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  1. You tell me. Actually, don’t. I really don’t care.
  2. Let’s see what that record is without the biggest contributor to it. Quinn. How about we just root for the Falcons on Sunday like a normal fan would? Also, one of the teams these players and coaches are auditioning for is the Falcons, so even that point is idiotic. And you don’t get to accuse anyone of crying considering that’s all you do because you can’t get your idiotic point across without making yourself more a target for mockery.
  3. I love how you are lecturing me on knowing what’s best for this franchise, as if you know jack. I’m not claiming to know what’s best. I don’t work in the FO. I don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors. You don’t either. I’ve lived long enough to know that coaching is the key to making a team great, and to dump talent and rebuild and thinking that it’s an automatic improvement is idiocy. I’ve lived through several rebuilds watching this team for 4 decades. I really don’t need lectures about wisdom from a child who thinks tanking is a rational strategy for an NFL team.
  4. I”m fine with Ulbrich. We saw improvement when Ulbrich and Morris were calling the defense last year. I’d rather see a system like Shanahan or McDaniel runs here, but if Koetter can get the O to keep scoring 40 a game, which I’m skeptical he will, I think he’ll probably stay.
  5. Psychologically underdeveloped is not being able just to concede you posted something stupid, instead going on a crusade of rationales hoping to convince people you actually knew what you were talking about. You could have just stopped, or said “Hey, I never really thought this tanking idea through, my bad.” But no, you’re so insecure about your own mental faculties, you even overcompensate in picking your football board user name. Give up.
  6. If you played and think tanking is a legitimate option for a team, that says a **** of a lot more about you as a teammate than whether I played or not. I don’t owe you anything. I’m not here defending a point of view, you are the one struggling here. Don’t spin your insecurity back at me.
  7. I’m actually the ghost of Tommy Nobis. I just watched your mom in the shower.
  8. You call yourself “tankers”? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Tanker is the new wanker.
  9. I did until my coach decided to tank for the number one pick in the midget league.
  10. I heard these exact same points the year before Matt won MVP. It’s nonsense. If the new coach is ready to move on, fine. If he understands that there is less risk keeping an established QB, with a track record of winning playoff games, and consistently in the top tiers of QBs, fine. THe idea that trading or cutting Matt Ryan and drafting a new QB is going to all of sudden somehow turn the Falcons into the Patriots is idiocy. There are so many variables and considerations, distilling it down to Matt Ryan is idiotic. The QB is the most important player, but coaching and scheme are mor
  11. You have no point. There’s nothing arbitrary. I have thoroughly laid out why the entire concept of tanking is idiotic. You basically only have the talking point that because you wish the Falcons could have the first pick, that you hope they lose. Your point is that you hope the team loses.That Matt Ryan plays poorly to justify your wishes. Saying you’re smart doesn’t make it so. Naming yourself “Intellectually Honest” doesn’t either. You have bought into a false and idiotic narrative that teams purposely tank for early round draft picks. You
  12. It’s been so long since I got one of those TATF longest thread dividend checks. I need to get back to work.
  13. 10-6, and 2 playoff wins and I say Raheem has safely secured the job. But that would be my expectations. Knowing Blank, he’d keep him for less.
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