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  1. This is why preseason matters. Quinn’s approach has failed. Totally out of sorts.
  2. Dan Quinn is the master of preparing a team in the preseason.
  3. Narrator: “No one but tourists eat at the Varsity” I love Glanville. Dude is hilarious.
  4. That dude is like when OJ was in the Naked Gun Movies.
  5. B. I think it will be one of those drafts that look a lot better 3 years from now.
  6. I’m actually happy with the pick. If he can get us a rush yard on 3 and 1 and keep Matt upright, I’ll be thrilled.
  7. This has to be the Guinness World Record for butt hurt.
  8. I made a handy guide for Aints fans to explain to them who’s fault it really was they lost.
  9. Mayor Landrieu got rid of the Confederate Monuments so they are desperate for some more participation trophies.
  10. I was on here in 98-99 under the name “Spaceboy”. Forgot my password and rejoined a couple years later. Around 2002 I think.
  11. On a stormy day, I would go to the nearest crime lab, stand in front of a rack of chemicals with a lightning rod. Then I would use my new found super speed powers to change the timeline and make sure Nick Saban signed Drew Brees to the Dolphins, ensuring he never goes to New Orleans and Saban doesn’t get the Bama gig.
  12. **** it. Hope he’s okay.