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  1. WOW! MNfalconsfan. Glad I am not alone. We need to meet up pregame.
  2. I am curently east river due to my job, and it looks long term. But I am west river by heart.
  3. I will be looking for ya Scmevin. We dirty birds stick together.
  4. Thanks for the good wishes. Love my dirty birds, and I know the game will be awesome.I hope we surprise everyone just like 1998.
  5. Shmevin Smarris: I researched the stadium. Bought my tickets on the away team side. From my seating area I can pester Matt Byrant, as he preps for a field goal.
  6. Supes, Your are one of the AFMB users that I respect the most. Thanks for the reply. What I had meant, was that I am taking both my wife, and a fellow falcons fan to the the game(and assuming his wife). Both he and I are attending, with tickets for our significunt others. If they choose to go with us.
  7. This is going to be a long winded post. So I will give a quick TLDR below followed by the complete story. TLDR: Grew up in a vikings household, made my dad a bet on the 1998 nfc championship game, and became a die hard falcons fan since. 16 years later. I get to see my Falcons play them again, and I can afford tickets. Taking my wife, best friend, and his wife to root for our dirty birds. The complete story: I grew up in Wyoming, and my dad was a Vikings fan. So as all things go, whatever team your dad roots for... You do too. My Dad used to make us all a bet. If the Vikings win on sunday, noone has to do thier chores. Needless to say growing up I did a lot of chores. LOL. Then came 1998. It was a pretty lax year when it came to the chores. A 15 win season will do that. Then came the ultimate bet. My dad was confident his team was destined to be crowned NFL champions of the world. So me, being young and cocky decided to up the ante, and go against the grain. I took his usual bet of no chores, and told him that if the Vikings lost I would do no chores for a year. He countered with if the Vikings lose, there would be no chores for me for a lifetime. I accepted. I don't have to explain what happened, but the look on that mans completely defeated face said it all at the end of the game. I never did a single chore in that household, and I became a dirty bird for life that day. Fast forward 16 years. I am living in south dakota. Happily married, three children, and converted my wife(she was a cowboys fan). Part of our dating process was removing years of fake fandom, and inserting a true love for a real football team. Not just your, I like it because it's cool fandom, but true authentic fandom. Unlike her cowboys days, she actually knows stats, which players matter, and historic moments in franchise history. Something she did not have during her regrettable, but completey forgivable cowboys days. She simply didn't know what it meant to be a fan. All these years later. My beloved Falcons will once again take on the Vikings. I am taking my wife, a fellow falcons fan, and his wife to the game. I purchased our tickets this morning for almost $800. I also decided that I should have a custom NFL jersey made for me. I opted for white( the uniforms we wore in 98), Jersey number 98(the year I became a fan), and my nickname on it. For me this will be my first live NFL game since I was a child. Both me and the wife are looking forward to it. So if you are attending this game. We are located in section 107, row 10. If you can find tickets around there know that you are amung friends. This is an opportunity that rarely occurs, and I am going to take full advantage of it. To the rest of dirty bird nation. You are represented outside the home territory, and if you happen to catch the game. Those lone 4 falcons jerseys you see in the sea of purple are us. I just wish I had an AFMB shirt to show off as well.
  8. The game isn't over yet, but I wanted to post my thoughts. We ditched one monkey with a playoff win. Sure things didn't pan out in the NFCCG game, but I am very superstitious. I think the "whoever beats the Falcons in the playoffs wins the SB" curse is about to be lifted. I been rooting for the Ravens all game. Just after half-time I was thinking about curses, and being in a city that prides itself on Voodoo/Hudoo. Then Jones ran for 109 yards, and the lights go out. I will take this as an Omen from the football gods. The 49'ers are the recipients of our former curse. It may just be coincidence, but hey its going to be a long off season. It's only weird if it doesn't work... On to the draft...
  9. That twitter account linked is not Tony... Just look at the tweets, captain obvious here reporting for duty.
  10. Tried to watch the video... It's cute, but the lyrics lost me at the Iphone reference. Upon hearing the word "Iphone" my brain was flooded with images of hipsters. Holding cups of Green Mountain Coffee because StarBucks was too mainstream. While they chase the latest craze, and deplore anyone who follows them. We all know, they knew what was hot, before it wasn't. Emphasis on the wasn't.
