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    Falcons Football of course.....MOVIES,MOVIES,MOVIES!!!....Love watching movies at home with my beautiful wife or at the theater...spending time w/the family....watching Braves, Dawgs, Hawks, Thrashers....nothing beats Sunday afternoons with a fresh hot Pizza and a cold bottle of brew, watching my birds grind out a W!!

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  1. Logically thinking, we should have won in 16, and had a good chance to at least make it there the next year , but non winning seasons to follow up, they should be on the hot seat now
  2. Because that won't help destabilize the economy and make orange man look bad
  3. SF better stand here...
  4. Sam Fran needs to hold up
  5. Couple of commercials pretty good
  6. This game reminds me an awful lot of our last NFC championship game with these sane Packers
  7. Man I hate that for Teco
  8. KC looking good..
  9. Oh happy day!
  10. He is fulfilling his destiny
  11. And that's a good way to end this season!
  12. Welp, much like Thanksgiving,I ain't hanging around to watch another team win a championship on our Field... there's always next year...
  13. You know Fields Is smiling before his game