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  1. WOW! MNfalconsfan. Glad I am not alone. We need to meet up pregame.
  2. I am curently east river due to my job, and it looks long term. But I am west river by heart.
  3. I will be looking for ya Scmevin. We dirty birds stick together.
  4. Thanks for the good wishes. Love my dirty birds, and I know the game will be awesome.I hope we surprise everyone just like 1998.
  5. Shmevin Smarris: I researched the stadium. Bought my tickets on the away team side. From my seating area I can pester Matt Byrant, as he preps for a field goal.
  6. Supes, Your are one of the AFMB users that I respect the most. Thanks for the reply. What I had meant, was that I am taking both my wife, and a fellow falcons fan to the the game(and assuming his wife). Both he and I are attending, with tickets for our significunt others. If they choose to go with us.
  7. This is going to be a long winded post. So I will give a quick TLDR below followed by the complete story. TLDR: Grew up in a vikings household, made my dad a bet on the 1998 nfc championship game, and became a die hard falcons fan since. 16 years later. I get to see my Falcons play them again, and I can afford tickets. Taking my wife, best friend, and his wife to root for our dirty birds. The complete story: I grew up in Wyoming, and my dad was a Vikings fan. So as all things go, whatever team your dad roots for... You do too. My Dad used to make us all a bet. If the Vikings win on sunday, noone has to do thier chores. Needless to say growing up I did a lot of chores. LOL. Then came 1998. It was a pretty lax year when it came to the chores. A 15 win season will do that. Then came the ultimate bet. My dad was confident his team was destined to be crowned NFL champions of the world. So me, being young and cocky decided to up the ante, and go against the grain. I took his usual bet of no chores, and told him that if the Vikings lost I would do no chores for a year. He countered with if the Vikings lose, there would be no chores for me for a lifetime. I accepted. I don't have to explain what happened, but the look on that mans completely defeated face said it all at the end of the game. I never did a single chore in that household, and I became a dirty bird for life that day. Fast forward 16 years. I am living in south dakota. Happily married, three children, and converted my wife(she was a cowboys fan). Part of our dating process was removing years of fake fandom, and inserting a true love for a real football team. Not just your, I like it because it's cool fandom, but true authentic fandom. Unlike her cowboys days, she actually knows stats, which players matter, and historic moments in franchise history. Something she did not have during her regrettable, but completey forgivable cowboys days. She simply didn't know what it meant to be a fan. All these years later. My beloved Falcons will once again take on the Vikings. I am taking my wife, a fellow falcons fan, and his wife to the game. I purchased our tickets this morning for almost $800. I also decided that I should have a custom NFL jersey made for me. I opted for white( the uniforms we wore in 98), Jersey number 98(the year I became a fan), and my nickname on it. For me this will be my first live NFL game since I was a child. Both me and the wife are looking forward to it. So if you are attending this game. We are located in section 107, row 10. If you can find tickets around there know that you are amung friends. This is an opportunity that rarely occurs, and I am going to take full advantage of it. To the rest of dirty bird nation. You are represented outside the home territory, and if you happen to catch the game. Those lone 4 falcons jerseys you see in the sea of purple are us. I just wish I had an AFMB shirt to show off as well.
  8. The game isn't over yet, but I wanted to post my thoughts. We ditched one monkey with a playoff win. Sure things didn't pan out in the NFCCG game, but I am very superstitious. I think the "whoever beats the Falcons in the playoffs wins the SB" curse is about to be lifted. I been rooting for the Ravens all game. Just after half-time I was thinking about curses, and being in a city that prides itself on Voodoo/Hudoo. Then Jones ran for 109 yards, and the lights go out. I will take this as an Omen from the football gods. The 49'ers are the recipients of our former curse. It may just be coincidence, but hey its going to be a long off season. It's only weird if it doesn't work... On to the draft...
  9. That twitter account linked is not Tony... Just look at the tweets, captain obvious here reporting for duty.
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