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  1. Had to go with Abe, the way he manhandled Thomas forcing that last Delhomme int. Abe was a beast the whole game.
  2. Jenkins should wear 6 as in 6 for the other team.
  3. I like the fact that he did alot without much of a supporting cast. I personally woulda preferred Dorsey with the pick but I'm gonna support Ryan when he becomes starting QB for the Falcons.
  4. My favorite "jacked up" was with Duckett when he destroyed John Lynch. I think Lynch left the game a play later. Anyone else remember that one?
  5. Grimes is a good player but in the Cardinals game his height seemed to be an issue, just don't know how well he'll match up against taller receivers in a leaping contest. I'd really love to see J Williams develop into the player we all hoped he would be, either at CB or S.
  6. If we do end up trading D Hall, I hope they have a better plan to replace him other than David Irons and Brent Grimes. I like Grimes but in the Cardinals game he was in position but he just wasn't tall enough. Reminded me of that game where we had Rossum playing CB. I'm excited about next season and I can't wait for it to start.
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