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  1. How can you be penalized in nearly every game you've played in and still be a "dayum good corner"? The number one rule for being a good corner is being able to turn around and play the ball and he hasn't shown the ability to do so after 3 years. The only plays he's made is when the QB has thrown the ball right to him.
  2. Matt played well again. Took his shots and still kept firing. We still aren't putting him in the no huddle enough
  3. Teams are starting to recognize that Alford has no idea how to play the ball and are taking shots deep at him to get the P.I. If he was a rookie, I'd say he might be able to be salvaged, but he is who he is at this point. I would try starting anybody else opposite of Trufant next week because it's only going to get worse as more teams take notice.
  4. Per Adam Schefter on Sunday NFL Countdown, the Falcons have been accused of pumping artificial crowd noise into the Dome for the past 2 seasons and could face loss of draft picks. --- What is this, WWE Smackdown?
  5. I seriously doubt Quinn will have the power to change our marketing slogan
  6. Somebody from our farm system (Jacksonville Jaguars)
  7. It's almost like he knows he's gonna get fired so he wants to see what he can get away with first. His coaching at the end of the game today was among the worst I've seen in my life.
  8. This is reminding me of when Bobby Cox would keep pinch hitting Greg Norton. Smitty has to let go of his love for Turner. Jacquizz outplays him week after week.
  9. He's also awesome because he saved Matt from throwing an INT on the first pass of the game. ...Oh, and the touchdown over Lofton of course
  10. He's unhesitant. He gets the ball and he looks to run somebody over. There were plays that would have benefited from him being patient, but his overall mindset is stronger when he runs with reckless abandon. This also has eliminated most of the runs for loss yardage. It feels good to see the ol' Michael Turner back.
  11. The one-handed catch he made yesterday was incredible. And he was being held on the play. He was actually getting a decent amount of separation too. He's far from washed up.
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