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    Falcons Football of course.....MOVIES,MOVIES,MOVIES!!!....Love watching movies at home or the theater...spending time w/the family....watching Braves,Dawgs,Hawks,Thrashers....nothin beats Sunday afternoons with a fresh hot Pizza and a cold bottle of brew,watching my birds grind out a W!!

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  1. Knew this was a get the f off our field gif as soon as I read the title
  2. Haven't we learned our lesson from taking other teams leftovers, over the hill running backs?
  3. This is exactly what popped into my head when I saw the thread title
  4. I hear Johnny Football is holding out for the Raiders after they move to Vegas but if the aints are smart, they'll snatch him up with the quickness
  5. Had a funny feeling this was about Weems,lol
  6. No, he is arrogant. To the point it cost us a championship. It's time to let Matt become what he was meant to be,the next Peyton Manning,get someone in there that knows situational football and let Matt take on more responsibility with audibles and running a more BALANCED offense. The reason the d gets gasses late in games is because we have been abandoning the run game to early and the d is out there entirely too long in the second half
  7. Can Weems go too
  8. There was no need for it to work. He just needed to run and kick 3 at the end and we win. New England would have had to score a td and 2 point conversion and successfully recover on side kick and kick 3 with around 3 minutes left just to tie! Doing anything other than running at that point in the game is sheer ignorance or arrogance. Dan Quinn should carry part of this blame as well, he should know better and should have made it clear this was what needed to be done
  9. As long as they don't have ego issues and know how to play situational football in the most crucial of crucial times, I'll be good
  10. Couldn't agree more. Quinn has to take responsibility as well,in that situation,he must as head coach interject and demand we run run run and kick a fg. It's that simple. Run, take time off the clock,kick a fg,go back up by 11 with about three minutes left.ballgame we win.
  11. Weems has to go, he is worthless as a returner, even with a chance at the end to kick a fg to win ,he runs out of the endzone 1 yard deep and tackled at the ten or eleven yardline instead of taking a knee and starting at the 25? Just worthless
  12. I stopped watching after the pass interference call that put them 1st and goal in overtime,knew what was coming,couldn't watch it
  13. we were in fg range with less than 3 minutes left , was a DUMB call to not just run it and take the three and pretty much guarantee the win, Kyle helped get us here, but that cost us the game,good luck in SF , this one stings, but that single decision cost us the game in the end
  14. Already nervous and anxious
  15. That strategy worked out real well for GREENBAY