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  1. or it will eventually expand as far as it can go and then come back like a yoyo. thats some theory i saw on the discovery channel
  2. Look alot better than i was expecting. Depps always good so it'll be worth watching
  3. im gettin a file not found, did it get taken down already
  4. The females that I am around don't seem to mind the males including myself that wear flip flops on a regular basis.
  5. no those sandals are the gayest thing ever invented, flip flops are awesome. You must not live near the beach
  6. this poll is stupid, it's supposed to be what shoes do you prefer during the summer, not in general. And you grouped flip flops with those gay *** sandals, no one wheres those ****ing sandals that you posted after the flip flops
  7. There's nicer ones where the thing between your toes is like a hard cloth, it's way more comfortable than rubber/plastic
  8. I live ten minutes from the beach and go like three or four times a week so maybe that's why I'm thinking wearing flip flops instead of shoes is normal.
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