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  1. Is somebody going to recognize that Adams is KILLING us and do something about it!😤
  2. I want Jonathan Taylor! I know we won’t but he is going to be a bad a__!
  3. Of course it Falcons pick and they go to a commercial
  4. If we trade next years first then that would be monumentally stupid!!! We would be COMPLETELY out of the Trevor sweepstakes! Please, please, PLEASE don’t do that. TANK FOR TREVOR!!!
  5. I think that they will do a thorough medical eval and if he checks out then so be it. I think TD will have done his homework if we offer Todd a contract. I would rather draft Johnathan Taylor, if possible.
  6. If we’re going to go down, please,please,PLEASE get the first pick in the draft! Trevor!!!!
  7. Why not give Ollison a chance? What do we have to lose?
  8. Like he said, it’s just too easy
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