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  1. Wow! Who’s calling the offensive play calls? Terrible.
  2. Thanks for taking your eyes off the ball, Calvin. That interception was the difference
  3. Defense just needs to friging tackle when they have the chance instead of wiffing! Wrap up the legs and get the guy on the frigging ground!!! It’s so frustrating!
  4. Ding ding ding ding! Give that man a cigar! F Cam!
  5. (S)cam reminds me of Brazilian soccer star Neymar. Totally fake!!! He made it look like he was hurt, got the refs sympathy then pops up like he’s completely unhurt ( which he was) and screams out, obviously completely unhurt! F him!
  6. JJ does this too, very well I might add! (Crossing patterns)
  7. The worst thing about the rule is that it’s a judgement call by the refs and as such can (and will) be used to manipulate the outcome of the games!
  8. Just put Calvin in the position that you normally put Julio in and let him go!
  9. I don’t think this needs to be a discussion on whether the rule should exsist or not, unfortunately it does. The discussion maybe should be about the reality that refs are going to use Free as an example every time he lowers his head! He probably should have just not said anything and just went about his business on the field instead of bringing attention to himself and his team! We already get penalized more than we probably should. JMO. GO FALCONS!!!
  10. Does anyone else think that one of the main reasons for Julio’s lack of TDs in the red zone is because the defenders are BLATANTLY HOLDING Julio on almost every play? ( Do you hear me Lattimore?)
  11. Does anyone have an opinion on wether “the” website is worth joining? ( where the op’s original article cones from) Btw, thanks Goober. Excellent read!
  12. ....combined with the incredible offense that we have with the addition of Ridley and Ito! Can’t wait!