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  1. Falcons are leading the south and making us proud = Confirmed
  2. My bro is a panthers fan n i know he will laugh his *** off to this classic supes amazing work as always
  3. couldnt agree more gritz so many people love to knock our fan base and while ill admit its not the biggest fan base out there we have some of the best and most dedicated fans anywhere and awards like the hsa prove it, in the good or bad Falcons for life
  4. since 2001 and if times are good or bad im a falcons fan for life
  5. Supes, gritz, bceagle and jay (and anyone else if i missed you) i hope you realise how proud we are of you all and this award and how much it means to all us falcons fans, great to see roddy with it agin
  6. great to see you back supes and your as good as ever
  7. tandy i know i speak for all of us here on these boards when i say even though we cant help directly we are always here if you need us and will always be happy to talk or chat about whatever u need, im so glad this thread has been passed onto the proper people in the falcons, now i beg u falcons Rise Up please for Tim
  8. Tim sounds like a amazingly strong and brave young man, My thoughts and prayers go out to him and all of your family Tandy, wishing you all the best tim and that someone in the Falcons see's this and acts on it
  9. my thoughts and prayers are with you father and the rest of your family
  10. bucman u prove that even bucs fans can have class shame not more like you on these boards
  11. Dam how will i sleep tonight after being threatend with a badmitton *** kicking!!!!
  12. try not to confuse him he may forget which board he's trolling lol
  13. yeah ofc i am you play it with ur other cheerleader friends?
  14. you must be a pansy *** to play badmintton lol
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