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  1. It's a shame it has to be this way. Sports shows would be a lot more enjoyable and watchable if everyone just employed the "don't feed the trolls" mentality. Don't call in to argue their asinine point. Don't get into it with them on twitter. That's the only reason they are around. They provide no substantial analysis. If they didn't always get the reaction they want, networks would can them in a heartbeat for saying most of the ridiculous things they get away with now. People just can't help themselves though. They gotta defend their team, or point of view when they feel wronged.
  2. Not surprised at all. I really liked rodgers in the beginning. I rooted for him following in Favre's huge footsteps. As the years have gone on, I've really grown to dislike him a lot. He's too much like lebron for me, got that "i'm a star, i should be treated different" mentality. Always throwing his hands up for calls, always jumping on his receivers that they ran the route wrong or something. He really showed his arse in both games last year, that was it for me. Don't care for him at all.
  3. Brotherhood baby. That's my slogan
  4. They gonna be passing a lot, 'cause they gonna be playing from behind all game. Takk will get some snaps.
  5. No one was even talking about her looks. We were talking about how awesome she seems as a person.
  6. For real. She's hilarious
  7. Calling it. First strip sack for Killer Beas
  8. It does. I am a WVU fan so I wanted to see him excel. He has a boatload of talent, but also a boatload of bad luck.
  9. Saints. Every time. A Saints win and all of the sudden they are right back to being "on the right track". I want to watch it burn this season. I really think this is the season we get to sit back enjoy the unravelling. Peyton is done after this year, I believe that. Then Brees won't want to play for a rebuilding team. I sit back and guffaw. Also, NE ain't starting 0-2
  10. This is what i'm saying. It's not saying "oh a team is only gonna give 2nd or 3rd best effort" for certain teams. Of course you try to play your best all the time. When its against the best though, of course you're extra motivated, there is something extra to prove. To say that this isn't a real aspect of the game, is to also say that the inverse is never true, or that all other cliches are also not real (and cliche for a reason). That would mean you can never say a team took the opponent lightly, or that a rivalry game is ever more intense. You can't say it's just 100% effort 100% of the time. Mental lapses happen, just as being more mentally alert when you want to prove you can beat a "better" team happens. Remember when we looked just so sharp and more mentally "locked in" when we ended Carolina's undefeated streak? Almost like we wanted that game more than a normal situation? Yea...
  11. Campbell and Poole looked so good. I like what I saw from Riley for the most part too.
  12. My least favorite part was leaving Gilislee on my bench.
  13. Glad i'm not the only one who can't stand that country fried jackass.
  14. Was just coming to post this. Just watched it on FB, if that don't get you fired up nothing will! IN BROTHERHOOD WE RISE!
  15. Opening a new stadium by raising a banner... That would have been the best. GD it all