  11. I can agree the thread is a little premature, but the OP does offer a valid question. What should be done? I had this conversation with a coworker a few days back(Broncos fan). We also discussed the surprise of seeing Chicago can Lovie Smith. He asked me what my thoughts were as a fan of the Falcons. My reply: "Not a **** thing... I have been a fan for many years. You can count on one hand, the years the Falcons were considered relevant in December before Author Blank/Mike Smith/Matt Ryan. If the last 5 years, is any indication of future success, you would have to fail at math not to have faith. I think the success of the current era has dissuaded fans into a false feeling of entitlement. Things change fast in the NFL. I would rather be "knocking on the door" every season, than not even opening the front gate. It wasn't that long ago, that getting a +.500 season was considered an achievement. Be thankful for what we got, dont repeat history of letting go of talent, because it just didn't work at the time. Favre, Deion, Schaub to name only a few." Pesonally, I am not even entertaining the idea of losing. At this stage of the playoffs, it doesn't matter who you face, or what odds are stacked. If your gonna win it all, you are the best, no sense in second guessing it.
  12. I just got a chance to watch the game today. Gotta love that pre-season non existant sunday ticket! While I was watching the game, someone stood out to me, and I was thinking who is that guy? I am sure people will attack me from every angle known to man, but Nicholas was on fire that game. Wether it was a fluke, or some kind of side affect, from injecting Chuck Norris sweat in his veins. Whatever it was... I hope the he keeps it in ample supply. I know its pre-season, but that shouldn't play down what he accomplished.
  13. To The OP DirtyBirdKert, I enjoyed reading your post, and I agree with you 100% in your assesment of the current situation. As a long time fan I too can appreciate just how special this team really is. I can relate to the pain of being the worst team in the NFL for years, and the brunt of many jokes through the years. While others are calling for heads to roll I can look back at previous years, then dredge up memories of the falcons past, and wish I had a bottle of whiskey to forget them. I too dislike using stats to prove a point, and preffer to guage results from what I witness. Mark Twain said "Lies, damned lies, and statisics" so for the statisticly inclined here are some stats for you: The team finished the 1960s with only 12 wins(4 years =12 wins, last 4 years= 43 wins) The falcons have not had an award winning candidate at any position since 1968. That record wasnt broken until 2008(40 years later), when Matt Ryan(Rookie Of The Year), Mike Smith(Coach Of The Year), and Thomas Dimitroff(Executive Of The Year) took over. The Atlanta Falcons hold the record among all major American sports leagues for the longest streak of seasons without consecutive winning seasons, a streak that lasted from 1966–2008 If you want to claim 2010 as a bust...The Falcons scored 414 points – third-most in franchise history in 2010.[4] The Falcons 2010-2011 team set an NFL-high and franchise-best nine players to the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl. The current Falcons have achieved more in the last 4 years than the team has in the last 46 years. Its time to set aside your irrational "Burn The Whole Thing Down" mentality, and appreciate what we have on hand. Sure its not perfect, and there is room for improvement. The current falcons are breaking franchise records, and setting a precedent for future falcons. If you need to flash back a little thats fine with me, but I remember when having a back to back winning season hadnt happened yet. Let alone back to back playoff appearances, or even getting a modicum of respect from the media was considered a win. If you want to be a fan of this team, dont just rush the win wagon, and learn the teams past. In case you havent noticed the last three goals have all been achieved by the Ryan/Smith/TD era. Think before you leap little lemmings, Madden says, that is not a cliff your running over, but just a minor bump in the road.
