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  1. I was thinking of going to a bar for the draft and was wondering if anyone else had similiar plans.
  2. Me and my wife will be making the trip, just not sure what time I will be there. I might have your number from last time, but pm just in case. Thanks
  3. Great seats behind Falcons sideline and near the tunnel. I can email these tickets directly too you once I have received payment. Paypal preferred Face Value: $129 each I will take: $230 for the pair Feel free to message me your number if texting is easier. Thanks John
  4. Hey everyone, me and few friends are flying in for the game and would like to join a tailgate.The people we normally tailgate with are out of town, so we will glady pay for some food and beer if anyone has room for a few die hard falcon fans please message me with a number to get in contact with. Thank you,
  5. My vote goes for the 1991 Backfield RCB:Deion Sanders LCB:Tim McKyer FS:Scott Case SS:Brian Jordan
  6. Ya only problem is, he is the one handling dudes packages all day long.
  7. Nothing for next year, since he is under contract for 2 more years we would incur a cap hiit. So basically we would cut him and pay more under the salary cap for next year. He is not going anywhere.
  8. He also doesnt believe in utilizing the Tight End (Greg Olsen) traded away for practically for nothing. We do not have the right personnel to bring in Mike Martz. He will not be brought in here, please move along.
  9. I went with a trips setup, I know MM likes 3 TE sets but I just couldnt bring myself to it.
  10. Sando wrote the original article and has Ryan at 5, suppose he is trolling too right ?
  11. Why do I keep seeing topics like this, we strictly play our corners on sides of the field. Dunta has said he is more comfortable on that side and we have a 0% precedence under the Smith reign of "shadowing" another TE or WR with a specific defender. Not to mention what would you do if they come out in a heavy 2 TE set and split a WR out on both sides. You would have Dunta cover Graham and who would cover the WR opposite of Grimes a Linebacker? Or would you have us run Nickel in those situations and then they run on us.
  12. Just said he expects Brent Grimes to return to full practice this week. Somebody should probably warn Drew Brees and his entire family.
  13. Pretty sure its when he had skid marks shown on national television, im too lazy to google the picture but im sure somebody will post it soon
  14. I think Matt has 14 since entering the league and that is 1st or 2nd most, more than Romo since 2008 though.
  15. I think it had more to do with their failure to perform and or ability to stay healthy (Robinson)
  16. Don't bring him home TD, even though Belichick is clearly a genius and TD is an idiot. The Albert Haynesworth era in New England has come to an end. In a surprising roster move today, the Patriots have decided to cut Haynesworth, the defensive tackle they acquired in August in a trade with the Washington Redskins. Via Profootballtalk.com
  17. Just last week everyone wanted Jonathon Baldwin (who wasnt even available at 27) instead of trading picks and hypothetical players. Not saying the OP made these statements but the whole trading up thing has been over played. OMG not 2 fourth round picks , essentially we upgraded our 1st this year and gave up a 1st and 2nd. I think it was a fair deal
  18. Rodgers had over 900+ touches at Oregon State and I think he only missed one game. Pretty durable for his size.
  19. Thats odd, thought he was trying to make the following the point. "Norwood's play will never be as impressive as his highlights." Anyways Norwoods play was fine, its always been about staying healthy for him.
  20. Look I can promise you Mike Cox will know what do to when given the opportunity.
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