has been, and hopefully always will be a sport of aggression. They get paid well to play the game, and pay justifies liability. There is a reason why miners are paid well relative to other jobs with similar skills. You are taking a risk, and with risk comes loss. If there is a contact sport that deserves this kind of focus its boxing. Ask an NFL player to play without a helmet, with a 100% chance of taking one to the chin, they might just second guess you.
  5. I dont think MM needs to get a pink slip, he does have some good credentials..... I did some research into him, and what I found is not the guy we see today. My argument with MM now is the lack of innovative plays, or really spicing it up a little. Not sure why, but his past says some very contradictory stories. From his OC time at Pittsburgh: Again he left the Steelers to join the bills as headcoach... Then things began to unravel... His time with the Dolphins was not good either.... I cant say exactly what happened to the old MM, but I do know what the current MM is. It seems to me that he needs to find out what made him successful in the start, and find himself once again. Wish the guy good things, but I think he has some soul searching ahead of him. I can see why he was hired due to his past, but I think he has lost his magic. Maybe an aggressive pep talk by Smith, or even a foot in his rear end by Blank might just get the point across. Otherwise his mentality of sticking to the basics will over time yield better results is not going to help himself or our team. I found this little article that best somes it all up, and a little Comic to seal the deal. What’s a dead horse? The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians, passed on from one generation to the next, says that when you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount. But in modern business (and education and government), because heavy investment factors are taken into consideration, other strategies are often tried with dead horses, including the following: 1. Buying a stronger whip. 2. Changing riders. 3. Threatening the horse with termination. 4. Appointing a committee to study the horse. 5. Arranging to visit other sites to see how they ride dead horses. 6. Reclassifying the dead horse as “living-impaired”. 7. Lowering the standards so that dead horses can be included. 8. Hiring outside contractors to ride the dead horse. 9. Harnessing several dead horses together to increase speed. 10. Providing additional funding and/or training to increase the dead horse’s performance. 11. Doing a productivity study to see if lighter riders would improve the dead horse’s performance. 12. Declaring that the dead horse carries lower overhead and therefore contributes more to the bottom line than some other horses. 13. Rewriting the expected performance requirements for all horses. 14. Promoting the dead horse to a supervisory position. A dead horse wont get up, no matter how hard you hit it.
  6. awesome as always! Keep it up, you really make my week during the season!
  7. I want to point some things out that I am noticing about this entire organization. Some things are very subtle, some are obvious, and some are truly unique. I have been a fan of this team since 1998, I have been a football fan for alot longer, but I converted to the falcons that year. I grew up a vikings fan, my entire family are vikings fans. My overly confident dad always made us a deal. If the Vikings win on Sunday no chores! Needless to say I did my chores alot LMAO! That particular year I made my old man a bet, as he was giving the game an automatic win in his mind. That if the falcons beat the vikings I wouldnt have to do my chores. The argument further escalated with him standing his ground, and saying that if the Falcons beat the Vikings I wouldnt have to do my chores for a year! We all know how it played out, and I still send my old man video clips of that field goal every year. I have seen this team go up and down for a while now, and I wouldnt consider myself to be a bandwagon fan. I did survive 2007 and still sportin the team colors. Something has really changed lately, and I have my hunches on what it is. The real game changer that happened I didn't notice for a while, maybe it took a few years for it to really get into full steam. That game changer was Arthur Blank. I am sure he bought the team, and used his business sense to get the club in check. During the start I have no clue here, but I am sure the battle plan was pretty close to this... 1- Win back the fans(locally) 2- Get some talent 3- Win some games 4- Rework the brand loyalty 5- Expand your business(non local) 6- Dominate There where a few speed bumps tossed into the mix along the way, but I think Blank really kicked it into high gear after 2007. And now we are seeing the rewards of it. I noticed it after we drafted Ryan, it made business sense, but I am not unhappy with the end result. Dimitroff and Smith have a nice pedigree, and I cant argue there. The website started to reflect the changes as well during this time. The defend the dome graphics, the constant up dates, and focus on the fans. I have been to a few other NFL teams official websites, and some are down right junior high multimedia projects! We had a pretty **** fine