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  1. It would not be the Dan Quinn Falcons if we didn’t blow a double digit lead and there was an idiotic drive killing penalty that keeps us from controlling the clock. Thank goodness for Tevecchio’s 56 yarder because that could have easily ended a tie game.
  2. Sark needs to be gone tomorrow. Give Knapp, and I gag saying this, the OC gig. Sark is a liability.
  3. Maybe one day we’ll learn from our previous season’s weakness, and address it. One day.
  4. ****. RIP Slappy. I'm sad I missed his post. Great poster.
  5. I’m alive! Good talking to you today, sir!
  6. It's not just the amount of dropped passes, it's the when and hows. Red zone, deflections to INTs. Just awful. The freaking butt INT. It still pisses me off.
  7. Maybe he can teach Julio how to get a catch in the effing end zone.
  8. I got fired from my job working at the Hawaii EMS trying to prevent any chance of the Saints getting past next week, Luckily Tavon Diggs stepped up after my efforts failed.
  9. Wouldn’t matter. Quinn doesn’t teach situational awareness. Even if one of our guys caught it, ( it would have bounced off his hands) he’d fall down or run out of bounds as the clock hit zero. That or he’s stop, give Williams a hand back up, and let him tackle him because he felt bad for him. Falcons seem to be allergic to trying to make it to the end zone.
  10. TD

    TD after Matt Ryan is the least of our problems. Yet there will always be a faction of unappreciative Falcon Fans that will hate him, just like Matt.
  11. Great. Let's get another college OC, that needs a season or two to figure out how to use a MVP QB an All-Pro WR, and Pro Bowl RB. Granted, it's coming from LaCanfora. So it's probably not even close to reality.
  12. He's hitting the receivers in the hands. He can't count on them to make a difficult catch. Yet, we focus on the 5-6 bad throws he makes a game. Dude was making it happen with his legs. I don't know what else you can expect out of a QB. We are approaching 30 drops, 7 of Matt's INTs are either deflections off the receivers hands, or missed holding calls. Take away half the drops, and lose the deflected INTs, and Matt would be the leading MVP candidate. Even on the late throw, with 2 defenders holding Julio, Matt hit Julio in the hands. The fact is, Sark is in over his head, no excuse for any coach to not be able to do anything with this offensive level of talent. And sorry, but Quinn can't teach situational football. We can't force a turnover on the defense without it getting overturned on a penalty. How many double digit leads have we blown?
  13. Sean Payton’s weekly check to the refs must’ve bounced this week.
  14. Boom. Interesting. I wonder if we go after Mathis?