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  1. the ball made it to tyrod in the air, works for me.
  2. @Kyle_McLorgBASG: Source: 49ers were going to do this last week, but decided to wait so that Gabbert could debut against a weak Falcons defense at home.
  3. neither do the bucs and we just lost to them at home.
  4. it was like she was afraid to throw a flag.
  5. i dont know how i missed that, i even read it 3x.
  6. can we get a better gif that doesnt look like it was made with a potato pls
  7. did i miss something or do people seriously think kroy is still on this team?
  8. I'd be willing to bet my life that almost all nfl players work out at other gyms in the offseason.
  9. uh you don't really think this is a recent video do you?
  10. sorry, well we arent projected to get any, i just remember seeing this a week or so ago. http://www.reddit.com/r/falcons/comments/2t2t8v/falcons_not_projected_to_pick_up_an_compensatory/
  11. yeah, thats not what were being accused of doing so what is your point?
  12. im not vel but i can answer you, no, we are not due any compensation picks this year.
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