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  1. Oline is putting in work folks!!!!
  2. Offense looks hella good right now t
  3. Man Alford has that fire and confidence you want out of your CB. Tru needs to get there.
  4. Expecting a better game with them being in the dome!
  5. Ramsey needs to just shut up and worry about his own QB! Dudes kill me when they start running their mouths!
  6. That TTL bruh
  7. Like in my draft coming up I have the 5th pick and I’m looking at Free and Julio, lol
  8. I think so I’m planning on getting him in my fantasy draft at work. I’m usually a homer in my league. Seriously though I think he can be a great flex option.
  9. I would because I think he’s going to benefit from the attention Julio and the backs get. Until he starts tearing the roof off defenses, lol