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  1. Dedmon has been great for this team but I would like to keep around to pair with Collins.
  2. Would definitely be a great trade for both parties and would hate to see Marco go but freeing up space and accumulating draft picks to infuse into this roster is truly the priority. Damm good trade scenario though!!
  3. Well Vic is an extremely valuable asset when he is used properly as a pass rusher.
  4. Yep because I hate the scoreboard watching.
  5. You take care of your business and you are in. Those teams loses makes it sweet but you control your own destiny.
  6. xs and os

    PMF definitely puts in work for these threads and they are much appreciated.
  7. xs and os

    Great stuff PMF! I think they really stressed the importance of stopping the run and the defense stepped up. That hit Debo put on Kamara was truly a game changer.
  8. I will have a great night sleep now, thanks birds!!!!!!
  9. Okay here we go. Let's eat clock and close it with 7.