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    Falcons Football of course.....MOVIES,MOVIES,MOVIES!!!....Love watching movies at home with my beautiful wife or at the theater...spending time w/the family....watching Braves, Dawgs, Hawks, Thrashers....nothing beats Sunday afternoons with a fresh hot Pizza and a cold bottle of brew, watching my birds grind out a W!!

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  1. Yeah,funny how the saints get hose and NOW you hear the announcer call out officials.Like they haven't gotten plenty go there way
  2. Like they would have thrown a flag
  3. Nice,had to do something
  4. Yes!!
  5. I'd watch the ENTIRE game if the eagle's blow those pukes out,I mean even if it was like 63-3, I'd revel in every second of it
  6. So what you're saying is it'll be watchable!
  7. What a **** show of a game,hope the iggles and taints is at least watchable
  8. Come on,don't short Hester now...but yeah, that's about it
  9. Anybody is better than what we had