  14. To MV72010: Vick is a good athlete in his own spectrum. The problem with Vick is he is a selfish player who doesn't care about his "Team". When you see Vick scramble for 9 yards to get a first down, you see a gifted athlete who makes it happen. I see a selfish QB who has no faith in his offense to make it happen. When Vick recklessly exposes himself to make a 1st down, you think he has it all figured out. I see a QB who is begging to have an injury. Which Mr Vick has accumulated 2 this year. Every time he takes a snap its going to be a gamble. More often than not Vick is going to run, and more often than not he is going to put himself into a really bad gamble. Im not saying its going to happen now, **** it might be years down the road, but in the end, Vick is going to make a bad call. That call was based on his non-faith in his Offense, and it wont matter how good they are. He will make the call, get owned, and blame everyone but himself for it. Vick literally is 1 step outside the grave. He hasn't changed, never will, glad he is finding success outside of Atlanta. I wish him the best, but in the end you cant fix it. He thinks he is above and beyond, and it shows it. Glad the Eagles got him, wish him the best.... For me, I am resting my hat on a True QB, one that doesn't care about records, or franchise titles. He focuses on the game at hand, one that doesn't let defeat or win affect him over 24 hours. Sure he might not get the same bro-love others get, but he does one thing very well. He understands the players, and unites them. He takes 55 other guys, and makes them a uniform killing machine. He in question has done something Vick will never accomplish. He unified a locker room, all believing in the same goal, and working together to accomplish a single goal. He lead his team in his rookie year to a playoff spot, his second year was a 2nd winning season, and in his 3rd lead us to playoffs again. Not just again, but as the #1 seed! Vicks record wasn't even close...... Vicks biggest achievement at the start of his career since being drafted in 2001, was ending The Packers undefeated playoff record at Lambeau field. Vick leading the team in turn lost to Donovan Mcnabb in the division playoff game. The very QB he replaced, on the team he currently leads. Vicks career has been marked by injury. He flipped us off in 2006, but we wont talk about that right? MV72010, If you wanna be a fan of this clown, that's fine, I am glad you are not a fan of this team. Before you call a QB the second coming of christ, you should do some homework. Your nut hugging of Vick will find an end, and when it does do not expect a super bowl ring. Best of luck, and glad you found the eagles as your new jesus.....
  15. First of all: Congrats to the 2010 Seattle Seahawks, you set a NFL record for the first playoff appearance of any NFL team with a losing record! Why is this falcons related? They face the Saints in week 1 of the playoffs. I realize its a last minute hail mary, but hang in there with me.... What if: The Seahawks become the first team in NFL history to make it to the playoffs with a losing record?............ (Check!) The Seahawks host the first playoff game against the Saints in their house in week one, and actually win? Thus dethroning the defending Super Bowl champs, knocking them out of the playoffs, and further cementing their record setting year. I personally want a rematch against the Saints myself, but if the Seahawks do it for us, I would be ok with that as well.
  16. South Dakota, 1998, the kick heard around the world die hard ever since........
  17. Whether you like me or not...... I have been a dedicated fan for years, and will always support the falcons for years to come. I love the team in general, I pay for NFL Sunday Ticket to support my team outside its audience. Recent events, to include firing of Supes, his toons, and the discontinued Hickory award has me rethink my position. Should I as a displaced fan continue to support our franchise? It would be alot cheaper, and held locally to praise the Vikings, Packers, Lions(LMAO), and the Bears. So why should I as a fan continue to pay hundreds of $ every year to see my team? It was that fan connection, and the ability for the FO to make good videos to support our cause. It was the Stick award, and the fans ability to interact. The way we could influence the franchise, and make our voice be heard. Now that has been removed, and I ask you honestly if you were an outside fan, what would you have to be proud of? Nothing! I cant buy gear locally, I cant see my teams games, I cant participate in promos, and I cant meet the team at a Publix. I am outside of broadcast range, and without my $300+ payment to see my games I wouldn't see a single game! These forums have been my life line to fellow falcons fans. Now when I was bragging to local fans about how much our boards have influenced our team, and how cool we are with our videos/charity/awards. I even had Vikings fans in envy, and wishing they had that connection. It has been 2/3 removed, and In my eyes that was a huge mistake. From my stance, and paying out the nose to support my team. This move has officially ended my die hard status. Anyone outside the local fan base will never understand how hard it is to be a dis-located fan. Ask the boys from England, New Guinea, and Australia how it is to be a fan. I will always support the team in thought, but this will be last year that I pay to support the team in monetary terms. For the cons have outweighed the pros, and as much as it kills me to do it. I cant justify paying $319.95 for the sunday ticket, and another $1248 in gear this year alone. Hopefully reason will soon gain control, but in the meantime I have changed my avatar to support Supes, and wont login anymore. Peace all, and best wishes..... DROZ
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