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  1. Is somebody going to recognize that Adams is KILLING us and do something about it!😤
  2. I want Jonathan Taylor! I know we won’t but he is going to be a bad a__!
  3. If we trade next years first then that would be monumentally stupid!!! We would be COMPLETELY out of the Trevor sweepstakes! Please, please, PLEASE don’t do that. TANK FOR TREVOR!!!
  4. I think that they will do a thorough medical eval and if he checks out then so be it. I think TD will have done his homework if we offer Todd a contract. I would rather draft Johnathan Taylor, if possible.
  5. If we’re going to go down, please,please,PLEASE get the first pick in the draft! Trevor!!!!
  6. Why not give Ollison a chance? What do we have to lose?
  7. Like he said, it’s just too easy
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