website. Server issues and crashing aside, it looked clean cut and professional. Then there was the Saliva Ladies and Gentlemen video! Remember I am far from local I am in a different time zone. I have never seen a home game, so I cant speak for what you see locally or at the dome. That video was amazing, and it gave me goose bumps watching it. That was one of the not so subtle changes I noticed that year. I see some more off seasons transactions, acquisitions, and again I see the boys play with fire. I see Smitty going to town on the side lines, and I see Blank at the game. Not just a home game, the guy is at road games! I admire Blank for how commited he is to this team. He wasn't just some rich guy who wanted to flaunt his cash around. He actually cares, and wants to be a part of this team. Again I see even more off season action, things that will actually help us in the long run. This year has really topped the charts from what I see.... I am not saying we are gods gift to football, but if you are gauging successful business management, yeah we win! So far this year, I have seen Samuel L jackson calling us to RISE UP, Sevendust telling us to rise from our cages, and national recognition of our hickory stick award. I have this board develop things, and it gets implemented, that is what makes our team the best. I asked a vikings fan at work, he is die hard, and lives his life around the Vikes schedule. I asked him had he ever seen a promo vid for his team? Nope... Does his message board have rituals? NOPE... Has a fan ever suggested something that became part of the team? NOPE... I felt bad for him personally, because we have done all of those things! The pay smitt's fine drive, the FNCO, Supes cartoons of greatness, the hickory stick award, the whole focus on the fans is working well! As a fan this team has given me more than I ever expected. I am now a fan, and always will be a fan. Even if my lifelong dream vacation involves walking into the dome, eating my $8 nachos, and watching my team whoop some ***. I think some long overdue grats need to goto our FO. They have made one **** of a team, and I hope they will reap the rewards for years to come. We also need to give some props to all the guys who play their butts off every game, and make this game so fun to watch! Defense, Offense, and Special teams! **** even the towel boy needs to get some props on this! This FO,Management,Team, and all supporting staff including IT, need to stop for a moment. Give yourselves some props, and just revel in the moment. Even if we dont get a super bowl victory this team is truely the best in the NFL. You can argue all you want but from the lineman to the Help desk, this is the most solid team in the NFL.
  8. Personally I love the video, and the song isn't bad at all. I realize that when you write a song about a sports team it is incredibly hard to make it sound Platinum good. One the other side of the coin, I could actually play this song as I entered the work parking lot, and not feel silly. Im digging the tune, and I cant really find any fault in it. Then again I found this article about songs for NFL teams over the past 25 years, and WOW they got youtube vids of each one. So I have changed my mind after viewing the others videos. We have far and away the best NFL related song in the history of the NFL! Link to the site, if you want your ears to bleed, or just wanna die laughing watching the dolphins sing Cant Touch This....LMAO :blink: 25 Years Of NFL songs
  9. AS for the bucs.... anyone ever thought about the last to first curse in this division? Carolina finished last in 2002, and first in 2003 Atlanta finished last in 2003, and first in 2004 Tampa Bay finished last in 2004, and first in 2005 New Orleans finished last in 2005, and first in 2006 Tampa Bay finished last in 2006, first in 2007 Trend Break.... Atlanta finished last in 2007, and second in 2008 Carolina finished second in 2007, and first in 2008 New Orleans finished last in 2008, and first in 2009 The NFC South as we know it, was created in 2002, and has since made for one heck of a division. People respect our division, and know that you don't mess with the NFC South. They are most likely not fans, but if you ask someone with knowledge they regard the NFC South with respect. Why? because we don't have a ridiculously easy division. I don't have the time nor the patience to post all the stats, but we are a very tough division with no easy to predict winner every season. Needless to say the NFC South is loaded with contenders, and not a bunch of perennial losers as other divisions have. Hence our little curse here...... All of our teams are just 1 piece away from being the "IT" team. In the short history of the NFC South has had, who could argue that it doesn't amount to some killer games? As much as it pains me to give props to other NFC South teams aside from ourselves. There is honor where honor is due. The new NFC South since its birth has been a breeding ground for epic games. So you ask are the bucs for real? 8 Years of divisional data shows a convincing argument. Do I feel the bucs will be #1? NO I think they wont be and we will continue to break the trend. I do however consider them to be a very real threat, and we should not underestimate them.
