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  1. My family is wanting to get one of the boxes for the Falcons game but I looked on stubhub and ticketmaster and didn't see any listed. I know you can buy one of the glass rooms that seat about 10-20 people in it for one game. We just figured we would have better luck sitting together and maybe save money than buying a bunch of individual tickets. Can anyone give me a link or help with where to find one? Thanks
  2. Does anyone have any info on when Julio jones might be signing autographs in or around Atlanta? I took my son a few years ago to get turners and I would like to get julio's to go along with it. If no one knows, where would be the best place to check periodically to find out? Thanks
  3. I have a chance to buy some playoff tickets to the Falcons and I'm pretty sure we will get a first round bye. So assuming we do, does anyone know if we would be playing Saturday or Sunday. I can't go if it's on a Saturday but can on a Sunday. Or does anyone have the scenarios like if we win out we will play on Sunday or if we are second, we will play on Saturday. I have to know by this weekend. Thanks
  4. Reggie Bush's family received benefits, Cam's did not or not proven yet. Big difference between USC and AU
  5. What are we lacking this year that would benefit us the most. A stud DE or a new LT?
  6. No one has mentioned how many chop blocks they did on fairley. So don't act like uga players are the cleanest in the country. I've rewatched the game and there are plenty of dirty plays by uga. And the reason they didn't do that to Cam is b/c they couldn't get to him. And what about the fight at the end, all the uga players stated coming out on the field ready to fight. No one is asking for those guys to get suspended like uga is of fairley. Half your team would be gone if the ncas or sec actually suspended guys for entering the field. Sorry but I am just sick of all the negativity toward
  7. Huh, no replies from all the uga guys. I think it is pretty funny y'all are hating on nick fairley. Dude plays hard and that hit on murray to put him out was not his fault. watch the game and you'll see he was blocked into the qb. The one where he speared him in the back was bad and it cost auburn a td. But I've never heard a team so butthurt over a loss than this one.
  8. Thanks, I was going to do that also but thanks for saving me a phone call
  9. but there hasn't been any update on any players at any publix. Is Matt Ryan planning to be at any in ATL? My son loves him and I would travel to let my son meet him. Thanks in advance
  10. Haha. So he needs to set some major NFL sack records? Well that is pretty much like a contract year if ask me.
  11. YES, that's when we moved the ball well. Miami couldn't adjust their personnel and maybe Ryan is SMARTER than the OC and knows how to run an offense
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