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  1. So, his stats say that he had 22 carries for 50 yards and 4 touchdowns in 2019 and 1 carry for 3 yards in 2020! Doesn’t sound to me like he got much of a chance to do anything, although 4 TD’s on 22 carries sounds pretty frigging good to me!!!
  2. Thanks for the memories, Julio! Wish you could have won a SB with us but wasn’t meant to be, I guess. (Should have frigging won). Glad you’re going to the AFC.
  3. Happy that he’s going to the AFC vice the NFC!
  4. Thanks for the memories, JJ. Front office...make sure you don’t trade him to the sAINTS, TB, Carolina, SF or where ever Rodgers is going!!!
  5. I don’t see his problem as not being motivated or his work ethic I see his problem as not being able to go through his progressions. All the people (so called experts) that I here talking about his performance say that he zeros in on his first option.
  6. I think you are absolutely right! My guess is that what ever QB reaches us, there will be one or more teams that will have them high on their board.
  7. I would have preferred Darnold go to the AFC or any division other than ours. Remember Breese and Tommy boy???
  8. So, do you guys think that taking Pitts makes sense at 4? I definitely do not! Or even taking him at all! We need defense help and a RB. That’s what it looks like to me.
  9. My point is, we can say we’re not going to trade the pick to a division rival in fear of giving them a 15 year starter but if we trade it to anyone else there’s a chance and maybe a big chance that they (Carolina) gets the pick anyway!!!
  10. By the way, the 4th best QB is subjective! What’s the #4 QB for one team might be the #1 QB for another team!
  11. What will prevent another team from trading for our #4 pick, THEN trading that pick to Carolina? Nothing, that’s what!
  12. I got some good fantasy points out of him last season when Christian went down. I like him as an addition to our team but hope we draft a RB, too.
  13. Is somebody going to recognize that Adams is KILLING us and do something about it!😤
  14. I want Jonathan Taylor! I know we won’t but he is going to be a bad a__!
  15. If we trade next years first then that would be monumentally stupid!!! We would be COMPLETELY out of the Trevor sweepstakes! Please, please, PLEASE don’t do that. TANK FOR TREVOR!!!
  16. I think that they will do a thorough medical eval and if he checks out then so be it. I think TD will have done his homework if we offer Todd a contract. I would rather draft Johnathan Taylor, if possible.
  17. If we’re going to go down, please,please,PLEASE get the first pick in the draft! Trevor!!!!
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