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  1. Harmon will be a fine starter, nothing flashy but reliable. Think Eric Coleman back in Ryan’s early years. Y’all sleeping on Fabian Moreau too. He’ll basically be the same version of that (solid, unspectacular) at corner.
  2. yep, FA isn’t bad for a FS this year. The top guys are def getting resigned by their teams but there’s some good value to be had there. RBs are trash this year. Gotta draft one.
  3. Getting a talented guy while removing a talented guy from a rival sounds like a win to me.
  4. Definitely Debo first, then Grady. I love that we’re changing but I hate that I will also have to restock all my players, and eventually gotta get Ryan and Julio too
  5. Yea I was just coming to say... this looks a lot like what I want eternity to look like when I kick the bucket
  6. It was close. Crybaby Aints fans will DEF be crying about getting screwed by the refs again. Count on that
  7. “The leader of an organization of a football team”. You’re a wordsmith Reggie, a regular Emmitt Smith
  8. Love that Sanu is acting like he had anything to do with it. He wised up and decided to get traded? Pfft
  9. Reminds me of when I watched the Falcons play the Skins at FedEx field in '12. There was a bunch of Falcons fans in our section, made me proud. But this one dude was about 5 rows back and we kept running up to each other and high fiving, back slapping, and starting chants together. Some of the chants spread and got so loud you could definitely hear "A-T-L" chants on the broadcast. Skins fans hated us so much that day, but we were brothers for 3 hours!
  10. Last time Tru played this good, opposing QBs just flat out stopped throwing in his direction altogether. Oliver may be about to be tested big time.
  11. I am loving Julio and Ridley so much right now. Roddy and Julio are tied for my all time favorites, but I think Ridley and JJ will be even better than than those two together. I think its funny so many writers are saying they thought Ridley would take a step back. Did you even watch his 2018 or just look at stats? This dude is as crisp a WR as i've seen in a long time. Just gotta hope our line gives time. If so, Colts DBs are just ****ed. Somebody might get Bene'd and wind up off the team.
  12. That's fantastic! Mathis is def top 5 for me. I still remember the game he scored the game winning touchdown against the 49ers, which put us in the playoffs in '95. I remember that was the first time I lost my mind for a Falcons game (I'd been a fan since '89 but there weren't many cheerable moments like that).
  13. NFL.com Interesting trade for the Steelers considering how their year is gonna go.
  14. Between this and Lindstrom trying to tough it out on a broken foot, no doubt we drafted some tough SOBs!
  15. And then he came back in and I thought about what happened when we put Keanu back in the game last year when we shouldn’t have. Really glad he didn’t get hurt worse.
  16. REAL BEAN TALK! Sanu has been great for us. From day one I loved how every catch he ends violently, puts his head down and goes for a couple more. ALSO, lets not forget who really was responsible for bringing the black throwbacks!!!
  17. I mean, couldn't Sanu just play TE too? He can do everything else, and he is a stout mf'er
  18. Yep. The way things can really swing back and forth, that is not noteworthy. They act like this was clawing back from a huge hole. The second half started 10-6 and they fumbled the kickoff and we capitalized. The game was close the whole time.
  19. Great. Back against us after the bye? NFL and announcers already salivating to slobber all over Brees and cheer for some heroics
  20. Typically the kind of game that concerns me. We always seem to play down to QBs we should feast on. Also, we always struggle bringing QBs down (just like we did with Wentz), and Jacoby is just as hard to bring down, a Big Ben/Newton type. They have a real stout D which would be more concerning to me if we hadn't just went up against Minn and Phi. We're getting familiar with monster defenses, and should be getting better at beating them. Ryan doesn't have many games that ugly, so I think he bounces back big time. I think our defense will take a slight step back from the Philly game, and we win a shootout. Yes a shootout with Brissett! Falcons 31, Colts 28.
  21. Same. I saw a lot of missed throws to wide open WRs. After that game there was still a blurb that said the Saints had the best backup in the NFL.
  22. It was so close to a story book season in so many ways, including that tweet. He should be remembered for calling that shot.
  23. Or the fact that he mentioned a “strong” freshman season, then followed up the same TDs and more yardage in his senior year as he ran “pretty well”.
  24. If the injury bug must bite, please just bite players of this ilk.
  25. I don’t give a ish about what the media says, I just don’t want our guys to be overconfident. Yea I want you to think you can win every game. But don’t go around thinking you’re just gonna waltz right into the NFCCG.
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