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  1. Reports were we were debating taking him in the first, but a possible elite WR fell in our lap. Then the guy we were considering fell in our lap again. This is a bpa draft and we are getting super lucky
  2. That's a good question. He's missed both seasons to IR, but he's still a Falcon right? Wish the best for this kid with terrible luck.
  3. Spot on. I absolutely hate Philly because of their fans, but if NE wins ANOTHER one? Oh well, whatever. I’d rather be bored with the result than see already insufferable philly fans get even worse. I too am looking forward to watching football again soon and not know who’s gonna be in the super bowl.
  4. It was one of the most improbable finishes in the history of football. Remember the Music City Miracle? Of course. Everybody does. This was arguably bigger and more improbable than that. It ain't blowin' nowhere.
  5. Off-season is officially here. Now that the Saints memes have died down, it's time for the bat-sh*t stupid roster ideas.
  6. Isn't his job just to make sure Ryan is mechanically sound and mentally prepared? Yea, I'm not really worried about that. Also, we aren't really worried about the offensive rankings of a team while he was their QB coach right? That's silly.
  7. If Sark's first year was better than Shanny's first year, does that mean next year we will actually be the best offense ever? Hey, anything can happen.
  8. There actually were games were he wasn't beaten like a drum. He had some really good games actually. I'm not saying he's great or the definite answer to our problems, but I wouldn't say he's worth giving up on yet.
  9. I liked Brees in San Diego. As soon as he signed with N.O., that ended. The only way I could ever say anything other than I despise him is if he did something totally messed up to the team like sign a backbreaking contract (another one ) then abruptly retire and leave them without a reliable backup. I am so excited to see them flounder without Brees, then I remember we won't be far behind when Ryan is gone.
  10. Yup. I was actually praying he took it in the play before we were in goal to go, he breaks just one more tackle and gets 8 more yards... we avoid all this BS
  11. I usually cringe at fans acting like dbags and taunting other fans, but after all the crap the Saints fans did (including the billboard and the airplane banner) they deserve SOOOO much sh*t talking, and yea i'm doing my part. I personally like 24-23 or :10 seconds better than 3-61.
  12. Same. I am 37, so if I have 35-40 more years, one of those better be a Falcons victory. Really hope one is a Ryan SB win though. I've never wanted one for a Falcon so much outside of Roddy.
  13. I guarantee that play last night will be talked about as much as the SB in the next 5 years. Yea, any time the Falcons have a big lead... 28-3. Don't think the same won't go with the Saints... "Saints are up by 1 here Troy, but remember what happened back in the 2018 divisional game". "Saints finished 7-9 and they've fired HC Sean Payton, and you can't help but acknowledge that this team was never the same after that heartbreaking one in a million finish in Minnesota".