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  1. Heartbreaking loss. Came down to Julio's fumble and Jackson's drop. But it's a long season. There's no need to sound the alarms just yet. *Edit: Meant to post this to the Week One thread. My bad!
  2. Yeah, it's pretty cringe-inducing. Oh well.
  3. For real though, there are a few great updates here: http://cargocollective.com/davidson I mean:
  4. **** I had no idea Jerry played so infrequently. I know I haven't heard his name much, but I didn't realize it was this bad. Good post my brother!
  5. Mike Smith's username is definitely not luckyhole. No need to even suspect that.
  6. Wait, what? Can someone translate that for me?
  7. Welp, when you're a relative nobody like Trent Dilfer you have to say CoNtRoVeRsIaL things. Otherwise no one cares. Cause you're Trent Dilfer.
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