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  1. I made a handy guide for Aints fans to explain to them who’s fault it really was they lost.
  2. Mayor Landrieu got rid of the Confederate Monuments so they are desperate for some more participation trophies.
  3. I was on here in 98-99 under the name “Spaceboy”. Forgot my password and rejoined a couple years later. Around 2002 I think.
  4. On a stormy day, I would go to the nearest crime lab, stand in front of a rack of chemicals with a lightning rod. Then I would use my new found super speed powers to change the timeline and make sure Nick Saban signed Drew Brees to the Dolphins, ensuring he never goes to New Orleans and Saban doesn’t get the Bama gig.
  5. **** it. Hope he’s okay.
  6. If Koetter can merge Shanahan’s concepts with the no-huddle that Matt thrived in with Koetter and Mularkey, I’m fine with the hire. That said, I’m not comfortable with the message of having to go back to the old guard when the new guard fails. I also think Quinn’s demise has been inevitable since the end of the Super Bowl. I just don’t see any coach ever living a colossal failure like that down.
  7. The myth of the heir apparent. How often does that work out? Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers are exceptions to the rule. It’s like a once a decade phenomena where the back up takes over and becomes the next elite QB. By all means, get the best back up you can, but the idea that Matt Ryan’s replacement is out there for the taking is laughable. Sounds like a lot people wanted to put Joe Flacco back in after his heir apparent today. One of the dumbest ongoing narratives in football.
  8. Doesn’t matter how good a QB you are if you have no defense and a running game that can’t convert on short yardage.
  9. Because he is mediocre.
  10. I want Kubiak, but I would love to run the Shanahan system with the No Huddle we ran in the 2 minute drill we had with Koetter.
  11. It would not be the Dan Quinn Falcons if we didn’t blow a double digit lead and there was an idiotic drive killing penalty that keeps us from controlling the clock. Thank goodness for Tevecchio’s 56 yarder because that could have easily ended a tie game.
  12. Sark needs to be gone tomorrow. Give Knapp, and I gag saying this, the OC gig. Sark is a liability.