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  1. Tru looks like he’s ready to become that top tier CB that we know he’s capable of becoming but Oliver showed some nice ball skills and he can tackle.
  2. Fickle fans Vel but this good depth we have now is going to prove to be very beneficial.
  3. @PeytonMannings ForeheadAlways like these diagrams man. Definitely appreciate your work!
  4. I mean it was really cool seeing him communicate to guys where they need to lineup or there responsibility. I mean he’s definitely proved to be a damm good eraser!!
  5. Shiny Hood ornament hit 20mph!!!! Take that Julio HATERS!!!!
  6. Okay it’s your opinion which you can keep to yourself. Mofos always have to think there comment means something to everyone.
  7. FACTS
  8. It’s a Win teams got them from us last year with injuries so **** happens! Damm good Win!!!
  9. Now I’m a happy nervous wreck these boys really do mess with your blood pressure lol
  10. That’s why you keep attacking damm
  11. DQ May have to bring more pressure here
  12. Finally beat that blitz
  13. Just curious DQ didn’t bring more pressure
  14. It’s just ridiculous how they let the Eagles march down the field