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  1. I think that they will do a thorough medical eval and if he checks out then so be it. I think TD will have done his homework if we offer Todd a contract. I would rather draft Johnathan Taylor, if possible.
  2. If we’re going to go down, please,please,PLEASE get the first pick in the draft! Trevor!!!!
  3. I want Jonathan Taylor!
  4. Why not give Ollison a chance? What do we have to lose?
  5. Wish we would give Qadree a chance. You never know, he might be our next #1.
  6. Man, I f’ing hate the Saints!
  7. Like he said, it’s just too easy
  8. That seemed dumb
  9. Sack him
  10. Holy s$&t
  11. Nuk! Nice catch
  12. What is Brady going to do to us with no pass rush??? And we have to stop Kamara, too? My head hurts!
  13. Yes, we need Trevor Lawrence!
  14. What do you think about this quote from a ESPN article? “The Falcons like Gono, but putting him out there with a bad back for his first NFL start probably wouldn't be wise against Danielle Hunter and the Vikings' strong pass rush.” A little nervous, since we will be playing at their house and facing a pretty good pass rush. Guess we’ll see.
  15. How the h_ell does a professional NFL player, WHO’s SPECIALTY IS CATCHING PUNTS attempt to catch a ball the way he did!!! Catch the frigging ball the right way!