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  1. We can't get through this tread alone - please help us ! :P:D:D
  2. Dorsey wont suck, but when the Falcons cut D.J., you will become Matt Ryans biggest fan
  3. I loved to watch Vick play - but now i own 3 authentic #7 jerseys, i can't wear in public. I won't forget the kind of player he was on this team, and how he played the QB position like no other.... But i won't forget how bad he made me feel, when he turned out to be a liar and a criminal. He could have been one of the greatest, but he threw it all away. I have very mixed feelings about him ...
  4. Well ... When i first joined this MB, it was all about huggers and haters. Now it´s about trolls and fanatics. I don´t believe that i´m a troll or a fanatic - but on this board, there is no in between or ??? . I believe, that most of us is somewhere in between. Yes - I`m a fan of the Atlanta Falcons... No - I don't agree with everything the frontoffice does .. what does that make me? (I know i´m not an english teacher;)). As long as people aren´t obsessed with hate against a certain player (and makes 500 threads about it), i believe we all should have the right to our own oppinions - wit
  5. So true .. Some fans will not accept the fact, that DeAngelo don't even want to be a Falcon any more. No way, we can pay the kind of $$$ he is asking for. Great post!.
  6. Thanks for the video - Great stuff
  7. Don't know?? Did Culpepper buy a falcons uniform on ebay? (No way the Falcons are going to sign him)
  8. Looks like we are going to sign this guy: Herald-online.com:
  9. I like Mendenhall, but there is one thing that troubles me ... He played in a spread offense, and i don't know how he would fit a smash mouth offense?.
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