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  1. Credit to wrath1982 on Reddit. This had me dying.
  2. Thought he learned his lesson after throwing late in the regular season game vs Seattle but oh well can't argue with his logic and no use playing what ifs now. Good luck in SF you'll need it. Im excited to see this offense led by Sark with hopefully more control for Ryan as well.
  3. Thank You! Someone gets it. This was an amazing season and some of the old timers were saying maybe the best ever. A horrible way to end it but that doesn't change what we saw all season. I get that the loss still stings but my god some of you all are depressing lol. i know the players are already counting the days to our opening season matchup with these pats. -at least we're not buffalo
  4. According to some of the fans here we should be right there with Cleveland and SF...Speaking of which Im almost tempted to put 100 on one of those two...probably as good as burning it but 30k would be nice.
  5. Not the biggest but it's certainty up there. This is really the point of my post though, do they fall to the belief that they are cursed and this game will be the last time we make it to the dance for another 20 years. Or do they recognize what they have and use the loss as motivation. You're pointing to one game, one data point when there is an entire season of others pointing in the right direction. I don't know about y'all but I'm not one to wallow in my misery and proclaim woe is me. I'd like to believe this team is the same and while they may need time to lick their wounds they'
  6. **** it has been awhile since I last logged in and posted. Looks like 5 years judging by my most recent pm's. I think its time I rejoin this community. This one hurts. You can hear the pain in the players' and coaches' voices after the game. This is too raw and too soon to move past and they need time to disconnect and decompress... Hell we all do. This likely the biggest collapse in Superbowl history and this game will define our franchise. We can't change that. What we do have power over however is HOW this will define us. Will we succumb to the embarrassment, lose the bo
  7. barring injury or a poor offensive line our season depends on whether turner can remain productive. If he gets back to his old form teams will be forced to respect him or else he will make them pay and this will pay huge divends in the passing game.
  8. wanted to focus on just the offense...speaking of which barring injury and/or an offensive line that doesnt gel, i really don't see how this team can be stopped. Either teams focus on stopping the pass and turner makes them pay or they focus on stopping the run and the combo of julio/roddy/gonzo and either HD/turner or turner/mughelli will crush them.
  9. We're not talking about last years falcons buddy. Oh and btw the year before the rams became known as the greatest show on turf they were ranked #24 in offense.
  10. heres a falcons video i threw together after the lockout ended. Kinda long but i wanted to get all of the elements that are gonna make our offense unstoppable this year.
  11. I see at least one of the saints games getting a primtime spot. Def the eagles game. Possibly the bears/GB if we meet in the playoffs. Possibly Indy if we meet in the superbowl.
  12. anyone have a working radio link? the one i used last year is down.
  13. same here pm would be appreciated
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