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  1. I'm not gonna call him "elite". With that said, if you think Owens has played as well or better than Grimes you have no idea what good football is.
  2. Is this an "official" move or just something the coaches are thinking about?
  3. Yah, dude probably thought Ainge was way better than Stafford. :wacko: That mountain air does strange things to some folks.
  4. I know next to nothing about position coaches, but UGA needs to get a guy like Paul Boudreau. I know someone with his resume is not realistic, but a guy that likes nasty maulers for his line is what the DAWGS need. I'm tired of seeing 4star lineman getting pushed around like they are on roller skates. Honestly, all the OL for UGA need to look at the tapes of K.Gates when he got on the feild last year. I thought the kid was possibly their best run blocker. He needed work on pass-protection, but he was a monster in the running game.
  5. You could be right about Mett & Jefferson. Ranking Brantley that high is more about how bad or little the other QBs in the SEC have played more than how good he is. I mean look at that list????????? C.Relf and L.Smith are all kinds of bad, but Relf got some quality wins. I don't think there is any question who the best QB in the SEC is.
  6. He just signed 30 which will leave him with 15 scholies for the 2012 and 2013 season. :ph34r: That is IF the NCAA doesn't pull a OSU on 'em.
  7. 1. A.Murray 2. S.Garcia 3. J.Jefferson 4. J.Brantley 5. T.Bray 6. C.Relf 7. L.Smith 8. T.Wilson 9. B.Trotter 10.M.Newton 11.A.J.McCarron 12.N.Stanley Honestly, I know very little about these guys after L.Smith from Vandy. So I am really just guessing about the others.
  8. The thing about Fridge is he is getting all that $$$$ from Maryland still left on his contract. He may look at an OL coach or coordinator job as a reprieve from the stresses of being a HC and get paid like both at the same time.
  9. Nobody "earns" pre-season rankings. That's why they are C R A P !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I thought I heard the guys on ESPN say his brother plays for Bama???? I just caught part of the conv. so not real sure?????
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