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  1. Would really like to see this dude playing next to Grady.
  2. I think with our first three picks we have to address DT, CB and LB. This will have to be guys you can plug and play right away.
  3. Agreed, and who knows teams could be prioritizing taking QB, WR and OL which could allow some guys to be there at 16. However if there is someone you value highly then you have to move up without mortgaging the farm!
  4. Exactly! Plus it would be nice for Grady to have someone with him to provide much needed interior rush!
  5. Me too I just feel like we have to be better in the trenches!
  6. Would you move up for him?
  7. Outside of Simmons he’s definitely someone I want at 16!
  8. Some prospects the Hawks could look at. Anthony Edwards, Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports Wing, 6-foot-5, 18 years old Under head coach Tom Crean, the Georgia freshman has been a standout prospect. He is averaging 18.7 points, 4.8 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game during his first collegiate season. But a lot of his output has been helped by his high usage rate. He is shooting just 28.1 percent on jump shots in a set offense, per Synergy, and is shooting just 24.6 percent off the dribble. He is also taking too many shots from deep midrange, shooting 25.8 percent on these looks. Fortunately, Edwards has been an above-average defender and is averaging 1.4 steals per game. The young star can stay in his hometown for this pick, too. James Wiseman, USA (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) Big, 7-foot-1, 19 years old The biggest reason why Wiseman is this high on draft boards is that he was the No. 1 overall player on RSCI, which combines all of the top high school rankings in the country. The other biggest factor is his massive size, notably his 7-foot-6 wingspan. While it will be hard to see what else he is able to add to his game while he is away from the NCAA following an incredibly brief stint with the Memphis Tigers, he can be an appealing development project. Much like Edwards in New York, the bright lights of Chicago would be an awesome way for Wiseman to start his professional career.
  9. Man WTF dudes just cry about any damm thing!!
  10. I like the new uniforms. Especially the uniforms Matt and Grady are wearing!!
  11. It’s in the rear view mirror for me that ish hurts to damm bad!!!
  12. Damm man I had to check this out and wow people will surprise the **** out of you. Woody Harrelson is in on the conspiracy . Man some people are just really special!
  13. Man like I told you before the only thing I do on Madden now is the knockout round. MUT sucks bad compared to previous years. If I do get Madden it will be after a month of reviews. Would like to see 2K get in on the deal though!
  14. You did and I was trying to find your thread so I wouldn’t start this one.
  15. Watched this dude dominate in the SEC past few years. Would be awesome if we could draft him.
  16. DATE OPPONENT TIME TV TICKETS Mon, 3/2 vsMEM 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $18 Fri, 3/6 @WSH 7:00 PM Tickets as low as $12 Sat, 3/7 @MEM 8:00 PM Tickets as low as $17 Mon, 3/9 vsCHA 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $10 Wed, 3/11 vsNY 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $10 Sat, 3/14 vsCLE 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $28 Mon, 3/16 @NO 8:00 PM Tickets as low as $9 Wed, 3/18 vsOKC 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $12 Fri, 3/20 vsWSH 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $17 Sat, 3/21 @PHI 7:00 PM Tickets as low as $35 Wed, 3/25 @GS 10:30 PM Tickets as low as $57 Thu, 3/26 @SAC 10:00 PM Tickets as low as $15 Sat, 3/28 @UTAH 9:00 PM Tickets as low as $26 Tue, 3/31 vsNO 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $41