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  1. Totally agree man the only apprehension I have about this defense will be our young CBS!!
  2. I like the pieces we have added and I like how these boys were coached up by Morris in the second half of the season so I'm waiting to see how this defense looks with the the new pieces, Debo fully healthy and hopefully double duece is good to go.
  3. I think we are pretty damm stout on the interior DL with Grady, Tyeler, and Marlon!!
  4. That’s where I’m at as well! It’s truly time for our team to put up or shut up!!
  5. I hear your argument bro but this is just a game we love to watch. I have been faithfully watching this team for the past 40 years.
  6. Yeah I think he would fit in nicely here. Dude has a 7’2” wingspan and he’s 6’8”. He’s a very good defender able to guard multiple positions and he’s very athletic. Definitely would be a nice addition.
  7. Have to put that ish in the rear view mirror!!!
  8. To all my fellow veterans and active duty brothers and sisters I wish you a Happy Memorial Day!!! 👊
  9. 11 does that to a lot of CB’s hence the double and triple coverage he gets!!
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