  10. This is exactly why I am worried about this game! I hope our coaches dont approach this game with the same mentality. Yeah they are a bad team, but thats all they need a team to not come with thier A game because its an easy win. Its the kind of complacency that makes vegas upsets! Come into the game, and give them everything we got, and dont stop. Either we massacre, or let up on them. NEVER assume a team is worthless. You will often be surprised, and more often then not... Not in your favor. ~Rant Over~
  11. Excellent link! Nice to hear it from his perspective, but I was let down they edited out the side line altercation. I really want to know what he said on the side lines! Since they removed it, I would assume there was some profanities used. I wish there was a way to get an unedited version....
  12. "Dirty bird cant fly with a broken wing" Sure, but we are a run first kinda team!

  13. I think our play book is so vanilla its French Vanilla. If the other side of the ball cant see what is coming, they are calling the game as Hellen Keller. Heck even Keller could pull some surprises with the way we are calling plays. I know "if it aint broke dont fix it"..... How about some flea flicker? I dont even wanna tread there, but the fumble-rooski, there is alot of crazy ideas that seem to work. Why not call those plays? Shock and awe was the claim to fame of the bush era. We recruit guys, who are wild-cat prepped, and expect them to excel. This is the NFL, and if there was a way shift garbage, they would have done so already......
  14. Ok first off... White came through, and saved our collective butts. Remember this would have been a non issue had the kick not been blocked(and recovered for TD). I see alot of people pointing fingers here, and it is directed at the wrong person! Personally I like Bryant, he has a feel good story to him. For the 2nd week in a row he could have blown it for us. In NO, he got iced luckily for us, and we came out ahead. With him as savior for the game. You can point fingers at anyone, but White set us up, Ryan got us there, and Bryant won it. Our D went above and beyond to make sure we had a chance. I cant actually point a finger to a specific person to blame for this.... WIN! What is wrong with you? Did you even watch the game? The truth is right here... We played hard, we made some mistakes, we faced a desperate team hungry for a win, we came out with a "w". You can analyze it all you want, you can call certain players out, but in the end we won. So what do you have to complain about? If your a 3rd string WR in the NFL, you might have the right to complain......... Otherwise our boys fought like ****, and came out on top. It wasnt a 56-0 stomp, but we won hands down...... I really dont give a flyng rats a$$ if you disagree. Watch the game, and learn son.............
  15. How is it that emmitt can post this kind of stuff, and not be employed by the franchise? I read his stuff last year, and loved every minute of it. It really made my day to see the new prognostifcations. Got bummed out during his absence, but I am very glad he is back in full swing. Just like a few others on here who have some amazing talents like Supes. Always love the cartoon smack talk, and I am glad to see some acknowledgment for it. I would really love to see the FO embrace these kinds of things to enhance the franchise overall. Im not saying go all out, and get the guys a corner office with gym benefits, but then again that wouldn't hurt :P Either way they could toss out some kind of incentive to fans to create these kinds of things. I mean no disrespect at all, but I have to give credit where its due. I have seen the good things that come from this board. The falcons charity org, the pay mike smiths fine drive, supes cartoons, the hickory stick award, members doing videos, creating custom sigs the list goes on and on. A wise man once said.... "Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity." ~George S Patton
  16. First off, congrats becoming a father, it changed me in ways I couldn't even fathom back then. Second you don't need to brain wash, bribe, tattoo(Clever I might add), to get your children to be fans. People often forget that when we were young we needed a role model. A person that we could mold ourselves into to become successful. Just start with the basics, and focus every single source of energy you have at being a good father. Take them to the park, play silly games, enjoy every moment with them. Support them in everything that they do, and praise them when they do well. Don't forget to do some damage control when they screw up. An ice cream cone goes a long way to forgetting failure. If you provide them with a positive, loving, and supporting role model. There is no reason on this earth that they wouldn't "Wanna be Like Dad" when they grow up. That includes all of your likes and dislikes. Because in the eyes of a child, Dad is a true Super Hero..... I say this as someone with experience... Converted my Wife and her 2 kids(Previous Marriage), all Cowboys Fans We welcomed our first born into this world almost a year ago, and she wont goto bed without her falcons bear. And my most cherished memory..... Seeing the reaction on her ex's face. When he came to pick the girls up for his weekend visit, and they both chose to wear falcons jerseys for their weekend stay! That was last year right before we faced the cowboys.....Don't wanna talk about the game, but they did finally understand what it meant to be a "Fan".
