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  1. He has to be rubbing guys the wrong way. He's showing he's mister nice guy in public but a straight *** in the locker room.
  2. Me too and I keep telling my self not to listen to the rumors but, lol!
  3. It’s possible but man I can’t wait for Thursday night to get this over with.
  4. Well his size worries me. I know he’s a talented player but I wouldn’t take him at 3. Young does not have ideal size at 6-2 or length with just a 6-2 wingspan for an NBA guard. These physical limitations can become apparent once he gets all the way to the rim. He lacks the length and vertical explosiveness to finish through NBA length and athleticism and does not project as an efficient scorer at the basket in the NBA.
  5. Hawks strongly interested in Luka Doncic with 3rd overall pick, sources say
  6. Agreed. More pressing need imo is another big or wing. If Young is the pick at 3 then you have to suspect that Dennis will be on the move. People are looking at Young’s scoring ability but I’m just not sold on his overall game.
  7. What is your opinion on Young?
  8. Luka Doncic seals up title with Real Madrid, set to head to New York for draft
  9. LMAO I see it now. They have totally different skill sets. AD can truly do it all on the floor.
  10. Young at 3 just scares the He11 out of me. This should be interesting on Thursday for sure.
  11. Personally I wouldn't mind taking him at 3.