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  1. I was thinking more along the lines of mentality handicapped.
  2. I get secondhand embarrassment every time I hear DLed. This is the best we can do..
  3. The other RBs on the roster could have punched the ball in from within the 5. Gurley added nothing special.
  4. Dang, imagine needing your QB to throw 5 TD’s to win a game. High standards...
  5. It’s sad that we’ve mostly wasted this man’s great career.
  6. We get zero pressure but then again most OCs don’t design plays that require 5 secs to develop...
  7. What was Powell doing? He ran his route right into Hurst🙄
  8. You can’t just throw the ball away when you’re in the pocket 🙄
  9. Here’s clearly been below average. One yard TD runs that any Rb in the league would have scored does not somehow vault a player into the top half of the league. That’s just silly, man. He’s produced next to nothing when he’s not being fed easy TDs inside the 3 yard line.
  10. Has Gurley earned a TD this year or have they all been spoon fed to him?
  11. It's possible. The year after TO graduated my dad was on the coaching staff for the Falcons. They got to go into the league together. I remember us driving TO to a gas station to get some dipping tobacco.
  12. My father was a coach at UTC when they recruited TO. The coaches went to scout some other player and Owens just happen to be there to help out. He was a basketball player but they were more impressed with him than they were the player they were scouting. It's why they allowed him to play basketball on the side at UTC. I got to spend some time with him and he was always a nice guy. Football clearly wasn't something he was in love with but he had a want to be great at it.
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