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    Falcons Football of course.....MOVIES,MOVIES,MOVIES!!!....Love watching movies at home with my beautiful wife or at the theater...spending time w/the family....watching Braves, Dawgs, Hawks, Thrashers....nothing beats Sunday afternoons with a fresh hot Pizza and a cold bottle of brew, watching my birds grind out a W!!

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  1. Love him so much more now,
  2. Special teams staying special
  3. We're just delaying the inevitable...
  4. No,I understand, he's still useless
  5. I can't watch it either but I would be surprised if we looked competitive
  6. Shanny's got the Niners looking good
  7. Again
  8. Packers man handling the Vikings,are we THAT bad?
  9. Well, they,I,we, are definitely rooting for the right team then
  10. In other news the sky is blue