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  1. I want Jousha Dobbs!!!!!!!
  2. I'm a fan for 39 years, too. So sad and disappointed but will STILL be a fan for life. Our team will make it one of these days. To bad it couldn't have been this year.
  3. Long suffering Falcons fateful since 78! Extremely happy right now!!! GO FALCONS!!!
  4. So, I imagine all we'll hear the next 2 weeks is Brady this and Brady that!!!
  5. Unfortunately, I think it's like the Pro Bowl vote; a popularity contest! Brady is the media darling and unfortunately so is Rodgers. Hope they do the right thing and vote for Matty but I'm not holding my breath. Let's just kick some *** in the playoff and get to the SB and win it this time!!! GO FALCONS!!!
  6. Don't know where he gets his info that ATL is ranked 27th! What I see is this: ATL has a Total DVOA of 19.6% which is ranked #3! And a weighted DVOA of 19.8%, which is ranked #4! Like everybody else that doesn't follow ATL, they assume that we are the same as last year, when we ranked 26th in DVOA. Big difference now! JD Note: I see now that the DEF DVOA is 27. My bad! Total DVOA last year was 26th. This year 3rd!
  7. Looking at the Hawks - Nets playoff page on ESPN. They have a poll that ask "What will be the outcome of the series?" The votes are: Hawks in 4 or 5: 787 Hawks in 6 or 7: 222 Nets in 4 or 5: 38 Nets in 6 or 7: 76,000 What a bunch of bull s_hit! How could that many people not understand how good ATL is and how the Nets shouldn't even be in the playoffs??? It seems like NBA fans should follow BASKETBALL enough to have at least seen the Hawks and not just assume they are the same ol' Hawks! Oh well, they WILL see! GO HAWKS!!! GO BRAVES!!! GO FALCONS!!!
  8. The newscaster said "Tell you what, I loved the way Matt Ryan just handled that problem right there. Just calmed everybody down!" Awesome!!! That's the difference between Tony and Matt. He is cool under fire! I love my QB!!! Why the h ell wasn't Matt the offensive MVP? What a bunch of crap! GO FALCONS!!!
  9. Why can't we get a game on national TV? If you're not one of their insider teams, then you're not getting on TNT (except maybe as the team that's there to lose)! B.S.!
  10. Hi Fellow Falcons fans. 34 year Falcon fan here! Been through a lot of disappointments over the years but always stuck with my Falcons! Finally have a great team and am enjoying every minute of it! My twitter account is: @bigatlfan Dave GO FALCONS!!!