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  1. Congrats to the Hawks! We arent under the radar no more.
  2. im baaaaaaaaaack. get at me!

  3. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. I woke up to this news on ESPN, after watching the story about him. I began tearing, and strongly believe his words that he said.
  4. Each year they've been winning more games, lets hope we don't take a step backwards next season and hit the 50 win mark.
  5. That's true. Idk, Bibby might look elsewhere to play, but if we could keep him for a reasonable price, that would be even better. Plus, we still have the option to retain Marvin, then we need serious depth. Our roster consists of only a starting 5. We need to re-sign Zaza; he's a solid player for us off the bench. But, a big man in the middle is a need.
  6. A very solid season, short of my expected 50 wins this year, but the Hawks still managed to do well. Although, we still need more pieces to put into place and more work to do. I can't wait until next season, until then my fellow Hawks fans, i'll be rooting for us to get Ty Lawson in the draft :P
  7. We need a PG to help set-up the rest of the players. Raymond Felton is a RFA and i'd think about going after him or draft the likes of Ty Lawson. A true center would be a big help as well.
  8. Houston & Chevis, nickel Hutchins, dime Chris Owens, depth Grimes, Irons, and Middleton.
  9. Exactly. I believe they'll make a move on him to sure up their OLine; especially with newcomers Eric Wood and Andy Levitre.
  10. The focus should be on our defense, especially with the brutal schedule we have this upcoming season. We shouldn't move up and give away picks just to get BP. He's good, but not what we need now.
  11. I'm definately on board with this, we do not need a TE in the 1st, 1) because we need defensive help 2) we can get a quality one in the mid-late rounds.
  12. I'm sacrificing the draft to spend time working on cultural revitalization movements with my girlfriend, and her family.
  13. Articles of US aid to Israel.... http://www.ifamericansknew.org/stats/114bill.html http://www.wrmea.com/archives/june2003/0306020.html You could also visit usaid.gov to view more. Just don't know how we can benefit from aiding a country that by international law is settling and claiming land that is not theirs. Now, I find it intriguing to be following this topic because I live in Hawaii, and I am of Hawaiian ancestry and with all the proof here; we are still illegally occupied by the United States of America. It's similar in ways to this conflict, with the exception of physical warfare. Just
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