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  1. First thing that came to mind is that two consecutive weeks we got hosed on no calls on Julio, first Seattle then San Diego in 2016. It didn’t matter in the end because we went to the SB that year but that no call against Seattle was every bit as egregious as the Saints call, it just wasn’t in the playoffs.
  2. Agreed. I was already becoming concerned that he cant handle head coaching duties, let alone adding DC to it. His game management really needs to improve. I really think we win 2 more games at least this year if he does a better job managing clock this year (on top of otheSr pBast exam51ples). Also, has any team won a SB or CCG with a HC that was also a coordinator (im genuinely curious)?
  3. Yea, all the draft spot talk is fine but remember we have free agency too. We really need to get some top talent this year instead of getting mid level depth and drafting for replacements. If we can get one great offensive or defensive lineman in free agency and then go the other side in the draft I will be right back on the hype train
  4. We would be better off losing at this point for a better draft position, so of course the Falcons will do the opposite and win.
  5. Dang! Snot lookin' real good in the PS. I hadn't heard his name much around here, so it's good to see an actual breakdown of him. I also really really like the McClain signing. I am not as worried as I was about the DL after seeing that breakdown.
  6. How am I expected to work today?!? GAME TIME BABY! RISE UP! GFS! FTS! FTE!
  7. My wife gave me an early b-day present (it's tomorrow) of tickets to the Ravens game, with flight from DC included! First time seeing a Falcons HOME GAME!!! Needless to say, she's a good one.
  8. Reports were we were debating taking him in the first, but a possible elite WR fell in our lap. Then the guy we were considering fell in our lap again. This is a bpa draft and we are getting super lucky
  9. That's a good question. He's missed both seasons to IR, but he's still a Falcon right? Wish the best for this kid with terrible luck.
  10. Ready for Free Agency!

  11. There's always next year?