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    Falcons Football of course.....MOVIES,MOVIES,MOVIES!!!....Love watching movies at home with my beautiful wife or at the theater...spending time w/the family....watching Braves, Dawgs, Hawks, Thrashers....nothing beats Sunday afternoons with a fresh hot Pizza and a cold bottle of brew, watching my birds grind out a W!!

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  1. You beat me by seconds,lol
  2. Bring em home TD....oh wait...never mind
  3. They should go for two if there aren't any Saints out there
  4. Holy Christ!!! What did I just witness!!!!!
  5. Damm I hate Sean Payton
  6. It's what the league wants any way
  7. These fukkers are gonna pull this off
  8. F u Buck
  9. He fits right in with the rest of the team
  10. Vikings are imploding
  11. Sean wasted a challenge and time out
  12. Keenum had to turn in to Keenum
  13. That should be a prize in a charitable donation somewhere
  14. Dilly Dilly
  15. Shut up Sean Payton!!!