  17. I U p g r a d e d t o 1 0 8 0 H d t o v i e w t h i s i n 1 0 b y 1 0
  18. I got an 80 pally too! And 3 80 shaman(dont Ask), 1 80 druid, 1 80 DK, and a bunch of 30-70's of diff classes.

  19. Does it happen in the first 2 minutes of the game?
  20. Michael just rants off about a lot of garbage. He clearly has a dislike for the falcons, I mean what did he call us last year? I believe it was...... "Defensively they are atrocious" I dont remember the exact words, but it does serve the point. He uses every opportunity he gets to bad mouth this team, and we arent his only target of choice. Its easy to understand why this guy hates on us: he has worked with several teams at different points in his career. Teams he has worked for in some form: 49's Browns Rams Eagles Raiders Teams in the old conference NFC West: Falcons Rams Saints 49's After 2002: Falcons Buccs Saints Panthers So he has worked for 2 teams that have been at one time in the same division. While we no longer battle the 49's or the rams in the division. His bias has been long ingrained, and will continue to be so. Personally when he goes off on his rant. I just zone him out... Besides if he was even 1/4 the man he shares his last name with the story would be much different... We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time. "Vince Lombardi"
  21. There has to be a law that prevents them doing that. I have never been able to get a game on Dave FM I live In South Dakota.
  22. Welcome to the unchained world of anonymous posting that is the glory of message boards! Glad to have you as a falcons fan, but I will warn you it isn't for the bandwagon fan. While you might have joined thinking you would be greeted by like minded fans, alas you will most likely be bombarded by hate posts/flames/ and raunchy 2 am drunken mistake PM's. Not to mention spam, which this board has done a good job at keeping it low key! Those things aside, it should be a rather interesting time to be had by all. Not to mention as you learn to sift through the trolls, and impostor threads. I think you will find the boards loaded with good insight, news worthy nuggets of info, and occasionally a just rumor. You will also learn to recognize board names, and in doing so will greatly add to your BS filter. Some people have something to say, while the others have to say something. Best of luck to ya, and hope your still a fan after the "naysayers" have their way!
  23. Ok my eyes are bleeding now....... DO we really need to mock this guy? He just inherited the most backwards, redneck team in the NFL. He has no super bowl rings to sport, hes is of course a rookie. No family history in the NFL, and boasts he got bested by Ryan in the BC days. Of course he would like revenge, shouldn't he? I mean for Christs sake, his sister dated a falcons fan, and got converted. His mother came out and admitted she always did like the red, black, and silver color scheme. The only thing needed here, is simple confession... He needs to admit, that he didn't get drafted anywhere near what he was hoping for. So long to 22 mill, its gone baby...... You got drafted by the team that historically drafts third rate qb's, for pennies on a dime, and wonders why they cant win. From my perspective is yes, you got a contract out of the deal, but it doesn't say much when they drafted another QB. They also traded for quin. A tested QB in the NFL, my gut tells me don't expect a starter job. Then again be grateful for what you do receive.... In hind sight, as what you have said so far. I hope quin bombs, and you do get the starter job. There are plenty of people in the NFC south defenders that wanna rape you. and I wish them best of luck regardless of the the team. Welcome to the NFL, and may they provide the KY.....
  24. The guy is a beast, hope actually makes the team...... the song I think of while watching the highlights.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60oHk80FXlI
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