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  1. Yup, he sure has, and rarely gets recognized for it. In fact, I couldn't tell you how many times i've heard idiot talking heads saying you gotta blitz Ryan to take him off his game. Wrong.
  2. Yea saying out sounds like he got released to me, not "out" as starter. Granted, he will be out after this season.
  3. Thought the same thing. I will be the first to admit when the calls were leaning in our favor, and for the most part they were.
  4. I hated seeing that. I had one eye open thinking the worst. When he started cussing in every direction, I actually knew this game was over. When Ryan gets pissed, usually after a particularly brutal hit, he becomes lights out. I love that so gd much about Ryan. Also, notice how much better the protection was after that?
  5. No one would’ve beat us in that game. Aaron Rodgers and his running the table couldn’t even come close. That was a team possessed. Hope they find a little bit of that desire again.
  6. Ya, they got a customer in me. Ill prob use that Falcons code and get sumthin'
  7. Well now i want to know what the original image was...
  8. For the first time in a long long time, I’m turning the channel before a Falcons game is over. This is pathetic. This team looks bored to be out there
  9. Opposite, we're NOT getting new socks
  10. Cowboys won. Don't worry, I know what you're saying OP, I tried too.
  11. Matt definitely has the happy feet again when he really shouldn't be panicking. He's had spells of that in the past. With Ryan it seems to be feast or famine. When he's good he's amazing, when he's bad he is... well not that bad but still bad. I think he'll turn it around
  12. He's looked good, but not as good as he would with Schrader next to him. Can't wait to get him back. Ryan is starting to get those happy feet when he actually has more time than he thinks he does. Just having Schrader even in there should calm Matty down a bit.
  13. It's just the same throwbacks as last year.
  14. We struggled on offense in Chicago, and our defense held. We sort of struggled (2 bad luck INTs) in Detroit and our defense held. This is run of the mill contrarian inane BS. His opinion is not worth discussion.